Sacred Showdown! Noah and Ghost Princess at the Isle Cataca!

Synopsis: The legendary Astolfo is in One Piece for some reason, and finds himself in the company of a cute goth GF. Also, there are weird islands and weirder islanders. And lots of sex. Normal stuff.
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Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider: Cataca seems like it should be a quiet place; in fact, it seems bold to imagine that there should be anyone there at all. The mountains rise almost straight out of the water, the lowest flat land hundreds of meters up. An impressive cluster of peaks, grass and moss clinging to the cliffs for dear life, far too steep for any trees to take hold.

In reality, however, Cataca is bustling with activity. Catwalks of wood and clay brick circle the cliffs, held up by elegant arches and creaking posts alike. Houses and stairways are carved into the mountainside itself, sleepy little hobbit holes and garishly decorated storefronts. Barely an inch of mountainside goes unused, a dense thicket of walkways and bridges spanning between each peak. High above, seven churches with seven crosses loom over the city, magnificent buttressed cathedrals placed atop the highest of the mountains.

Not that the cutie currently standing on the edge of the oddly plump-looking boat that looks like it's designed to drift more than to sail has time to admire the architecture. Knight Errant of Mercia and apparently caretaker of the mysterious ark, Astolfo, is busy trying to fend off the winged men and women that have crowded around the pier, waving away their crosses and murmurings and their insistence that he hand over the holy Ark to their allegedly more divine care!

"What do you mean I'm unclean? I have a signed document that says I'm responsible for it! Yes, it's a holy vessel, I am sure, but I came upon it and took charge of it fairly! Not ordained - what do you mean I'm not properly ordained????"

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess did not look like most people when they were on a wonderful tropical vacation to a beautiful, mysterious island. She, infact, looked miserable as she laid out out on a deck chair. The sun was too hot and the sand was getting everywhere and the staff weren't slavishly courteous enough. It was enough to make a Ghost Princess wanna cry. All she wanted was a nice, gloomy castle filled with devoted servants, was that too much for a girl to ask for??

It appeared that way, and so her attention was taking from her own plight to a commotion down at the docks. It looked like someone's ship was getting attacked by a whole flock of the island's natives. Normally Perona wouldn't give a shit, but she was actually stuck on this island. She had beaten up the champions of the natives when they had tried to capture her, but that hadn't fixed her lack of ability to leave. This ark seemed like just her ticket off of this place, so she put the book she was reading over her face and drifted off to sleep

From the waves right next to the new boat a giant, floating figure of a pale girl with purple hair wearing a purple bikini, speckled with cute black bats, arose. "Bullying outsiders is so totally not cute!" The apparition cried. "I'm going to have to punish you!" She pointed at one of the bird men and a smaller ghost flew from her fingers and passed through the attacker before he could dodge. A look of pure despair came over his face and he flew straight down into the ocean spray. What a terrifying power!

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider gasped as the man fucking plummeted! Cries of "Devil!" and "Dios mios!" sprang up as the crowd backed the hell away from the pier, pointing and shouting in terror. And Astolfo…

"Hold on! I'm going to go after him!"

Astolfo kicked off his boots and his gloves, leaving them in a pile on the deck of the bobbing ark. Without even hesitating, the ponytailed boy JUMPED off the side of the ship, his form shining under the sun. Perona's apparition got one hell of an eyeful, the swan-diving Astolfo exposed in all his glory. The white pink and blue striped top proclaiming '#1 KNIGHT' fluttering around his curvy chest. The fluttering, pleated black skirt, swaying in the wind. The tight, sea-colored swimsuit, a one-piece (but not ONe Piece) member under his top and skirt, diving between his wide hips and framing the HUGE bulge that the ghost princess had more than a few seconds to stare at, assuming she got to look down from her towering astral projection!

And then, SPLASH! The boy(?) disappeared into the waves, and for a moment, nothing could be seen. A woman in a nun's habit, albeit one modified for her wings, met the backed off locals, heard them babbling about the devil floating over the waves, about the man who had fallen and the boy who had jumped after him, and started to get the crowd in some semblance of order, even as they watched Perona and the sea, cautious, anxious, hopeful, scared, all in equal measure!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess does get a good long look at that fat boy dink as Astolfo dives into the water after the man she had attacked. Thankfully the Hollow hadn't killed him, just removed all of his self esteem and positivity for a few seconds. So long as he could breath under water for more than a few seconds he was gonna be fun, probably. Still, Perona was surprised that the boy would actually choose to save someone who had just been attacking him.

The projection fades away, probably to the increased worry of the onlookers, and underneath her book Perona's eyes flutter back open. Slowly she gets up, puts the book away in her bag, and starts to creep closer. Instead of just going towards the ship she takes a bit of a longer route to avoid detection by the crowd as she gets closer and closer to the ship. Once next to it she scales on top of Astolfo's boat and waits patiently for him to resurface from under the waves.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider emerges from the waves just as Perona manages to climb up from one of the lower walkways and sneak onto the ark from the back. The boy has the man in tow, shaken and coughing up water but mostly unharmed as Astolfo swims over the cliff face and rests him there for a moment. He shakes his wings to try and dry them out, and after a few false starts, and some shouted encouragement, the man manages to lift off under his own power and fly back up onto a walkway.

As for Astolfo, he puts his finger to his mouth and lets out a shrill whistle. An instant later, a magnificent beast comes stomping out of the ark's main entrance, a beast not quite like anything Perona has ever seen, beast with the proud head, wings and claws of a massive eagle and the lower body of a stalwart stallion. In front of utterly spellbound locals, the creature trots right over the ship's railing and glides delicately down to the water next to Astolfo, who only stops to give the beast an affectionate nuzzle and rub near the ear before he climbs onto it. With a chuff, the mighty Hippogriff kicks itself out of the water and soars back up through the air, landing on the pier with one smiling cuteboy (nonbinary) in tow.

"It's okay, everyone!" he calls out.

"…are you a saint?" someone asks. The woman from earlier, now in front of the crowd.

"I mean, I'm a hero? Is that the same thing?"

"You simply must come! The popes will be delighted to witness a living saint! Ah, what is your name?"

"Astolfo? I just take care of these animals…"

"So humble!"

He just sort of awkwardly scratches his head as the people before him cheer and praise. "I-i didn't do anything big…"

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess had been watching the whole affair from near the ark's entrance when the hippogriff had stomped on out of there. She let out a small squeak, which thankfully didn't seem to pick up the giant monster's attention, as it flew over to grab Astolfo and the man she had attacked. Perona pressed herself up against the back wall of the ship and took a few moments to calm down and let her heart stop beating so loud. That was a close one, and she didn't really wanna tussle with a big monster in such close quarters. The thing had looked like it might have been a match for a smaller Sea King!

As she watches Astolfo get praised by the crowd she began to get ahold of herself. The monster was strange but really nothing new to someone who had traveled the Grand Line. The commotion over the boy provided her with the perfect chance to sneak on deeper into the boat. This was her only ticket off of this rock, and the kind of man who dove into the briny depths of the sea to save someone who had just been attacking him for sure did not seem like someone who would kick a stowaway off of his ship in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore Astolfo's dive had proven to Perona that he was not a Devil Fruit user, which made her chances against him in a fight if it did come to that all the better.

So she rolls her shoulders and waits until her Ghost-Network of Hollows told her the coast was clear. When no one is looking she slips on into the main entrance, delving deeper into the ship. Hopefully she can easily find a cabin of some sort to rest in. Maybe even some food! It had been a long day and Perona was more than willing to go exploring if it meant getting a proper meal in her belly.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider There's only the one massive door at the front of the superstructure, if it can be called that. It leads to an equally massive room, which seems to be an all in one living space: a sturdy bunk to the right, a conspicuously empty round bed-cushion-thing, scattered with feathers, on the left. (Must be where Astolfo's beast sleeps, it's about the right size.) One corner has been set up as a modern kitchen, with a fridge-freezer and electric stove and oven and everything, and a big hatch in the floor under the kitchen table. The other corner is filled with massive drawings of animals and plants, sketches of all manner of flora and fauna familiar and strange alike, along with a few scattered chests and barrels of random storage. And, of course, on the opposite wall, there's a stone archway, a massive shape that opens up onto a verdant grassland paradise that cannot possibly fit in this boat what the fuck.

But hey! There's food at least!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess rubs her hands together with glee as she sees that fully stocked kitchen. Not even Thriller Bark had such an elaborate set up just waiting to be used! That was mostly due to over 80% of its residents being zombies and 10% of the remainder being huge weirdos. She gives the fucking portal to another island a careful berth as she goes to the kitchen. She'll deal with…that later. Right now it was food time.

Across the course of a few hours Perona devours two massive sandwiches, a steak, a bunch of booze and an absolutely disgusting amount of candy. Just a simply absurd amount of sweets get put away by the petite girl. Its a miracle that she is able to keep her form while eating that much sugar. Must be shonen powers at work once again. All plans of exploring the verdant biome beyond the second stone arch are gone as Perona instead chooses to flop down on Astolfo's bunk and just snooze a bit. This bitch sweepy.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider returns after many a shenanigan which isn't worth mentioning here. His mount has been festooned with all sorts of bags and merchandise, money and offerings and touristy shit and a whole bunch of STUFF. Also like five crosses. He leads the beast in with a tired, but satisfied smile… only to spot the wreckage of the kitchen.

Astolfo boggles, half-turning towards his beloved mount only to see the girl sleeping in his bed. Blink, blink.

"Oh! You're the devil from earlier! What are you doing here?" he asks, more curious than offended as he pads over to stare at her, the hippogriff nonchalantly strolling in behind him and shrugging off its gear with a THUMP.

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess had been having a bunch of rather colorful dreams while Astolfo was gone. As it turns out eating just a whole fucking shitload of food before you go to bed was a quick way to have a strange night ahead of you. Hippogriffs and pink haired bunnies and giant bats and winged eagles had taken her on a wide variety of adventures both fantastical and strange in the same hand. But as the night had worn on and the dreams pulled out more and more from her subconscious, they started to take on a certain tone. Innocent animals begin to cope feels, vines turned into grasping tentacles and the animals started to talk about 'heat' and 'rut'. A rather lewd theme had started to run through Perona's dreams.

It only made sense. Not a lot of suitors found their way to Thriller Bark, and fingers and toys could only cut if out so far. Perona, while not a virgin, was not exactly overflowing with ways to vent her sexual frustration. So her dreams often turned sexual, and tonight was little different. In her current dream a whole host of pink and blue bunny ghosts were holding her down and taking turns rubbing needy, fat cocks all over her skin. Her cunt burned with need and she squeaked every time one of their cocks passed over it, but the little fuckers never put it in!

Astolfo, in the real world, sees a sweaty and red faced Perona wriggling and squirming around in his bed. Her swim suit has long gotten all mussed up, one tit now free to the open air and view while the other looks like its gonna be following it soon. Perona clumsily paws at her cunt, running her fingers and wrist over that needy slit with all the skill and grace a sleeping person has. Her bikini bottom has been both soaked, like his poor bed, and pushed aside to allow her to grope and grab at her aching pussy. Her nipples stand stiff against the night air and every so often one of her hands comes and grabs that free tit, bringing out another squeak from the Ghost Princess.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider finally registers what Perona is doing, what those weird sounds clicking in his head as a huge blush paints itself on his face and any other words sputter out of his head.

He stands there for a moment, his cock throbbing insistently beneath his skirt, just staring at the girl trying to fuck herself in his bed. The hippogriff behind him snorts and wanders off to its pile of softness, the door swinging closed behind it.

After his uncharacteristic moment of hesitation, Astolfo regains his composure. "I should help her," he says, to himself more than anything. A small giggle echoes in the cool, dim cabin, and he pulls off his top and steps out of his skirt, leaving him in nothing but the one-piece, though the heft of his sack and the sheer size of his hardening shaft pressed up against his stomach seems like it ought to have already ripped the thing open.

With careful, quiet steps, the knight makes his way to Perona's side, crouching down next to her crotch. "Excuse me," he murmurs, picking up her struggling hand and gently pulling it aside before lowering his face between her spasming legs, one hand on her thigh to steady her, or himself. A finger delicately plunges into that needy pussy, testing it out just for a moment, before he pulls it away and sticks out his fat, nimble tongue, flicking the organ against her exposed clit before swirling around the edge of her aching cunt, relishing the taste of juice and need…!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess had fallen into a 'calm' state as Astolfo approached her, simply laying down on the bed with a hand over her face, huffing and puffing as her chest rises and falls. Damn, those are some fat tits. Her heavy breathing really makes them bounce and jiggle in front of Astolfo's face as he gets on top of her. In her dreams the bunnies had moved away, leaving Perona to sit there in frustrated confusion.

As Astolfo gets on the bed with her Dream Perona feels a shadow fall across her. Above, blocking out light from the dream sun, a massive rabbit stares down at the Princess. The scene cuts away to Perona squeaking as Astolfo slowly spreading open her legs, letting him get a good look at her cunt. As to be expected it looks damn near virginal, Perona's lack of action staring the cutie in the face as he tests. The intrusion brings out a long squeal and a round of writing from the Ghost Princess, femcum covering that digit when the cuteboy withdraws his hand.

The licking really starts to drive Perona wild. The attention paid to her cunt instantly pays off as she starts to thrash around in bed, legs kicking up on either side of Astolfo's head as he delves deep into her soaking folds with his tongue. A bunch of pussy juice fills his mouth as he eats her out, Perona showing her need for any type of stimulation quite clearly with just how juicy she was. After a little bit of whining and squealing and groaning she finally speaks. "P-Please Mr Bunny, put it in! Its been soon long and its soo big and hard!" Damn, looks like her dream is really heating up!

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider can't resist the impish urge to answer her frantic plea. "I'll do my best, Mistress!" He puts both hands on her pale thighs, holding down her kicking legs while he fucking plunges his tongue into her folds, sinking the muscle as deep as he can and using it to open her up, a little bit at a time. God, she's hot, and his own cock is fucking ACHING, a massive bead of pre forming beneath his stifling swimsuit… Still, he keeps his hands away from it, even as he pulls his face back. With Perona's pussy even slicker than before, it's easy to fit two fingers between her legs, then three, schlicking mercilessly in and out of her dripping cunt…!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess lets out a noise better suited to an animal rather than a human as Astolfo starts to pump her cunt up something silly, the sudden burst of finger blasting just completely destroying Perona. Its honestly kind of impressive that she can sleep through this, given that its made her start to squeal scream in pleasure and thrash around on the bed like a mad woman. In the brief moments that the Ghost Princess isn't moving around too much Astolfo can feel her walls stick to his fingers tightly, and if shes doing that to his fingers than cramming his cock in is gonna require a lot of force. Shes also not warm inside like most humans. There is a bit of warmth, but mostly shes refreshingly cool. Must have something to do with her Devil Fruit powers or something. "M-Mister Bunny please!" She makes grabby hands toward Astolfo. "Stop teasing me, I want your cute cock inside of me!"

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider huffs, taking a hand in his own free hand and squeezing her fingers, even as he does his best to squeeze four fingers or even five inside Perona, scraping out the thrashing woman's insides as wide as he can. "Are you sure you can handle it, Mistress? You're so tight, I wouldn't want to hurt you!" he insists, not quite sure what he's doing. Some mix of playing along, grasping for any excuse to avoid filling her with his cock (what's the point of cumming inside your lover if they don't realize it's you doing it?), and at the same time wanting to wake her up so she can actually consent and he doesn't have to feel bad about fucking her! It's weird. He's weird. But hey, at least she feels nice on the inside. The cool isn't so bad!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess has slowly being growing more and more frustrated over the course of her dream. This giant rabbit had been fingering her and licking her and slapping its cock all over her body and yet still refused to properly fuck her! The full fist of fingers inside of her cunt brings out little mewls and whines from Perona, but shes not gonna be satisfied with just fingers anymore. Finally the annoyance gets too much and she just yells. "I don't care, just fuck me!" As she says this her eyes flutter open and she finds herself staring at not a giant stuffed bunny rabbit with a fat cock, but the cute boy from earlier who also had a fat cock.

Perona just stares at him for a few seconds before sheepish spreading open her cunt with two fingers, even though it was properly spread by Astolfo's whole ass hand. "I….Uhh…Can pay you back with this? Look, just put it in."

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider stares back at her. "I, uh." A sleepy [snort in birdsound] interrupts him, and he glances aside to see the half-sleeping hippogriff with one eye open and giving him the most dubious look a bird face is capable of. As if to emphasize, the fully hard bulge in his tortured swimsuit THROBS, and he has to stifle a moan.

"Okay!" he finally squeaks, and tugs the swimsuit down, wiggling in front of Perona to peel off the sweat-covered garment. The stupidly huge dick pops out and smacks onto the bed with a notable thump! Whatever its exact size, it's gonna be a stretch, but Astolfo is prepared for that, biting his lip as he steps out of the discarded swimsuit and guides his cock up against her cunt, pushing it carefully between her fingers, shuddering with every inch he gets inside~

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess lets out a surprised coo as Astolfo's cock thomps onto the mattress right between her legs. "Wow you're….Really Cute! A small, cute boy having something like that between his legs? Super adorable." She leans her head back and bites down on her bottom lip as he lines himself up with that tight, cool cunt. "You know, even most nice people would've just fucked me silly in my sleep if they found me like that. I did break onto your ship and ate your food; woulda been justified." She looks up at him from between those fat goth tits. "What I'm saying is that you gotta show a bit more spINE!"

The last part is made louder as the cute boy pushes inside of her, instantly forcing her cunt open much further than it is used to doing. Like Astolfo had expected she is stupid tight, almost to the point of being uncomfortable around him. The coolness remains the same, feeling like hes pushing his cock down a refreshingly wet and cold tunnel than into a human being. She squeals happily as he starts to fuck her, his cock making a bulge just a little bit above her pelvic bone.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider gasps at the sheer tightness, the exotic coolness refreshing as he bulges her out. Astolfo screws his eyes shut, grabbing those fat tits for support (more moral support than physical support) as he pushes the rest of the way inside, feeling the sheer heft of his cock stretch her out, slowly getting used to the pussy trying to squeeze him out.

"Nghh, fine, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna mess you up, then!" he cries out, and drowns out his mount's mocking laughter by pulling back, only to SLAM his cock balls deep again, smacking into her hips and filling her with another little blast of prespunk, shuddering and moaning all the while as he starts to get into a rhythm, in and out, squeezing at her fat goth tits all the while! Slow, at first, but rapidly gathering speed as he grows bolder…!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess 's happy coos turn into shrill squeaks as Astolfo grabs a hold of those sensitive tits! The pirate princess arches her back and wails as he really starts to get handsy with her, not that she seems to dislike it. By the way her cunt clamped down on Astolfo's dick when he started pulling at her tits it looks like its turning Perona on. It seems that the slut's got a bit of a maso-urge in her.

The increase in speed means an increase in moans and groans from Perona. She starts to slam her hips back against his as they fuck , the loud 'plap plap plap' of sex filling the ship's hold as he fucking buries his cock deep inside of her cunt. "F-Fucking faster…Don't worry about cumming inside, its a safe day for me." She mutters under her breath as he really begins to fuck her properly, making her tits bounce in time to their steadily increasing thrusts and her tongue loll out of her mouth to drool all over his pillows. Laundry tomorrow is gonna be f u n.

Astolfo the Rider
Astolfo the Rider makes the connection and promptly MAULS her tits, leaning well over as they slam and fuck together wildly. His tongue hangs out as he leans over her, panting and groaning with each wild thrust. "Nggnn…" Hearing those words makes something in him ache, with longing or disappointment or relief, who knows. All he knows is that his balls feel oh so heavy, and he slams them right into her cunt, howling with each impact. "F-fuck, fuck, fuck…" Astolfo babbles, pent up and needy and as incoherent as her if not more so. "So tight, fuck, god, I'm gonna-"

And the moment before his balls clench, he instinctively grabs her neck and squeezes hard, burying himself in her fat chest and crushing her throat at the same time as his final thrust smashes in and his aching balls explode in rope after thick, fat rope of cum, the mewling cuteboy just utterly unloading his wonderfully belly-bloating climax right into her womb while choking her out! Wow! He really took her to heart!

Hollow Princess
Hollow Princess is in as animal a state as Astolfo near the end there, snarling and whining and mewling as he pounds her cunt in again and again and gain. The bulge in her stomach is slamming up into her tits now, leaving bruises both inside of her womb and on the undersides of her tits, bruises that Perona's for sure gonna be bitching about tomorrow and probably the entire coming week. Her hands on his hips cut deep into his flesh, actually breaking skin and causing blood to trickle down his thighs as she feels him getting closer and closer to his climax. As he pulls in for the last time her feet wrap around his waist, making sure that not a single drop of virile cute boy cum is gonna get wasted.

Perona's stomach bulges out as his seed fills her belly, quickly making the ghostly girl look like shes deep into carrying a child. She howls into the air as he fills her up, until his hands wrap round her throat and cut that off. There's another place that Perona's gonna have some really, really suspicious bruises on for the rest of the week. As he cums she does as well, her cunt spasming and clamping down all over his cock, pulling Astolfo in deeper and making sure that every drop of seed starts out inside of her womb, before joining the flow of white spilling out of her abused passage as her guts quickly reach capacity. When Astolfo pulls his hands from her throat and sits up shes back dead asleep, passed out from how fully hes filled her needy slit. At least the time she spent awake was eventful as it was short!