Worship Cuteboys. Or Else.

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Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson as it so often does, the young cleric's wanderlust has brought him to a distant land, though he's long learned to keep an open mind about things, something about this place rubs him the wrong way, perhaps it's how similar it is in many ways to his homeland, with just enough small, subtle reminders he's far from the light of his goddess or her teaching to make it feel strange? Regardless of the reason, the temple he finds himself standing before though, is far from a small reminder.
It's not the most ostentatious one the boy's seen, but it certainly was built with care and adoration, with carefully chosen accents to emphasize it's patron deity's beauty and virility, an… unusual combination he'll admit. Drawn towards the door by some indescribable impulse, the boy continues to cast around a judging eye as he takes in the small groups of worshipers lingering about, the time of worship is clearly over, leaving few to interrupt him as he approaches the altar. Standing before it Alard turns his gaze upwards as he takes in the statue of the temple's god, for a moment his eyes rove over the marble figure, for a second he thought it might be a goddess, but no, a slight glance down and he's definitely male, albeit with a slim, effeminate figure, though no without a noticeable hint of muscle definition… he's somewhat cute if he's totally honest, still…. "Doesn't look very dignified" he mutters to himself, not really caring who overhears, "Though I suppose he doesn't seem like a very dignified god either, the sort that gets by more on looks and empty promises" he scoffs, "Wonder how many follow him just cause the statue's nice to look at, doubt he has any real power..…"

Astolfo the Rider
The moment Alard stops speaking, there's a crack! that echoes through the temple. The remaining worshipers gasp collectively, their eyes—and his—instantly drawn to the central statue. There's a crack in it, a massive fracture running up and down the length of the well-sculpted marble, from virile loins all the way to flowing hair. Then another crack, another fissure, the slim statue chipping and breaking to reveal perfectly smooth skin, warmth and power glowing through the gaps, and then -
A pile of broken marble falls off of the statue, or rather, the god where the statue used to be. Somehow, the perfectly girly deity looks even more impressive in person, shining under the sign as she stretches out. Not a hair on his body, only his perfectly braided pink locks swaying beneath his heavy rear as he breathes out, smile flashing across shining eyes. His massive, boulder-like nuts audibly churn in that stunned silence, his cock lazily hanging down to his knees - because it's still soft, or because it's just too heavy to properly erect?
It bobs and shudders as the smirking deity takes a step down, a step closer to Alard, at the same time as a mind-shattering wave of divine ballmusk rolls over him, a powerful scent, sweet and virile and demanding, an airborne aphrodisiac and fertility enhancement and cutie-raping cloud all at once. The worshipers, of course, don't even try to resist, a half-dozen cries of ecstasy going up as they grow and shudder and cum all over themselves, clothes instantly obliterated and bodies instantly doubled in endowments from Astolfo's reality-warping power as they shamelessly embrace it and revel in the sourceless pleasure swallowing them up~
The god Astolfo giggles, staring down at Alard from the lower section of the podium. "It's not nice to talk about people behind their backs!~"

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson Takes a half step back as the first crack sounds out, his eyes darting around as he glances behind himself, an expression of 'Don't blame me, I didn't do it' on his face, his alarm turns to confusion though as he gets his first glimpse of what lies under the thin layer of stone. "What in the….oh" the realization hits him a moment before the first wave of power does, causing him to flinch back, the last of the stone seeming to evaporate in the time it takes him to blink.
The sight of the naked god before him in all his naked glory is enough to take his breath away, leaving him struggle to even sputter out inarticulate protests as his cheeks heat up and his eyes follow each twitch and bob of Astolfo's godly cock, "I, wha-, how?", it's only his firm grip on his goddess's symbol that grants him any clarity of mind as the oppressive wave of musk hits him, and even then he can feel it pressing down on his self-control with each breath, sending his heart fluttering and leaving his own cock painfully stiff and needy at the raw allure this image of perfection is radiating. "I, I didn't think you were here" he weakly mutters as he feels his robes start to grow light and insubstantial, his own will a fading bulwark against the divine aura's effects, "Am… am I wrong though?" he asks with a nervous swallow as he gazes up at the other male, his pride lust clearly warring on his face as he tries to keep his eyes on Astolfo's face, knowing full well any lower is a losing prospect, "You're j-just cute, very cute, but, any god could do this if they physically manifested…. right?" he protests, not seeming to realize he spoke that last word aloud

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo smirks even harder, somehow, which is impressive considering how hard he's already smirking. The deity stares right back down at Alard, his eyes literally glowing with delight, and with delightful hearts for pupils, his divine gaze threatening to worm its way into his soul. Speaking of souls, his worshipers are already dissolving, their bodies overloaded with so much pleasure that they're simply melting into massive, growing puddles of cum! Happily, of course, screaming with ecstasy as their souls slip away into Astolfo's world of infinite debauchery, or maybe just to be processed into more cum, who knows. Astolfo has bigger plans in mind for Alard, though.
He takes another step down, casually landing in front of the wayward cleric… this close, the musk is even more absurd, even more divine, and the lack of distance puts the divine femboy's sheer size, both of cock and in overall height, in stark relief! "So you agree I'm the cutest thing you've ever seen? Good, good. Now, since you insulted the cutest and therefore most important being in the universe, why don't you make up for it? You can start with a kiss!" The smug smile on his face and the way he motions towards that bobbing shaft make it very clearly where he wants to be kissed, too~

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson's pulse quickens at the upturn of Astolfo's lips, distantly Alard registers the fading moans of crowd behind him, but all he can focus on is the god before him, the smug, knowing look on his adorable face, the perfectly sculpted physique tailored to invoke a deep sense of lust and awe from any and all onlookers and that powerful, throbbing-!
Alard quickly puts a halt to that line of thought, only to have it crash back into him with a vengeance as the god draws near, looming over him, as the raw essence of arousal seems to wash over him, into him, wearing down all but that last few traces of his resistance as he's left face to face with his thick, potent co-power reminding him just how puny he is in more ways than one.
"Ah….Y-yeah, very, very cute…." he mutters, suddenly feeling very hot even as he realizes there's nothing but air between the two of them now, "B-but that doesn't… exactly mean… although…." he trails off with a mutter, only now realizing he's started leaning forward the moment he opened his mouth and now his lips are inches from that pulsing fuckstick. With one more hesitant glance up, the last of his resistance crumbles, and he closes the distance, his soft lips brushing against the tip

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo's smirk blossoms into a full grin as Alard's open maw approaches his throbbing, shuddering cock, the beast lifting up just a tad and forcing the cleric to really lean hard and get nice and close to put his lips on it…
The taste is electric, addictive, impossibly wonderful. Impossibly powerful, sending shockwaves of pleasure, shockwaves of change through his body. It's every flavor a human body could have, as sweet as a kiss, and the scent, that perfectly overwhelming scent, the base underneath the startling explosion of flavor ruining his tongue and lips….
And then Astolfo's balls pulse, and his cock instantly bloats, the fuckmeat throbbing right into Alard's mouth, pushing up against his tongue as it hardens and widens and fires off a mind-boggling blast of tar-thick precum, and it can only be precum because Astolfo just sighs in pleasure, not even looking remotely exerted. The same can't be said for Alard, of course. The blast is immense, slamming straight into his stomach and instantly leaving it filled with the addictive, overpowering cum, marking the boy's body as belong to this incredible femboy fuckstud. It's practically solid, oozing virility, burning him up from the inside, choking him with pleasure, drowning him… and the sheer volume forces it into every crevice, clogging his entire digestive tract, spilling out his nose and ears, even flooding his lungs, divine sperm permanently ruining his airways.
Maybe if he lets it corrupt him enough, he'll stop needing oxygen? Otherwise, the cleric will have been snuffed out with just the first drops of pre, and isn't that just pathetic~

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson's eyes open wide as the raw concept of Astolfo's virility hits him, not the taste, not the feeling, not the scent, but all of it wrapped up in one and so much more, flooding his mind and soul the moment he plants his lips on that monster of a cock, pulling a loud, needy moan from his throat as he presses down, almost desperately for a split second before he's rewarded with another flood, this one flooding his body as the godly cock lets out a single, small spurt of pre. Small for one such as Astolfo of course, for one like Alard he might as well be trying to swallow an ocean, a thick, sticky, ocean that tastes like heaven even as it leaves his insides feeling like they're boiling, the white hot liquid not so much filling him as soaking into him, melting into him, not only leaving him bloated and stuffed to the point that it feels like it's leaking out of every hole and pore, but that it's actively molding him so even more can fit! Or perhaps it's just his imagination that he hears something sloshing around in his skull as a haze of pleasure starts to descend upon his mind or that his sack feels a bit heavier just before a few drops of cum too think to be his own leaks out from his throbbing cock~.
Either way, the feeling of his lungs overinflated and full even as he struggles to inhale, his mouth and throat full of the gluelike precum no matter how much he sputters and coughs, his efforts only amounting to tasting that heavenly pre again and again with each failed inhale or exhale. His struggles seem to drag on for longer than they should, a bubbling, ecstatic moan the only sound the foolish priest is able to make through his lungfuls of cum as he struggles not to drown in the pleasure like he's drowning in the cum. It quickly becomes apparent he can do nothing to save himself on his own, so he begins to beseech his goddess for aid, doing his best to mentally pray for her to save him as his vision starts to grow dark, but no matter how much he desperately pleads, no answers come, and his mind starts to fade.
Just before the end though, he tries something else, and in a last, desperate attempt….
He prays to Astolfo

Astolfo the Rider
"Too late for that~"
Astolfo giggles, a maniacal edge in his eyes as he grabs the struggling, suffering cleric by the back of the head. Instead of answering his desperate prayers, he shoves Alard forward, moaning gleefully, ramming the boy onto that monstrous fuckmeat. It lodges somewhere inside his stomach, not even balls deep, veins pressing painfully against his jaw. Each casual throb makes his whole being shake, his brain basted in divine pleasure….
Somehow, he holds on to the last bit of his consciousness, as if Astolfo's purposefully keeping him alive long enough to feel it. Long enough to feel those balls suddenly swell and shudder and rumble, shaking the very earth around them as they slosh against the ground, beanbag-sized boulders putting out visible clouds of virility…
Clench. Squeeze… SPLURT!
The blast of cum, searing hot and dense enough to float a neutron star, slams straight into his stomach. He feels it fill, swell swell swell within his body, leaking more and more cum into his lungs. His heart. His kidneys. His brain. His whole body. Every organ individually stuffed full of cum, soaking up the impossible blast of godly fucksludge, growing and growing and growing until…
until one by one, they start to POP!, and Alard gets a front row seat to every explosion of murderous ecstasy~

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson "Glurk!", the sudden intrusion causes him to spit out a mouthful of cum as the massive, throbbing shaft buries a fraction of itself into his gut, it should hurt, some part of Alard knows, so far beyond overstuffed as he is, and perhaps it does, but each throb, each twitch, each additional drop seeping into him feels so good that not an ounce of pain registers, even as his body begins to quake as Astolfo's sack gurgles and groans, the very air visibly thickening with his hazy musk as his mind hovers between life and oblivion.
For an instant or an eternity all Alard can feel is heat, bliss filled painful fullness, and Astolfo's divine seed as it feels like his very essence is stretched taut, struggling to contain just a mote of the god power, until bursts like little fireworks of rapture, one after another, start working their way outwards through his chest from where he's impaled on the divine boy's cock, Pop! Pop! Pop! one after another, one organ after another, a feeling so wonderful that his pleasure ravaged mind can only react to it with gratitude, at least until the wave makes it up his neck and into his skull before…. Pop~!