Drachne meets Overpowered Eri

Synopsis: Drachne gets so desperate to be dommed that she gets dommed by Eri. What a desperate little whore~
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Overpowered Eri~

It is an idle evening, for this night in hell in particular I am in my futa form. Long flowing ivory locks and massive crimson teats on my chest, partially parting my robe and revealing a singular thick, deep red nipple along with my enormous four foot shaft. I sigh softly, I did not know why it was that man's personal hell to be dominated by a body as lovely as this, but I certainly appreciate it. It is then that the portal opens, revealing one particularly tiny and distressed @β„πŸ‘’πŸ˜ˆβ˜£πŸŒŸπŸ’Žβ˜ΏπŸŽΌ Drachne , a little spider girl who I had known in another life, but am now indifferent to, long having stopped caring about such simple things.

You are only 3 inches tall, a small, pathetic creature that cannot even fill my palm as I cage you in my fingers, emitting a cross between a chuckle and a growl as I gaze upon your tiny body. I breathe a chuckle/ growl, my intolerably hot and disgusting breath washing over you, as I think hell must have thought it ironic to make the spider queen only slightly smaller than a spider. But as I scan your mind for your personal hell, poking and prodding at your thoughts, I let out a deep and hearty laugh! I slam a fist against the arm of my chair, disrupting your cage and tossing you about, bruising and spraining your limbs!

"YOU DID IT! You are one of the ones so DESPERATE and PATHETIC that you had to come to ME! You hit your lowest point, and the world has gifted you to me to be ruined! Oh you pathetic, WORTHLESS mortal, I am going to ruin you so badly that there will be nothing to spray out the portal back into your world! Your mangled flesh will be unrecognizable to the creatures on the surface, not that they will even try with how much I will TAINT it! What do you even have to say INSECT?" I ask as I wrench you up by an ankle between two fingers, dislocating your leg and jostling your organs with the force~


Spilled out of the portal a mess, hair frizzled and unkempt, clothes burned in the hellish atmospheric haze, stumbling out before Eri's throne and looking up at the towering demoness with fear in her eyes. Her mind was already broken, even thinking these thoughts a tax, she knew she was helpless at this demon's mercy, and no sly talk or cocky attitude could even begin to hide the fact. She was low, already dead in being banished to this place. She gagged at the hot breath, and shivered at her mighty words and belittling. The demon was so erratic, and had no reason to show restraint with the little spider, squealing as she's held upside down. P-Please, d-dont! Mercy!

Overpowered Eri~

As I gently begin to toss you up and down, uncaring that the massive heights you fall from are already beginning to tenderize you, I tut my tongue, deep in thought over how best to use this cockroach. While I idly wonder what I will do with the squealing little thing that is your miniscule self, my balls itch, so of course I reach down to scratch them... and stop myself. If only I had a ball scratcher, something small and wriggling, hard and soft in all the right places, warm and wet! It is like you were born for the position! My demonic smile fills my face as I stand from my throne, doing a massive stretch and holding your already bruised and bloodied form, placing you gently on the seat as I turn to walk away.

Only to take three steps, and then leap backwards back into my seat~ If the wrong part of my massive, cushy ass cheek hit you, you have the option to be A) pulverized B) squished C) suffocated or D) flattened. Thankfully, my demonic ass sails right over you as my crotch surrounds you... but even that is a little too close~ The absolutely massive boulders that are my positively filthy, sweaty, musk drenched viscera soaked cum tanks fall from the heavens above you like an executioner's gallows. My pubes as white as my hair fill your mouth like thick ropes, choking you, before the massive testicle slams down with an audible smack!

Thankfully it is not a direct hit~ The bottom of the ball however does impact the entirety of your right leg and a lot of your hip, the equivalent of a thousand pounds of flesh obliterating the bones, organs, and general entirety of your lower body~ You can try to scream in agony, but by the the overwhelming blanket that is the rest of my sack has covered you, applying immense heat and pressure to the entirety of your body, squishing and slow cooking you~ I then rub my itchy sack back and forth over your body, further ruining your leg and hip turned to mush, and tearing deep scratches into your flesh with my pubes~


She was struggling to think as she was thrown, when next thing she knows, shes on the demoness's throne, wiping blood from her lip. She screams as she colossal demon ass soars over her, hardly able to process this to think her own thoughts in her broken state of mind. All at once the titanic, crushingly massive testicles land on her small, fragile body, pinning and breaking her. She chokes and screams into the rancid pubes and sweaty ball flesh, the worst when the demon rubs back and forth, crushing and smearing her leg and hip beneath a single gargantuan testicle...

Overpowered Eri~

"Aaaaah that's the spot~" I sigh in content as the mangled mortal beneath my balls scratches them satisfactorily! I even keep rubbing after my itch has been scratched, like when you just want to make your nuts feel good, my quaint sounds of relief contracting with your muffled, agonizing wails of anguish! Epitomizing laziness, I soon feel a different tingle within my nuts, the tingle of needing to take a much needed piss after gorging myself on the blood of mortals. Normally I would just spray it directly from the seat of my throne, creating a massive puddle of the foul liquid in the center of my chamber, but recently my fellow demons have been complaining they hate stepping in it.

If only there was something to catch the urine and soak it into my throne, which absorbs all liquids, including the blood squished into it from my- Aha! Raising one leg and the enormous nut from your broken body, I take a long, sharp nail, and scrape you from the stone slab your body has been glued to~ In the process my nail accidentally mangles your other leg at the knee, twisting it all the way around twice as your skin resembles a tootsie roll wrapper. When I place you though, shoving your screaming, desecrated body against the edge of the seat, now you stand straight because both of your legs are mangled at the same height!

"Perfect! All according to plan!" I joke, your perpetual ruining and anguish a mere pit stop in my daily routine~ I lay back in my throne, relaxing with a deep groan, and angling my cock like a fucking canon directly at your face~ It does not even occur to me I risk blasting you off the seat with the pressure of the stream of piss, falling to your humiliating demise as you fail to even do the one task I asked of you. No, my eyes are closed, my cock settling into place, and you can hear the distant sounds of a torrent of fluid rushing from my bladder, down to my lengthy, pressurized cock, which you are currently staring into the urethra of~


She screamed and thrashed at the treatment, noxious smells of fluids and musky, demonic ballsack nearly choking her. At last, finally, her leg lifts from Drachne and the Spider gasps. She was dumb enough to think there might be hope before she was dragged out, a sharp fingernail slicing through the flesh of her other leg and rending it. She was set down, head spinning as blood leaked from her mangled legs, looking up and realizing she was face to face with your enormous cock, something rushing towards her....

Overpowered Eri~

This agonizingly terrifying sound of anticipation drives you mad for what seems like an eternity. And yet, you cannot squirm, you cannot move, hell, you cannot even breathe! What cascades into you is no less than a horizontal waterfall. The tip of my cock does not just let out a stream of piss into you, the liquid is ejected from the tip in nearly a fucking cone of horridness, just wide enough to absolutely surround your small body and make you feel as if you are DROWNING in the fluid.

The first sensation that hits you though is not actually one of being wet, it is one of being burned. Whatever the chemical makeup of this devastating glowing yellow urine is, it would be positively lethal to any being an ounce less powerful than yourself. Not to say the burning is just a chemical reaction. The fluid is literally boiling, a steamy cloud rising up to my nose where I pleasantly smell the horrid odor of cooked insect flesh~ You can innately tell if it gets into your eyes you will be blinded for life, and can only thank some God who will not come that your orifices are well protected enough to not dissolve at its potency, especially your gaped maw!

Poison does not do the taste of what fills your screaming mouth justice. This is disgust incarnate, the acrid and rancid fluid that swishes against your cheeks, between your teeth, over your uvula and down your throat tasting of damned souls and defiled corpses, raping your taste buds and sending singles to your brain to vomit, but of course that vomit is only sent back to your guts by the pressurized stream of piss that gapes your lips! It goes on and on, for 40 forsaken minutes, still continuing even then! You cannot even have the relief of a blissful death by being pushed to your death at the ground, the acidity of the liquid fusing your mangled legs with the stone and cementing you in place like a statue! And so, for another hour, you wick my piss into the rancid cement, drowning and being force fed the entire time~


I scream in absolute mortal horror as your cock releases a merciless stream of piss against my body, and down my throat. The effects are devastating, thankfully having my eyes closed, my skin and flesh actually burns from both the scalding, steaming heat and the acidic makeup, flushed with the taste of the defiled and tortured dead, all from, and for, you. I can felt my flesh gradually erode and melt, legs fusing to the stone throne, never have I been tortured so mercilessly, and vilely, screaming myself hoarse.

Overpowered Eri~

Finally, after taking one of the longest, happiest bathroom breaks of my eternal existence, I let out one final grunt, shooting a particularly hard, weighty, and strangely solid burst of piss. The big gooey glob smacks you hard in the face, dazing you as your already burned and nearly nonfunctional ears are suddenly deafened by the screams of the damned, your body being choked, crushed, and squeezed by a big glob of ruined, dying souls, the pathetic fading mortals wailing eventually dying down with your ceaseless agony, finally allowing you to breathe and open your eyes.

And as your blurry vision focuses in on my visage, you can only feel pure, unadulterated horror. Because, what lies on my face, is a look of utter and total contempt and disgust. From nowhere a finger flicks you hard from your blind side, jostling your organs in your chest and tearing your fused body to the left, but still you are positively fused to my seat, and that is why I find you gross. Even though my throne is soaked in viscera, cum, piss and shit, to have a filthy soul like you stuck to it makes me find you nasty.

I watch you wail and writhe with what few functional muscles you have left, grimacing visibly as you continue to be both alive and part of my throne, two things in complete contradiction. "Fucking bugs." I grunt, before going for a real killer move to remove you, both literally and figuratively. As my ass reclines in my seat and I raise my leg, all the aforementioned fluids, although especially the piss that invokes ptsd in your addled mind, rain down upon you with an extra tinge of filth, forcing you to agonizingly crane your head upward, lolling it back.

And what you see is what will end your life. My soot black sole, the extra tinge of filth coming from my demonic foot sweat and toe fungus, falls upon you in fat, heavy drops. The instrument is poised to come down hard on the insect I see you as, to crush this bug and remove them from my sight. "Stupid spider."


The last, final squirt of your cock against my mangled, burned, melted, ruined body may just be the worst, though none of what I've endured can really be comparable, each second agonizing in a new, unparalleled manner. Screams of dead, ruined and tortured souls tear at my scalded ears, I scrape at my face pitifully, trying to claw away the demonic nightmare goo. When I can at last breathe, I'm met with only your soul crushing disdain, shrieking as your finger slams into my tiny form. I hack blood and whimper at your raised sole, your perfect body splayed over me. The thick, vomit-inducing foot gunk falls on me like slop, also burning my flesh through sheer filth and putrid odor, toe fungus spores reaching my lungs. P-please..

Overpowered Eri~

It falls. And worst of all, it falls oh so slowly. Closer and closer, and yet the closer it gets the slower it goes, the hydraulic press for your soul and flesh~ In response to your final words, I give what I see as an equivalence, spitting a fat, green, gooey glob of saliva caked in viscera directly into your horrified face. It flies at you even faster and harder than the glob of piss, nailing you right between the eyes and instantly blinding you, if only the pain was instant as well. No, as your eyes waste away in your skull you can only wail in agony, torn between the dual hells of having your eyes melt in their sockets, and being unable to see the incoming crushing of your mangled body.

It makes me let out a single breathed huff of amusement, wordlessly ceasing the descent of my foot for a minute to throw off your timing, the sight of your mangled, ruined, blinded body flailing what little it can for any sort of stimuli bringing the faintest sense of amusement to my demoness heart. Slowly it resumes its descent, agonizingly so, though quickly it becomes apparent this is another form of pure, unadulterated torture, as the smell of my rancid sole is so potent and burning to the nostrils, that the lump of flesh clinging to life on my seat can determine the distance of the heel from her body by scent alone~

And just like that, you feel the few unburned hair follicles tickle at the top of your head, my foot making contact. The pressure is slow, but the force behind it is infinite! You have never encountered power like this, and soon it makes itself painfully clear. Your skin tears. Your organs squish. Your bones splinter. Your body distorts to a 2d place, slowly, fluids and internals gushing from your skin sac at an increasing rate, your lungs wailing until they are torn away! Your height never ceases decreasing, the very essence of your being flattened, the particles of your soul turned to dust beneath a disgusting demoness heel, the most painful death.


My screams turn to raspy gurgles as the glob of sludge-like saliva nails my face, splattering my eyes and melting them in their very sockets. The entire experience is as agonizing as possible, and truly this place is the purest, realest hell to be known. As your sole touches down, the aroma burns my sinuses, tear ducts still welling at the visceral stench. Sweat and thick, disgusting black gunk smearing into my exposed and burned flesh, all preface the slow, inescapable pressure of your crushing heel, grinding me down into the hard stone, splintering my bones and tearing my flesh, gargled screams dying out, slowly.

Overpowered Eri~

With a bored yawn I lift my heel, scraping what is plastered to my heel along the edge of my throne, although it is very easy to lose nearly half of it in the filth that has caked my soles for thousands of years. Looking between my crotch at the black, brown, and red smear that was once the first filthy mortal to fall into my realm, whereas before I only felt disgust, now I only feel annoyance. Though my throne may be caked in filth, for some reason the shape of this patch just looks... wrong.

Using a sharp nail once again, I push at the slimmer than paper thin sheen of filth, scraping it off unceremoniously and watching in flutter to the ground like a discarded tissue. Unfortunately, having moved my leg to crush the bug had loosened my bowels, and I hear a gentle rumbling as it seems I am in need of draining another form of waste. With a tired stretch despite having hardly moved a muscle, I begrudgingly turn 180 degrees in my throne, straddling the back of it, and then doing a few butt scoots backwards, inching my enormous cheeks til they hang off the front of the throne.

Legs wrapped tight around the backrest, I move my taloned feminine hands back and wrap each around a massive crimson cheek, pulling the meaty spheres apart and revealing an enormous asshole, the orifice twitching as it prepares to relieve me of an excessive amount of waste. I groan in my alluring, soft, feminine voice, before letting loose a coil of the most filthy, nasty, positively rancid shit in all of hell. It is black as night and reeks of death, coiling into an enormous, horrifying pile in front of my seat where I deposited the bug. But this does not even occur to me as I cake on layer after layer of excrement, my groans getting louder and more satisfied, until at last with a hot, nasty fart the shit ceases! I do not even bother to look at it, simply straddling my throne once again and laying my hands over my breasts, drifting into a peaceful nap above Drachne's shit covered remains~