Beginning of the end

Synopsis: Fènghuáng is reborn and ready to satiate her thirst for blood, maybe some souls too while she's at it.
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Even from outside it, even with every seal known to space and time, the mad cackles of Fèng pierced the air as she was curled up on the ruined ground of her realm, charred, burned, and dry. Fires surronded her, pools of lava struck the land where water once existed. Her arms were hugging her head, eyes wide as tears poured out, yet her mouth curled up into a delirious open mouthed smile, any sort of brightness missing from within her eyes. She finally got it. That which she desired most. The very thing she had been wanting to discover ever since she had been conscious. The Truth. The truth behind the void in her memory. The truth why she was the last Pheonix. The truth behind why everything seemed to revolve around her within this realm. In the end...the Truth only seemed to drive Fèng crazy, her mad cackles tormenting her own throat horribly, the blazing landscape only gaining more heat as she seemed to keep spiraling into a deeper pit of despair. She had finally figured it out. The reason to why and how she existed.

Everything about her life was a lie.

She was never a Pheonix to begin with. She was never the last Pheonix to exist. For she was the one who killed them all of in the first place, way back when she was still a Succubus who slipped into this realm as Wèishì, the being who provides the Pheonixes their powers, offline and dormant. She didn't know about his existence. She didn't even know what a fucking Pheonix was. But she didn't care. She killed them all. Massacred them in pleasurable reasoning. And every single one never came back due to Wèishì being offline. And she remembers it all. She remembers relishing every single kill. Orgasming back then when she stared at the terrified faces of the Pheonixes.

But then the 24 hours were up. Yes, she had exterminated the Pheonix race, but Wèishí still existed...and he was pissed. She stood no chance. She instantly was defeated by him, being struck down on the spot, and within its Mercy. But he didn't kill her, instead he made her suffer, suffer as a Pheonix with no recollection of how she there, implanting false memories, and adding a permanent sense of confusion. Yet...she only found out just now when Wèishì went offline just today, leaving Fèng all alone once more. This is how she figured it out. But her cackles began to change. Slowly, bit by bit, her laughter changed from despairing cries, to barks and cackles of soon-to-be revenge.


Fèng screamed out, her fist slamming into the ground below herself, slowing gaining a grip as she sat up. The fake memories began to intertwine with her real memories, only further confusing her, but further angering her in the process. She seethed audibly, taking in large deep hisses, feeling spots on the side of her head radiate with pain as horns pushed out and curled back. Whilst her back sprouted blood-red wings. Slowly, Fèng stood up, feeling a rejuvenating sensation wash over herself as there were mere minutes before Wèishì reactivated, making her cackle loudly as she suddenly dissapeared. Then she reappeared miles away, above a certain patch of ground, before diving straight down, and drilling her way through.

Drilling straight into Wèishì's core.

And there she stood, on top of a risen mountain, Fèng breathing in and out roughly as there was a crazed look within her eyes. Yet, the area around her was only a contrast of what it used to be, a much calmer scene of green forests. Her mind had finally accepted the circumstances she had found herself with in. Yet, she might be a Phoenix now, but she's always a Succubus to heart, and ultimately down to the roots of her mind. But she glared at the thing in her hand, the thing which she thought she could have trusted with her life just a mere day ago, when she believed such a being would be able to provide her with the life she never really wanted in the first place. Indeed, being recognized as a Goddess, being provided with a Realm of her own was fantastic, but she despised the way in how she got it in the end. In her right hand was a mechanical Cube, shining with brilliance, though short circuits racked the entire form. It seemed to pulse with life every second, vibrating with panic, only causing a grin to grow on Fèng's face as she stared at the shape. A giggle turning into a cackle, Fèng threw the Cube into the air, before reeling back her arm all the way like an Olympic lance thrower, before throwing a large knife into the Cube. In a instant, the Cube pulsed brightly, the object beginning to spin rapidly within the air as a loud ear-piercing screech broke the air around her, making her wince as the screech would've broken a Humans normal hearing instantly. But then her own eyes began to glow brightly as she floated in the air, growing closer to the Cube with each second, commanding it within her own mind.

"You foul creation dare to allude a life of Paradise to me? To present an illusion that which I could believe as genuine? You mere creation have lots to learn about the Brain, as such a being like you would never be able to understand the processing power of one compared to a lowly machine. So hear me now, Weishi! You are under my mercy!"

Her hands clasped around the Cube whilst it was spinning, causing it abruptly stop in place, Fèng wincing slightly as the object struggled against her grip, but she ultimately dug her nails into the steel, causing it groan and cry with a metallic scream. She growled as she grabbed the stuck-out knife, and began to drive it further in, a sadistic smile beginning to grow on her face. As a result, Weishi's Chains of Liakaio descended from the Heavens, wrapping around Fèng's limbs, before applying millions of invisible walls around her body tightly. But Fèng only cackled in response, her body pulsing with light as all the shackles were broken, and every single wall seemed to melt away as her body temperature reached incomprehensible levels. Her body aflame, she shoved the knife one last time in, feeling it pierce something within the Cube, resulting in another high-pitched cry.

"No longer will you commit such atrocities against me! No longer will I be dependent on you for my own survival! Nay! I may have been weaker than you back then, yes, but your gifts towards me are what ultimately brought you down, you idiotic moron! Scream! Cry! Moan! Nothing will save you from my wrath!!!"

Then there was a flash of light which covered even the farthest corners of Fèng's realm, before dying down. There, within an entirely untouched forest laid Fèng, the broken and shattered Cube which was once Weishi. It was no protector to her, all those feeling she felt by the creation was all fake. It was nothing but her prison warden. Something to cage her within this realm. Going as far as to limit her powers outside of it if she was to trek out of it. But no longer. Fèng stood to her full height as she brought her foot up, before slamming it down on the shattered remains, again, and again. Hours later, not even a single remnant of Weishi existed anymore, merely the evidence of a crime-scene was there alluding to its destruction.

Fèng looked down with blank eyes, turned around, and walked away. Though as she went, her hands began to weave within the air, whisps of her Phoenix powers, and her natural powers intertwining, creating a new Cube much like Weishi's, but unlike it, this new one would be entirely loyal to her. And as she approached her home, the Cube was finished, floating idly within the palm of her hand. It was merely an infant compared to the first protector. But it would have to do for now. It must learn first. But it can do that over time. She was starving. And that Eggplant on her dinner table was looking extra scrumptious. And as she was beginning to eat it raw, she realized she was still in her Succubus form, Horns and all, yet no clothes were on her body, entirely nude. She giggled as she waved her hand around, new attire materializing on her body. Spawning a mirror, she was satisfied with her new clothes, before turning back to the entrance of her home, and walked out. Her realm had returned back to its original state. No more was it an fiery hell. But she felt something missing. In the back of her head, she knew the screams of Weishi were all for the act, and none of it was coming from a genuine person who could feel. Meaning...she giggled and shivered when she realized the perfect person to cure her mood. She sat down on her porch, leaned back on a arm, before sending a personal invitation to Lauriel. The perfect Elf for the perfect situation. much fun she's going to have with all of her potential unlocked.~


Lauriel made her way onto Féng's realm, taking her usual walk across her realm rather quickly this time now that he knew the path very well, As the girl entered Féng's house, she could feel something different, but couldn't quite put her finger on it until she spotted Féng, sitting down on her usual spot. Her horns, eyes, everything about her felt different, a very threatening aura that radiated from her, akin to a bright red light who screamed "GET OUT", but she ignored it, to her own demise.

"M-Miss Féng? You look... different"

Said her before putting her head down, a sign of respect towards her very being.


Féng looked at herself with a large smile, stretching her body as she agreed with the Elf. Standing up slowly, Féng walked up to the elf, digging her hands into the smaller girls shoulders, and stabbing her fingers harshly into her skin. She giggled as she leaned down, looking brightly into Lauriels eyes, remembering the time she had the first time around with her. When she had finally let go for once. When she finally had a feeling of her true self in that one moment. she was her true self, and it made her all sorts of excited. Her hands slowly etched their way up the Elf's neck, before cupping her cheeks warmly, a sense of threatening warmth traveling throughout of all Lauriels body at once; a warmth so dangerous it would've made the little Elf piss herself on the spot as she stared right into a demon. The next moment, they were somewhere else, back in the same basement which Luariel had been tortured the first time around. Instead, now, weapons of all assortment lined the walls, metal contraptions made to snap bones, twist limbs, and even murder victims were all equipped down here. But ultimately, Lauriel would find herself on a metal table, her back to it, her limbs spread apart in a X pattern. Féng giggled as she approached the table with Lauriel on top, her heart thumping as she shivered, not using this contraption in for god knows how long. Leaning down, she gave a peck to the girls forehead, licking the area.

"So much has happened in the past couple weeks since we have not seen eachother, my dear little Elf. However, what hasn't changed is my carnal desire to deliver pain~. And look at me! I am whole once again! Free from the shackles which once bound to me to my Phoenix form! So let us commence forth, and begin the ritual which you so will sacrifice for me!"

Féng cackled as four 5-inch metal spikes, 3 inches across each, stabbed themselves into Lauriel's hands and feet, pinning them straight into the metal bed.


*She already felt her legs weaken as Féng approached her, gazing at the hand of which placed itself on her shoulder as it had many times before, but now it was different, the usual pressure she felt just didn't stop, it seemingly kept digging itself deeper and deeper into her pale, delicate skin, stabbing her soon after, letting a loud, painful groan exhale from her mouth. The poor girl had no idea as to why Féng was being so much harsher, more sadistic than usual, it surely had something to do with her appearance.

Suddenly they were both teleported to that same familiar basement of which she suffered many hours in, but now it looked different. The usual, sexually torturous devices were completely gone, now replaced by terrifying machines that she was afraid to even look at, leaving the girl to sweat as she thought about all the things that could, or would, be done to her. A 'snap' broke the deafening silence between them, now restraining the girl on the cold metal table, just the coldness of it was enough to cause the girl great discomfort, followed by her blood running down her soft skin all the way down to the table, staining it. Féng's words only further filled her body with a feeling of hopelessness, almost as if she knew that something awful was to come, making a single tear leave her blue eyes, running down her cheeks. Out of nowhere, four spikes descended rapidly onto her, making an audible CRACK as they impaled her hand and feet. An agonizingly loud scream filled the room, something that could be heard from miles away, she tried to move and break free but to no avail, only adding to the unthinkable deal of pain that crushed her body along with any chances of her survival*


Féng cackled loudly as she activated the machine she was laying on. The metal which her hands and feet were impaled began to part away from the main table, stretching Lauriel even more, causing skin and muscle to tear, before the fun part kicked in. Slowly, the table raised itself up vertically into the air, Féng walking in front of it as she peered at the crying and screaming Elf. How those screams made Féng cackle even more, shivering as the pitch was just right, enough to deliver waves upon waves of satisfaction, and quickly filling her sadistic void. wasn't enough, but there was so much more left for the Elf to feel, and suffer. She snapped her fingers, the table coming to life with a low hum. The metal which Luariel's feet and hands were impaled on, slowly began to turn clockwise, twisting her hands and legs, but her body wouldn't turn with them, still bound to the table. But it wouldn't take long for the effects to roll in, and they rolled in quite gruesomely. As her hands and feet were twisted, the skin of her arms and legs began to tear, audible sounds of skin ripping, and bones beginning to crack emanated from the Elfs body, rivers of blood pouring out. As that was happening, Féng pressed the area above Lauriels stomach, before reeling back her arm, before delivering a punch so strong it went right through her body, before going through the table as a hole. But Lauriel wouldn't die from any of these injuries whatsoever. No. She was here to suffer. Féng poured her own energy into the Elf, keeping her alive throughout this entire experience until she allowed it.

"Scream! Scream more and perhaps I'll give you a much more exhilarating treatment!~"


Her scream didn't stop for a second, only getting louder as the spikes moved away from her body, pulling her limbs along with it, she could hear her own delicate skin tearing itself apart from her body, stopping just short of ripping her limbs off. But then a humming noise accompanied her screams for mercy, now the table began spinning at odd angles, twisting and tearing her limbs off. The noises it made were absolutely disgusting, something that would make any normal person instantly sick just from listening it and here she was, Féng, cackling to the that repugnant sound as the girl's limbs were teared off, how could someone enjoy it all that much? How could a being find pleasure in these revolting actions? Gruesomely torturing such a weak being solely because it felt like it? All those questions would go unanswered as Féng walked closer to the dismembered elf girl, her crying, desolated eyes filled with a sliver of hope, begging with her eyes for the sadistic Succubus to heal her. But that sliver was hope was shattered along with her organs, forcing that familiar scream out of the girl's mouth again, it was so powerful that it punched straight through the metal table, splattering her organs all over Féng's fist, blood ran down the girl's mouth, going all the way down her quite literally destroyed body. Death would considered an act of mercy at that point, but even that satisfaction would be taken away by Féng as she gave Lauriel the last thing she would ever want in that moment, immortality.


"Now now...little Elf...we can't have you dying, now can we? But much of your body is destroyed, and only regenerating it defeats the purpose of my immaculate work..."

Then she looked at Lauriel's head, her eyes glazing over as she licked her lips, her fingers snapping as she teleported Lauriel and herself onto a entirely new table. She spawned a sharp ice-pick within her grasps, binds holding Luariel tightly onto the metal table, restraining even the smallest of movements that could be done. She wanted to do this for a while. Even before she was transformed...the process of committing a Lobotomy on a live patient was all too thrilling for her. Slowly, she leaned over Lauriel's head, peering deeply into the Elfs, forcing them to stay open the entire time. Féng grinned widely as she brought the pick down towards her eye, hovering it just mere centimeters above, before speaking.

"Now, my dear elf, this little procedure may sting a little~. But it's all apart of the plan!~"

Slowly, Féng forced the deathly cold icepick into Lauriel's eyesocket, piercing the skin above her eye, slowly digging her way through, and eventually making it to her brain. Painfully slow, she began to dig into her brain, scratching at her frontal lobe, piercing it at time, making it bleed, making it tremble and squirm under the intense chill of the ice. No anesthetic. Nothing to soothe the pain. Not even knocked out. Lauriel would feel every grueling second of the operation which made her go stupid with every passing second.


Her limbless and almost hollow body poured more blood all over the new table, already staining just like the last. Now dozens of red-hot ice-picks stabbed every inch of what remained if her body, essentially melting her internal organs as it kept the barely alive girl in place, making her cries loudly continues. And there she appeared again, the devil itself leaning over her pulverized body and pointing another ice-pick right above her crying eyes. But that one was different, it wasn't extremely hot like the other ones, this ice-pick was freezing cold, akin to a razor sharp, ice stalactite. Fèng hovered that cold thing right above her eyes which she couldn't close, then it happened, the ice-pick pushed itself through her eyes, making a loud POP as it continued all the way down to Lauriel's brain, painfully poking her brain. The girl's screamed and coughed up more blood, now merely a few inches away from Fèng's face and unable to do a thing about it, leaving the girl to convulse and spasm as her brain was carefully picked apart by Fèng.


And pick apart she indeed did. Slowly, she drove the ice-pick further deeper within her brain. Through the icepick, Féng transmitted all sorts of visages into Lauriel's mind, a wide assortment of tortures that have yet to happen. But in the end, with enough work, she managed finally get the pick in-between the left and right side of the Elf's brain, prying itself in, before wiggling the pick back and forth, before a loud rip emanated from Lauriel's head, both sides of her brain finally giving way and floating away from each-other. Even when blood splattered against her face, Féng only kept digging even further with more excitement, licking any remains of blood near her mouth, stabbing the ice-pick deeply into her cranium, ripping Lauriel's eye out in the process when she reeled the pick out, but not caring as she grabbed the hanging appendage with her other hand, before yanking it. Now with only with one eye, an icepick digging deeply within the other, Féng slowly reeled back as she hovered above the broken Elf, before sitting on top of her chest, right above the open wound she punched open, her form sitting up all the way as she raised her arms into the air, the light behind her casting a shadow onto Lauriel, a red hue encompassing the two. Slowly, a large dagger appeared in one of her hand, the other coming to wrap over the first one. She looked down at the Elf with a large open-mouthed smile, a hint of giggles wanting to come out, barely stopping herself.

"Now...for your true purpose! To me, Lauriel, you are what encompasses my true desire to deliver pain and suffering. And for that, you will be the first soul which I consume, a soul which keep this sadistic body running for a millenia to come! Now, die with purpose, my sweet little Elf!"

Then the dagger came down with the force of a million Gods, digging straight through Lauriel's chest, and straight into her heart, ripping it off its arteries, and impaling it onto the Dagger.

Slowly, Féng ripped a bigger hole above her chest, enough to extract Lauriel's still weakly beating heart, and raising it up to Féng's face. She looked at it with a wondrous expresison, licking her lips, and opening her mouth. Slowly, the entire heart dropped itself into her mouth, and she shut her teeth onto it, and began to chew on it, mawling at the muscle, and savoring Luariel's blood. Slowly, the immortality within Lauriel began to dwindle out, Féng releasing it, watching Lauriel carefully with a giddy expression.


Those sick visions terrified the girl even further, her screams were now of utter fear, having to live through those sickening scenarios for a split second, enough to shatter her spirit even further, but it would all be stopped along with Lauriel's brain, as it was pried open, literally splitting her in half, causing her screams to slur, turning it into incoherent noises, although they still sounded disgusting. As slowly as it entered, the ice-pick was pulled out of her now destroyed brain, pulling what remained of her eye in the process, leaving her to choke on her own blood and gore once again. Fèng's words couldn't even be comprehended by the mindless elf girl, until she pulled the dagger, now it all made sense. She desperately shook her head, crying from her remaining eye once more as the other destroyed eye socket cried as well, the only difference is that it was blood. Although dying would be considered mercy, that time she knew there was no coming back to life, it would be her last moments on this cursed, awful, ruthless universe. She didn't want to go, but it wouldn't matter, the dagger would impale her no matter what, and it did, now her life had come to a stop, her last seconds in this cruel world were spent watching her owner feast upon the girl's heart. She simply closed her eyes, saying goodbye to herself and letting her soul finally leave her body for the last time.


And there she stood, over Lauriel's quickly turning cold body, her entire face stained with the blood of the heart she just ate. Slowly, she gave off a low chuckle, then a nonrhythmic giggle, before giving off a full-blown cackle as Lauriel's body was slowly lifted off the table, shackles gone, but blood freely dripping out of her ruined limbs. Slowly, the body was straight up with her, Fèng reaching out with her hand, and piercing the skin above the middle of her chest. Her entire arm glowed brightly as she plucked the most important part of the Elfs body: her Soul. A small grey ball of light, this small thing held the entire personality of Lauriel, and is what identifies the Elf as herself. Well...Fèng slowly opened her mouth, laughs dying down, before plopping the ball in her mouth, and downing it one go, shivering slightly as the soul was absorbed into her body. She gave off one last giggle as the lights within the room died out, leaving Fèng by herself with Lauriel's corpse. It was surely the first of her victims. But it surely wouldn't be the last.

Then she looked at you directly.

"You're next~"