Forced Entry

Synopsis: An unexpected visitor appears in Dulcinea's realm, offering anything and everything, which is exactly what he will receive...
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I approach the doors with the reverence of someone who has been looking for them their entire life~ My gaze locked on the large, wooden barriers with not a hint of interest in the walls to either side. My body coats itself in a cold sweat of anticipation beneath my hoodie, I have heard much of the Divine behind these doors, what she is, what she does, and needless to say I am VERY excited to meet her personally! Raising a small, weak fist, I at first knock softly and almost silently on the door. But the longer I do the more impatient I become, until I am absolutely POUNDING away at the monolith of oak! Knuckles bruised and nearly bleeding, and yet there is no pain on my face, only ANTICIPATION!


The cold stone walls themselves appear to stare at the dirty blonde haired boy pounding away at the oak doors. His fists rattle at the frame, the thumping reverberates throughout the entire chamber like a heartbeat. The wind picks up, howling curses and threats at the determined slave, though whether he hears them or not is of little concern. The grey skies overhead twist and morph, power coalescing inside them until they turn into dark, oppressive hills, fit to burst and drench the land below.

The very realm itself rejects him - however, against all odds... the doors creak open, just barely wide enough for a person to sneak through. The musty smell of old paper, dripping wax, and ancient wood washes over @βšœβ„πŸ•Έβš™πŸ†πŸ–€πŸ‰πŸ¦πŸŒŸπŸ’•πŸŽπŸ€πŸ˜ˆβ˜ΏπŸ“–πŸ’œπŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ”¨πŸ’ŽπŸ”₯πŸ§¬β™Ύβ™“πŸ’”πŸŒšβš«πŸ₯›πŸ‘’πŸ‡¦βŒE 's body, inviting him into the darkened halls within.


I do not care if the realm rejects me~! The only ones I accept rejections from are the Divines themselves! At last it seems like I have opened the doors! Or more likely they have decided to let me in, either way I have already forgotten about both them and my sore knuckles! I am focused entirely on what lies within, entering the castle without a second thought and taking a deep, satisfied breath of the alluring and ancient scent of this strange place! Happily skipping in a straight line away from the door, I sing a satisfied tune and place my bloodied hands within the soft pocket of my hoodie, wondering if the rumors are all true~!


The realm is silent. Quiet. The boy's footsteps against the ground echo into infinity. Above him stretches the rows upon rows of pacts, so dizzying in number that the top of the room cannot be seen. The candles above twinkle like stars as the silent hallway seems to take up more room on the inside than the outside. Dulcinea is nowhere to be seen. Not walking down the hall, nor is she at her desk.

Her seat is empty.


The deep, beautiful crimson of the cushion immediately catches my eye in the sea of beige and mahogany colors of the hall, breaking up the room even more so than the bright lights of the candles~! Only when I see such a comfy pillow does the feeling of the damage upon my hands and bare feet from my journey reach me, making my eyes tear up and my sore body desire the comfort of such a lovely seat! With a small leap I PLOP my soft and cushy bottom upon the nearly as much so seat, letting out a relieved sigh and gazing over the many pieces of parchment, immediately growing bored as while many have symbols, there are no pictures to enjoy~


With nary a sound, Dulcinea's form rises from the cold stone tile behind the oblivious boy's slouching form. She does not look angry, rather, there's a slight smile on her lips as she looms over him. The flickering candlelight casts her shadow on the wall behind them, adorned with that same silver eye she wears around her neck. Ever so slowly, she reaches downwards, effortlessly lifting the boy up by his armpits, bringing him up to eye level.

"And what are you doing here, little one?" A distorted, layered voice calls out, though her mouth does not move.


While I idly suck the blood from my knuckles in the seat, admiring the scent of the room more than anything with my musk-sensitive little nose, I EEP softly as I am lifted from the cushion and look into Dulciena's eyes with the fascination and innocence of an untainted youth~! In no time at all her infectious smile spreads to my own face, and a happy giggle exits my throat in response to her question, my knuckles exiting my mouth along with it~!

"I head there was an amazing, twisted, FASCINATING Divine in this realm who binds slaves with in-escapable pacts! That sounded WAY too sexy to pass up~!"


"Oh sweet boy. You have the wrong impression of me. My pacts aren't quite so binding. If a pact is broken, it simply means the terms of the deal are nullified, and it invokes my ire. People are under no mystic compulsion to complete them. After all, they agreed to the terms willingly. I would hope that they understand their position and follow the promise they made."

As the voices speak, her eyes and mouth remain closed. She tilts her head from side to side, examining the boy in her arms.

"Oh. But where are my manners. You may call me Dulcinea, what is your name?"


I shiver at the implication, I would not dare invoke the ire of such a beautiful Divine~! And anything I agree to do, I always do it to completion~! How else can I keep my Gods and Goddesses happy! But I am quickly distracted from these thoughts by the strange nature of her speech... how is she speaking to me? Seeing me? I do not really care, I am simply curious... I am sure she will tell me if I need to know~!

"My name is Eri, nice to meet you Dulciena~! I am a slave to many Divines, and pride myself on making their pleasurable, although sometimes not so for me, fantasies a reality~! When I heard of you, your tastes, your abilities, I KNEW we would get along great~! I hope you do not mind, I might have tracked a little blood through your halls~"


Dulcinea's arms move the boy to the side before she gazes down the hall. Little splatters and drips of blood mar the otherwise stainless stone. Her brow furrows for a second as she concentrates, causing the liquid to disappear slowly, draining into the ground below in spurts.

"There is no need for worry about the blood. It is gone now. I am flattered to hear that you have heard of me and my glory. But speak your wishes. Surely you had something you wished to ask me, else why would you have entered my realm so brazenly?"


I give a small impressed clap as I watch her dispose of my mess so easily, before giving a faux small cough to prepare myself for my TRUE desire~!

"I... I wish to experience the most TWISTED of your pleasures! I wish to pour my worship of depravity into you and help fuel your transformation into the most sexual, nightmarish beast of all the realms! I wish to be so bound within pacts that my every decision is made before I am even given the chance to consider it! You can turn me away, but know that I am here to experience what you can offer to the fullest! I wish to push both of us to our limits Dulcinea!!!" pant, pant, pant~


Dulcinea places the boy back on the ground and folds her hands infront of her hips, looking down upon his mop of unruly dirty blonde hair.

"You wish... to see my limits?" the voices inquire, rattling the shelves in unison. "This is a bit unexpected. I don't know if I've ever fulfilled such a request before."

She begins to move around Eri, circling his form, appraising it, evaluating his potential. Her body glides along the floor smoothly, as one continual stroke of a brush. Still, her expression remains the same.

"Unexpected indeed. I can sense the markings of many divine on your body already. I will ask much of you, sweet boy... but first."

Faster than he could react, Duclinea's hands reached out for his neck, gripping it tightly but still allowing him to breathe and his blood to flow. Her thumbs make an ❌ on his trachea as she bears down up on it. The nun's eyes flash open and reveal an unnatural horror - a plain, blood red expanse. Her pupil and iris are missing leaving only the pulsating, shining glow of her vibrant eyes, illuminating his face. A few seconds pass, and she drops him to the floor.

"A precaution." the voices chuckle.


I am so high off of venting my very soul that I am not worried in the slightest that being placed on the ground and judged from above is any sort of indication of disapproval~! My gaze follows her around my form, gulping softly as the many containers of parchment around me shake and creak~ Her movement is so beautiful! Elegant and effortless, reminding me of not a Goddess, but an angel~! I glow softly at the notice of my brands, the momentary pride suddenly interrupted by my sudden choking! I let out a loud GLUK of surprise! Eyes flitting about to try and see what is happening before vibrating in utter HORROR at what they witness in the gaze of Duclinea! The few moments feel like an eternity, and feeling the floor once again I spread my self over it to feel some sort of solidarity, panting wildly and tenderly feeling my new mark~

"Th-Thank you my Goddess... the worlds you hold..." I shiver softly as the the memory of what I witnessed thankfully dulls and fuzzes over slightly, her mark reassuring me and helping to ease my shock and distress~


"That mark will keep you safe if I get a bit... excited." Dulcinea's chest rises and falls as she audibly sucks in air through her nose. "Don't thank me yet Eri. We haven't even begun."

The nun crouches down, embracing the shivering boy, one arm curled around his back, the other lightly petting his head as she leans his body against her own. She feels his racing heartbeat pound against his and smiles.

"Just relax. Relax and lose yourself." Eri's mouth opens and coos, but not in his own voice, a voice reminiscent of the ones that echoed through the hallway moments before. One tinged with a supernatural, otherworldy element.

And then, the ground peels away beneath them, stretching and tearing like scissors cutting through fabric. A pair of lips puff up out of the cold surface, easily as wide as either of them were tall. Dulcinea holds onto Eri tight, silently. The giant maw snaps open, drawing them both into the inky blackness below...


I want to offer my safety should always be secondary to her excitement, but after what I just saw I can only nod~ Even the act of her breathing, her movement, her tender embrace! It all just DRIPS with untapped corruption and power, making my heart race at an insanely fast rhythm~! Her smile makes my body heat to the temperature of a soft flame, only for her reassuring words to cool me down a bit~ I open my mouth to thank her for this...

Or at least I thought I was, until words not of my own thoughts emerge in my a voice that is also not my own~ Though the self-reassurance not of myself would be alarming to some, to me it is yet another reassurance of her power and control! Making my face light up in respect and awe~! The enormous lips look soft enough to hump or kiss, and I bite my own to restrain this instinct, entering the void beneath us with a smile on my face, and an erection in my shorts~


The two bodies fall and fall, so long that falling itself seemed normal. With Eri's head pressed close into her chest, the boy cannot see anything, though he can hear everything. Howling screams, laughter, flesh being torn asunder, the wet slaps of intercourse, digestion. Any and every sound imaginable... until again, it too fades out.

"Eri. Wake up." an unrecognizable voice calls out. All around the sleeping boy is an unfamiliar room, small and plain. Light shines in through the glass window, and the sound of church bells ringing echo from far in the distance. "It's your turn today. Head to Dulcinea's room."


The weightlessness quickly becomes not frightening, but comforting~ As comforting as the soft embrace of Dulcinea, and the somehow strangely comforting incessant noise surrounding me~ Being such a limitless and depraved slave, it is hard not to relate each of the sounds to one pleasurable experience or another~! The sensory overload quickly results in a general feeling of... sensation? Appeasal...~

And then I am there. I look around for the source of the voice, and when I cannot find it I nod eagerly and give a thumbs up~! "Thank you! I will head there right now!" I get up and begin to head towards a door that I somehow know without knowing is Dulcinea's, surveying myself to see if anything happened to my appearance during our descent~


Eri soon arrives at a door with a nameplate after wandering through this odd, seemingly normal dormitory. Other college students mill about in their daily lives, not paying any attention to the boy navigating the halls. By all means this simply seems to be another plane of existence. Ordinary in every way.

"Enter." a soothing voice calls out as the door swings open.


I rub my head and wonder if everything I imagined was some kind of dream~? It was certainly good enough to be one! And it would not be out of the ordinary for me to visit a realm like THIS in search of a Divine either... but right as I am thinking that I feel my neck, and a cross shaped area of smooth skin bearing a much different texture than the rest, and I KNOW it was real!

"Coming~!" I skip in towards the sound of the voice! Eagerly anticipating what lies inside!


As you enter, an unfamiliar sight comes to your eyes. The first thing you recognize is my face, my closed eyes and my placid mouth. However, that's all that's familiar on my now monstrous form. Sitting on that same red cushion, writing on a similar tablet, is a body that dwarfs my previous form in all respects. My head nearly grazes the ceiling, some eight feet high, despite my kneeling position. I'm completely nude, my torso filling breasts spilling onto my thunderous thighs, jiggling with every slight movement of my body.

And of course, there's my cock, a massive beast extending some three feet out from my crotch and comparable to a dinner plate in girth, wrapped in a pink condom that currently appears to be the size of a trashbag, stuffed to the brim with my output.

"You're today's help then? Well, get to it, cutie. I'm a bit pent up." My voice rings out, though you're unsure if my mouth moved while doing so.


My gaze slowly and reverently traces up your massive form from bottom to top~ Drinking in every last beautiful square inch of skin and flesh, committing it to memory for the rest of eternity~ Though your previous form was no doubt beautiful, this, THIS is much more to my liking! The sound of liquid hitting the ground wakes me from my drunken stupor, as I realize my own drool dripped from the corner of my mouth~

Wiping away the lewd spittle I absolutely MUST get more comfortable to indulge in the feast of flesh before me! Stripping out of my clothing quickly and messily, in the process tripping over my own two feet while I offer my reply~! "CominnnNNNNG!" And with that I fall into the beanbag-like condom! Sloshing around on your bed of thick seed with my messy hair bouncing off the sensitive head of your massive cock! The sensation causing me to take a VERY deep breath of shock! With this proximity to your cock I can only hope said breath is filled with delightful tasty MUSK~!


I smile as I see you trip over yourself into the results of my cock leaking precum all day, my arms folding across my chest as I set the papers I was working on to the side. You deserved my full attention after all. I rolled my shoulders back and forth, stretching my huge form as you wriggled about in front of me. The door slams shut behind you and locks tight - soon afterwards, my musk begins to fill the room. A light sweaty scent, though one that you were getting a much closer taste of being so close.

"I thought you'd enjoy a scene like this, Eri. I could tell from you looking at my body before that you thought I was far too small. Is this more to your liking? Do you have something you'd like to say to me?" My voice teases, again, echoing from all around you


The sound of your divine flesh shifting with your stretches, breasts sloshing and thighs pleasantly wobbling, drives me MAD beneath you~! The building musk steadily raising my heart rate and lust as I at last shed the last of my clothing upon your condom! When I look at you, you can FEEL the energy of my worship gush into you like a broken pipeline! My soul hard-wired to worshiping others!

"YES! Thank you Dulcinea! This is SO much more to my liking! I have SO much I need to say to you! You are so beautiful, so amazing, so sexy! I want to huff your musk all day! I want to service you in whatever way you desire! I want to be fucked, and crushed, and pampered, and loved, and abused, and given ALL of your attention!!! Can you do more! Can I help at all!? This is so HEAVENLY!"

And with that I start to needily yank at the rim of your pretty pink condom~! Wanting a taste of that thick and yummy looking pre, and absolutely NOTHING obscuring me from this wonderful cock flesh~!!!


"Beautiful and amazing and sexy? Why certainly all of those things apply to me." I purr to you, my voice sounding like its coming from right behind your ear, wind tickling the back of your neck.

With a smile, my form bubbles and shifts beneath your eyes. My already fair skin becomes completely blemish free, my cheeks gain a natural rosy glow. While I was attractive in a certain way before, at your praise I become more, better, prettier. I'm positively radiant, glowing slightly by the end of it.

"Yes Eri, you can help more. What exactly would you like for me to do with this cock of mine? Stuff it down your slutty mouth? Rub it all over your little body? Smother you with it?"

My cock twitched slightly as your fingers gripped the rim of the condom. I could feel your desire wafting off of your skin. With a few quick tugs you managed to pull it off, releasing my fat cockhead into the world, still dripping precum like a leaky faucet, dangling in front of your face.


Your voice is like a symphony and raises all the little hairs on my back! The sight of your body becoming more beautiful before my very gaze making my jaw drop in total wonder and amazement! The effect my worship has on your, combined with that you offer me afterward makes me nearly catatonic with bliss! The words are more yanked from my mouth than actually spilling from it, it feels like your presence DEMANDS I speak my mind~!

"I... I need more~ Please Mistress Dulcinea! I want more of your cock musk than you could imagine! I want to be surrounded by it, perforated by it, drowned in it! Please STUFF me between your cock and balls and marinate me nice and good! And then... take me to the SOURCE! Take my small supple body within the walls of your mighty shaft and into your gurgling cum tanks so I can praise you from within! And that is only the-" At last the condom comes off! I bounce from my bottom and immediately rock forward to douse my face in the gentle flow of pre cum! Catching tons of it in my mouth! "BEGINNING~!"


"More musk you say? Enough for you to choke and gag on? Isn't it already strong enough for you?" I ponder and reality shifts once more. The once relatively clear air of the room is now completely saturated with the stench of my cock, a thick, steam-like haze filling it, enough that you would barely be able to see my shining visage without my radiant body to provide a light to cut through the darkness.

I whip my head back in ecstasy as you come into contact with my cockhead, and your words ring out in my mind. In an instant, the stretching piling sound of flesh pouring into existence fills the room, impacting your form as my cock doubles in size. The now six-foot length throbs with need as the head gapes around your own in an instant.


My eyes tear up at the lovely fog of musk~! Not from irritation, simply tears of JOY! I huff through my nose over and over! Deep, DEEP breaths that fill my lungs to the max and make my eyes roll back in my head from the sheer ecstasy of it! The effect on my body is immediate as well~! Your musk so dense and personal that my flesh shifts around me to whatever form you most desire for your cock snack!

The wall of heavenly cock flesh before me makes my body shudder and shake in total bliss! Hysterical sounds of joy pouring from my throat! Moans and coos without end, only paused by insane huffs through my nose and gargling noises as I take pre into my mouth! Eyeing the portal to my own, personal cum filled heaven, I absolutely STUFF my ecstasy soaked visage into your urethra! Wriggling my thin shoulders in as well without even a thought of hesitation~!!!


"Ohhhhh, that's a good little snack..." I moan, leaning my back against the bed as you willingly shove yourself inside of me. My cock throbs eagerly, though your shoulders are wide enough that you completely block any passage of precum from leaking out, instead it all drenches and splashes your head as you slip further and further inside. Sweat pours down my face, gliding over my clothes as my cock constricts against your body.

"You're going a bit slow there though Eri. I thought you wanted to encounter the source of my musk. It won't do to keep a divine waiting after all. Do you need some help?"

At that phrase, a clone of myself springs forth from the ground near you, wielding a much smaller foot long erection. She saunters over to your exposed boyhole and plows directly into you, stuffing you further into my shaft


I am completely unaware of the movement of your massive, curvy form, my attention is focused SOLELY on the absolutely heavenly sensation of being within your cock~! The throbs throwing me up in the air ever so gently and allowing me to scoot in further! The potency of your pre and musk getting more and more pure the deeper I go! I moan within you and lick your walls when I can! Rubbing my head against your sensitive insides and burrowing into your fleshy walls~!

"Yes my Goddess PLEASE! I keep getting distracted by all this yummy pre and this hot, humid darkness! I would absolutely love some help with getting shot into your hefty nuts!"

I can feel the anticipation of something happening outside my new home, but right as I think I have an inkling of what it might be I squeal in bliss as my boy pussy is stuffed and stretched! My writhing resulting from it also helping me to get deeper and deeper into your cock~!


My clone continues to drill into you, slamming into your hips with wild abandon, shoving you further into my main cock inches at a time. I huff and moan in pleasure, my breath adding to the overwhelming atmosphere in the room. By this point, the walls are simply dripping with my musk and sweat, my body turning the room into our own personal sauna. The feeling of you giving yourself up for me is heavenly, and my hips buck forward with the strength of a bulldozer, slamming the rest of you down my cock as my clone impacts with the wall behind her. The sound of flesh shifting and morphing once again fills the room as my clone's mass is simply added back into me, completely encasing your body within that damp, hot embrace of my urethra. I watch as you glide down foot after foot of my shaft, headed towards my swelling balls, each now so large they force my legs apart, sloshing against the ground.


There are no words to describe the sheer HEAVEN that surrounds me! My enormous, curvy, jiggling butt is lubed up nice and wet by condensed musk upon the soft cheeks! I can literally FEEL the horny liquid sinking into my butt and making the already sensitive fleshy tingly and even more aroused~! My legs soon automatically fly up and wrap around your clone to pull her harder and deeper into my butt pussy! And when you slam her into the wall they just push off of that to propel me even harder! I absolutely ADORE being gaped while I gape your massive meat stick, this is perfection~!

And then just like that I am all. the. way. IN. There are no words to describe the sheer safety and affection I feel completely surrounded by your shaft! Adoration and worship pours from my body more directly into your own now that you have completely consume me, and I incessantly speak muffled words of praise~! "Oh Dulcinea, my perfect Dulcinea, the greatest Divine for me in the multiverse Dulcinea! You are lust incarnate! Your cock is a heavenly instrument! Every action you take floods my brain with arousal, and every new part of you I get to experience is a blessing!!!" I can HEAR your balls gurgling further down the shaft of your cock! Loud, hot, and wet! I want to be in them NOW!!!


My breathing has become frantic as you continued to writhe and slide your way down my shaft. I lean back against my bed, my cock too heavy to stand all the way up right even as it grows erect - a monstrous 12 feet long, stretching from one end of my room to the other. This tilt is enough for me to feel your body slide further inside me though and before long you plummet headfirst into that musky pool of cum, your relatively small body easily able to completely fit inside. Around you is the churning, musky sea of my cum, your skin is assaulted and completely lathered by the sticky goop and small, compressed atmosphere

A voice calls out to you, again, you hear it as clear as day. "A heavenly instrument? Lust incarnate? Great and perfect? All of those I can be for you and more, you devoted slut... Praise me more, empower me further."

My hand idly strokes my audibly throbbing cock, the length bumping up against the ceiling as I feel your adoration bloom within me. My other hand explores the taut skin of my own package, attempting to find and rub against your body to reward you for your devotion.


In the humid, heated, heavenly darkness of the inside of your cock it feels even BIGGER than 12 feet! I could swear that there is an entire world within these fleshy walls~! Far too much of a blessing for a singular slave like me I almost wish I had others to join me in this sacred temple! The slide feels absolutely amazing on my slim yet curvy body! Just fast enough to stimulate every part of me, and yet just slow enough to savor every second of it! When I am finally dunked in your thick baby batter I stay beneath the surface for a solid thirty seconds! Simply letting your virile wrigglers poke at each and every orifice of my body like it is a pussy, soaking my womb-like skin in the perfect porcelain liquid~!

At last I surface from the pool with a DEEP breath through my nose! Brain reeling at the scent of the freshest musk in all the universe and just in time to hear your request~! "Your body itself is a temple Mistress! You deserve to have legions of followers within the walls of your cock and balls! You are eroticism incarnate! All who gaze upon your form will fall to their knees in utter desperation! There is no sexier entity in all the realms, I praise your very being for simply existing!!!"

And with that I suddenly THROW my body into one of the walls of your nuts~! I know your hand is there because I felt gentle waves over your ocean of cum in the pitch blackness! I wish for nothing other than to fill your palms through the heavenly smooth skin of your sack! This pool of cum is a paradise~!!!


"Ohhhhh fucccck Eri!" The voices around you wail, your last jostle having finally broken my slowly fading resistance. Both your words and your actions fill me with power, though again... nothing quite happens yet except my giddy screams of pleasure. As you slam your body around inside me, waves upon waves of pleasure are sent coursing through my very being. I shake, the building shakes, the very world shakes, though to you, little and less of this is visible.

My hands stroke my massive monolith with ever increasing speed, my fingers digging into the supple yet steel-hard skin. As good as you feel inside me in this way, I yearn to feel your body wrapped around my cock, for you to be stuffed, inflated like a balloon in every way imaginable. These thoughts dance around inside my head as I lose myself amidst the sea of pleasure. I've denied myself this for far too long when interacting with the new slaves, so Eri will get the full force of it...


I return to moan with one of my own~! The thought that this absolutely perfect specimen of a Goddess could be brought to such bliss by me only furthering my devotion and praise! My very essence is devoted to your pleasure! My physical and spiritual selves both doing their best to put you in the throws of ecstasy, assaulting your insides with love and affection!

I feel the ocean of seed around me HEAVE as you masturbate your cock! The waves of cum splashing my face and soaking my hair further submerging me in bliss and making this my own personal heaven! "Please Dulcinea! CUM! Cum for yourself! Cum for me! You deserve more pleasure than even you can possibly fathom!!!"


With or without your encouraging, my orgasm is swiftly approaching, and there is little I could do to stop it. My hands become a blur around the length of my cock, my face contorted and focused on one single goal. My body writhes and wriggles, my legs shift and bend at the knees as I THRUST my hips forward in sync with my hands. Those two watermelon-dwarfing tits of mine jiggle this way and that with every single motion of my body. My breath spills out from my mouth in hot bursts and as my stroking reaches a fever pitch, I feel my massive, beanbag-sized balls contract, that first massive load rushing up and out of my tree-sized cock, splattering against the wall with the force of a fire hydrant. Again and again rope after rope of semen collides with the far wall, spraying my thick sludge all over this facade of a room. And still my orgasm continues...


The waves of cum in your nuts quickly become overpowering, and it is more like I am in a washing machine than a set of balls! I drown in your seed! Downing gallons of it and having it overwhelm every last one of my senses! I lose all control of my limbs, bodily functions, and mind, becoming a total slave to the whims of your jostled, heaving cum tanks! And then suddenly I am shot from them like a fire hose! My body pleasantly SPLATTING against the wall with the ocean of your seed! As My body rolls down the wall with beads of cum, approximately .00001% of the cum surrounding me is my own, having shared in your orgasm within you~! And though my seed is shot, I continue to lovingly be doused in yours~! Opening my mouth and extending my tongue so I can swallow more of the cum currently covering me~


Your vision turns white from the sheer amount of cum spraying forth onto you in a neverending torrent from my behemoth of a cock. The sound, the smell, the taste, all of it deafening and overpowering. Inevitably, my corrupting sperm worms its way into you, through your mouth, your boy pussy, or through your cock. The minutes fly by as the room around us simply crumbles away from my unyielding barrage. Furniture splinters, literal feet of hot, sticky cum stains the floor and still more squeezes under the doorway, flooding the dormitory hallway.

When it all finally dies down, we are, once again, in a different location. You are shackled midair to a floating slab of rock, your wrists and ankles held in place by hardened globs of semen. Your once flat midsection is a bloated mass, easily twice the size of the rest of your body. In front of you, I loom, sitting on a gold and blood red throne while easily four times your size. Ancient marble pillars, each adorned with silver eyes line the sides of this throne room, all of them focused on you. I say nothing; I only look upon you with that same slight smile and closed eyes.


My vision is not the only thing to go white~! My very mindscape blanking in the supreme bliss that is drowning in a torrent of hot, thick, steamy musky CUM~! Small bubbles gurgle through the thick layer of baby batter as it oh so slowly rolls off me, the rest of the room fading away of no importance, as after that wonderful stuffing the only things that will ever matter to me now are you and your cum!

My eyelids gently POP apart, seperating the coagulated cum that has formed over my eyes, additional blinks clearing my vision enough to gaze upon your perfect Goddess form reverently~! I groan softly as my arms instinctively strain against these heavenly cum binds and gently jiggle my enormous, wobbling, cum stuffed gut~! As I look upon you I open my mouth with another wet pop, a half gallon of your thick jizz pouring from my sealed maw~ With my throat cleared I can finally giggle softly, licking my lips of the wet, sticky layer and moaning softly~

"Dulcinea, oh Dulcinea!!! You are so wondrously amazing beyond words! The inside of your beautiful, thick, gurgling nuts was more fantastic than I ever could have dreamed! The way your cock hugged me was more love than I have ever felt in my entire life~! Please, give me more! I will offer my everything! Anything and everything I am and will be is yours to manipulate! Please, bind and turn me to a tool perfect for your service my gorgeous, wonderful Divine!!!"


The puddles and clumps of my cum leaking from your body coalesce on the floor below you, wriggling like a non-Newtonian fluid. The smell of my output wafts towards your nose due to the still hot mound of semen. The remnants of my orgasm that are still stuffed within your body writhe as well, seemingly trying to escape the confines of your flesh.

"Formerly you said I deserved legions of followers. I think I agree." My divine voice calls out from all directions. "But why would I settle for any of them being anything less than the best slut?"

With that proclamation, I curl my index finger, and the mass beneath your form coalesces into a familiar looking body: yours, identical in every way except for your gravid, overstuffed stomach. With another wave of my hand, a red ❌ appears on its neck, and as its eyes open, you feel your consciousness split between your old and new bodies.


Both of my bodies moan loudly at the sensation of being so perfectly split between such an efficient hive mind! And yet, each of us are ever so slightly different~! My bloated form is much more exhausted and content! Panting softly while staring half lidded at my new self! Meanwhile my fresh body stares up at my hoisted, insanely bloated body with a ravenous hunger and lust! Licking its lips before turning to you and bowing~!

"An excellent decision my Goddess~! Truly your wisdom is without end! Please Dulcinea, allow me and myself to entertain and arouse you with this blessing of a gift you have given us~!"

And with that my new body approaches my former one, giggling nefariously~! For some reason my bloated body cannot tell what he is thinking, and it EEPs loudly into his mouth as we lock lips and begin to make out~! Soon though, the eyes of my bloated body roll back in its head, and the cause is clear~! My new body is pushing HARD on my cum stuffed stummy! Rocketing a thick stream of tasty cum out of the mouth of my old body and into my new one~! Sucking it down greedily for his pleasure and your amusement~!


"Mmm. I appreciate your eagerness to please Eri, however. I think you'll be much better suited as a lap toy, that other body of yours is going to be busy soon enough..." My voice croons, before the floor itself grows a pair of hands, grabbing onto your new body and dragging yourself away from your older body until you stand at the foot of my massive form. Up this close to me, you look much smaller, not even able to come up to my knees as I sit there with a grin on my face. Off to your left, my cock gently lays on the ground, so massive that it spills off of the throne and rests on the cold floor below.

I glance at your newer body and pat my lap, inviting you up to climb up my form and rest. With my other hand, I make a squeezing motion with my fist and in response, your stomach constricts, jettisoning out more of my steaming nutsludge, enough for another two bodies. Your midsection has shrunk, slightly, though your original body would still find it difficult to move. with the amount of added mass.


As my fresh flesh is pulled away it lovingly sucks the tongue from the original's mouth, letting it go with a soft, wet pop~! Gazing up at your full splendor from below the jaw of my new form drops in awe, soon sniffing the air loudly and looking to the side to see your thick, heavenly, MUSKY python~! Attracted to your main body once again by the sound of your soft pats, I giggle happily and make my best attempt to climb up your leg and into that soft and inviting lap~!

In the meantime the apparent fleshy factory of your future slaves writhes and moans in utter bliss as he expels more of that heavenly, white, liquid cement! The two newer bodies forming faster than the original as it appears the process is becoming streamlined~! Laying upon the ground all they do is roll and crawl, prostrating themselves before you and giggling softly while their brother manages to flop his small, nude form into your lap~! "How may we serve you our beautiful, powerful, wonderful, wise Goddess Queen Dulcinea~?" They ask in perfect unison~!


I coo slightly as I feel your hot, cum-empowered body cling to my leg and begin working its way up my shapely calf, your limbs tickling my nerves. To feel you struggle against my grand form is delightful, so I simply allow you to continue your journey on your own. I let out a small sigh as your praise reaches my ears, your sweet tone nourishing my form with every syllable.

"I think you two will have your hands full helping your brothers. I wish for you to mold their bodies for me... I wish for them to suckle on my nipples" One of my hands hefts a bowling ball sized breast for emphasis. "Maybe give them longer, forked tongues? I'm sure someone as depraved as you can think of a way to fulfill this simple desire of mine, can't you?"

Again my hand squeezes, and again your main body feels an orgasmic rush as cum jettisons from your ravaged boyhole, eliciting further moans from you in the process.


The sound of your sigh rings through all eight Eri ears present, every last one shuddering gently as four boy clittys experience pleasant orgasms~! Your words make your growing small army of servants nod reverently in agreement! Even the cum drunk slave factory giving a satisfied yes~! The two new clones immediately run in oppose directions! One immediately making out HARD with the original while the other LEAPS into your lap! His brother already there helping him up only for the two to immediately lay in your lap! Writhing in one another's embrace and making out hard~!

It seems like we have once again become lost in the pleasure of our own bodies, but suddenly both embraces separate with a loud wet POP! Each brother pulling the other's tongues out of their mouths, and it quickly becomes clear why there were making out~! One of the brothers in your lap now has a gorgeous, dexterous reptilian tongue~! The forked thing flicking the air tenderly and lovingly caressing the brother who created its face~! Meanwhile, the slave factory body received a bit more... intense treatment~ What emerges from his mouth is a thick, long, purple tentacle! Ribbed and bumpy like a sexy dildo, and so long and fat that there is no way it can be used to speak again~! But the cum stuffed boi only giggles wildly with joy! Flicking around the instrument like mad and oh so happy to see the tentacle can reach his clitty, and even his bussy~!


"Oh you're such a good, creative slave aren't you, both of you come, taste your reward."

My hands grasp for the two new doll-sized slaves in my lap, pulling each of them up to my breasts. My massive form scoots forward in my throne as my godly body now lounges upon it, allowing each of them to rest on the warm, milky expanse of my breasts without fear of falling, so that they may dedicate themselves fully to their purpose in life. The feeling of your small form eagerly attempting to please my own is delightful to the senses as I feel every little feature of both against nipple that match your face in size and girth

I peer over to your main body, writhing in ecstasy from the simple action of my expressing the slightest bit of pleasure. However, I notice that your form is ever so slowly running out of my cum to make further slaves, and that simply won't do. Something hot and hard pushes up against your asshole from the stone that you're strapped to - a replica of my original cock. It seems to have a mind of its own as its prehensile length throbs against you, teasing you with the promise of being stuffed even further. As it rubs up against you, you feel a pleasurable burning below your boyclit as I gift you a new pussy to continue to pump out new slaves for me.


The praise has us all positively BEAMING~! Without a second thought we nuzzle into your grasp and then as soon as possible into the warm, comforting expanse of your bosom! Deciding to first tease your bosom lovingly with these fantastic tongues we have created for you, we each expertly begin to pleasure and stimulate your nipples with these wonderful tasty things~! The reptillian one is of course more careful and intricate~! Hitting your most sensitive bits and dancing around expertly! Meanwhile the thick, purple tentacle is like a sledgehammer~! Simply bouncing away on your thick, juicy, milky nipple! Like a fat, wet, prehensile cock just going to town feeling everything out and lubing it up~!

At the same time the original body is beginning to sober ever so slightly now that it is not as cum-stuffed/ drunk as before, also becoming frustrated with its lack of effeciency~! Four slaves~? You wanted an army! And just as he is about to ask for more he moans in utter bliss as his lower entrance is introuduced to a HEFTY source of that thick, virile baby batter~! And if that were not enough, the tender massage to my crotch opens a TRUE pussy! What an absolute blessing for a breeder like me~! "Thank you my Goddess! PLEASE! Pump every last hole nice and full! Thank you for giving me such a glorious pussy! I will make sure to pray to you every day for it and revel in the wonderful sensation of having the cock sleeve filled!"

And just as he finishes his praise, your two precious booby boys decide it is time~! The reptile starting to playfully insert his tongue within your motherly nipple and feel it out, while the tentacle RAMS in his big purple ribbed tentacle tongue deep within the confines of your nipples~! Rubbing it back and forth like the lovely milky hole is just another pussy to be fucked~!


The sensations of you teasing and penetrating my fat, perky nipples with those two glorious tongues of yours breaks my concentration for a moment, letting my fleshcrafting energy run rampant for just a fraction of a second. But that little moment is all my unconscious mind needs to wreak havoc. My form balloons out in all directions, cracking the chair underneath me with my growing mass. The gold structure bends as my legs grow longer, my hips grow wider, and my cock becomes even more imposing. With a thunderous crash, the heap of metal finally crumples and my still expanding body lands on the floor, shaking the entire hall and causing to fall from he ceiling.

Now nearly twice as tall as I was before, one of your bodies only twice as far off the ground as my ankle, each foot able tom completely squish one of your bodies underneath it with ease. My elephantine package spreads my own powerful legs apart, each of my balls is as big as a house from your point of view. Each of them is matched by my leviathan of a cock, which lazily droops over it. Though it's still flaccid, even the cockhead is thicker around than you are tall.

The cock inside you grows in a surge of unrestrained energy as well, forcing its way deeper and deeper into your body, shoving aside unnecessary things like organs until your main form is little more than a sock wrapped around a cock as long as your entire body and thicker around than your waist. From its head pumps a neverending stream of precum, quickly replenishing any and every bit that you have lost with even more virile gunk


Needless to say, everyone present is absolutely shocked by your change~! If not for their total devotion the two bodies currently mounting your tits might be afraid of heights, and the servant on the ground would be terrified of being crushed to death by your swinging cock~! The breeder cannot feel fear in the slightest~ Vision having long since gone wavy with the sheer amount of cock flesh and seed being forced upon his form~! Becoming a flesh condom means he needs to think like one~! Face twisted in ecstasy and body getting ready to pump out legions of servants~!

The servant on the ground quickly becomes jealous of his far more pregnant brother, eyeing your cock head and having a nefarious idea~! If all he needs is cum to be a breeder, then he is going to the house sized tanks of oceans of the thick baby batter! Starting at a mad dash for your urethra, panting and losing his mind, without a second thought he forces his way into your sensitive tip~! Your far, FAR more enormous cock than before meaning he can LITERALLY swim his way up the titanic shaft! Though it will take far longer than before to reach your balls, there will be so, SO much more cum~!

And it seems like entering your 'temple of flesh' is on the other two's minds as well! With your nipples much, MUCH bigger like this neither can properly stimulate the insides of your beautiful boobs! And they did not even get the chance to taste your glorious milk! Without a second thought, they force more, and more of their tongues in! And then their lips~ And then their face~ And then their whole fucking heads~! With their shoulders ramming away as well wanting into your beautiful squishy boobs, they clearly want at the sweet reserves of milk they can smell deep within you! With this many servants entering your body, you better make your breeder pump out some more~!


My entire body clenches up as I feel three of you lose any and all restraint, shoving their entire bodies into my nipples and cocks. Your squirming, writhing form sends shockwaves of pleasure radiating from my breasts and cock. Yet I need more, and I know that you can give me it. This isn't enough, it barely even scratches the surface. My cock throbs with pleasure, greedily slurping one of your bodies down like a dessert.

The cock buried deep inside your body twitches and pulsates, unleashing a bathtub-filling spurt of cum into your bloated belly. Your body works on overtime for me, to produce more for my pleasure, as cum sprays from your pussy in huge, humanoid globs, stretching your newly grown canal to its absolute limit. As your cum bodies hit the floor, they're already fully formed, and in mere seconds they've solidified into proper clones for you. With each second that passes, your mind fractures anew, another set of sensory organs dedicated to taking in and worshiping my glory. A minute passes, and where once there was only 4 of your, there is now a horde of boysluts... and still more clones are being birthed every second.


It is almost a beautiful sight~! The clones are up and running before their bodies have even finished transforming from your seed! A cacophony of giggles, moans, coos and purrs rises from the wave of submissive boy sluts willing to give their everything to make you happy! And with what they see from their birth, what they share in their minds, it quickly becomes obvious what is their purpose in life~! If you were not a creature of pure lust and desire this may seem disgusting~ Waves of insect sized creatures ravenously crawling up your body! But they are all so dedicated! So pure! So... beautiful, even~? They scream constant words of praise, and nothing can prepare you for what their intent is as they mount and surround your body~

They enter EACH and EVERY hole they possibly can!!! They climb through your cock! They run beneath and around you quite the distance, burying themselves in your ass flesh to get into your pussy and asshole! More and more slip within your nipples, many, MANY climbing within your mouth for your consumption! Hell, they even attempt to enter your ears if you will have them there! There flesh is by you, of you, and now it is FOR you! And that is not even the end of this orgy of praise! Many simply speak loving and worshiping words into their orifice of choice! Others fuck their brethren by the ass into said orifices, using their brothers as massive, meaty strap ons! It is a massive, cataclysmic, twisted orgy, with YOU at the center~! Worshiping you, loving you, praising you, feeding you, pleasuring you! It is all for YOU! Dulcinea~!!!


To feel your tiny form scrambling against mine and your frantic movements across my slick, musky skin is a nirvana of pleasure. This horribly depraved circle of birth and death, of generation and absorption, all of it was for me and for me alone. Your clones melted away as they streamed far enough into my body, adding back to my own growing mass as pleasure wrapped morsels of growth. Every bit of my body convulses and spasms as a neverending stream of boysluts pours into every orifice. I can barely even moan with pleasure as many of your cloned bodies simply jump down my mouth, lubricating themselves with my saliva and sliding down my throat. Foot after foot I swell, with every generous donation of yours, your mind body and soul joining once more with mine.

My cock continues to grow and swell in size, throbbing and vibrating with pleasure, digging a trench in the ground due to its weight as it grows and extends closer and closer to your main body. I can feel dozens of your clones sliding down the massive length, only to end up turning back into cum as they get churned within my swelling sack. It continues to grow until the massive purple cockhead is but inches away from your main body, a gaping cumslit, big enough for you to simply walk inside of. Dollops of pre splurt against your bloated form, covering you in my musky scent and marking your very soul as mine.

"Mmmmh. Eri. Look at how your devotion has changed me, your goddess. Look at how much you've made me grow." My voice rings out from all directions with enough power to shake the very fabric of this dimension. "Are you ready for your true reward? If so, cease your sacrifice and prepare your soul..."


I absolutely adore being liquid flesh~! Getting to experience each and every intimate moment of my individual bodies, while also the feeling of being a sea of servants~! An army to pleasure and feed a Goddess! I can feel the donation of it all~! Getting the faintest glimmer of each lost body adding to your tremendous whole! Your musk does more than flood a room or drench my flesh~ It perforates this very reality! The air itself becomes your scent! Each breath giving the desire to breed and feed the glorious creature of pure power and lust before us! Your words reverberate like a wave down the slaves, hundreds of orgasms occurring simultaneously and stifling our assault on your mouth enough for your words to reach us clearly from it, or is it from our own~? Is it from the air itself~? The folds of reality~? Either way... the sea of horny fem boys, long disjointed and fragmented in their pursuit of pleasure and service, join once more in order to offer a singular, true reply~!


And with that proclamation loud enough to rival even your own, every single last clone falls to their hands and knees, fully prostrating themselves before your power. Regardless of whether or not they are anchored upon or within your flesh, or simply upon the ground. Every last servant enters a silent prayer and focuses their soul for the ultimate form of worship~... Except for one. The original body. Breeder. Source of countless bodies and the sea of flesh~ It is far too lost to do anything so much as speak or prostrate itself~ But even it... even it somehow prepares its soul~ The orb of light is so much denser, fatter, LARGER than any other slave soul! Bloated with your cum and affection! It is the ultimate cheery on top of this glorious offer... all for you~


The ringing of your voices in harmony is the perfect appetizer to the glorious fuckfest that's about to be unleashed upon this realm. Gently, I stand up, allowing your bodies to slide harmlessly off of my perfect skin onto the floor below... all except for one, trapped between my hands. The building groans as I simply stand up through the ceiling. With a flick of my wrist, the rest of the ceiling simply gets blown away. There, bobbing slightly above my head, is my fully erect pole, the head inching past my own by a dozen feet; massive by normal means, but for me it was less than a tenth of my height

Precum drips down the length of my building dwarfing erection, spilling onto your original body, turning the surrounding area into a swamp of cum. Slowly, ever so slowly, I bring one of your bodies up to the head of my cock. My skin is searing hot to the touch, the entire length throbs with enough power to split the earth in two, the sheer contact with my musky flesh sends pheromones spiking through your mind. I let you savor this for a few precious seconds before I open my eyes, their glowing red hue illuminating the skies themselves.

"Just relax, Eri." My voice whispers into your ear from nowhere and everywhere at once, before i pull down on your body, instantly spearing it through completely, going through your ass and out your mouth, my magical energy keeping you fully intact. You're little more than a thin, sentient bit of flesh and organs wrapped around a cock more than twice your height in its girth. Ever so slowly, you travel foot after foot down the length until you've made it to the base of my impossible monolith

"The next slave that makes his way onto my right hand gets to be second..."


We are overjoyed beyond words. Our praise soar to the heavens, they soar to YOU! So beautiful! So powerful! Perfection incarnate! The blessed one to feel your touch directly whimpers and moans uncontrollably in bliss as you take hold of him! But then at your command he goes calm in an instant~ Letting out a relieved sigh and relaxing into your grip~ And then... heaven. There has never been such sensation in my entire life, such that immediately that body is torn from the network of the whole~! His pleasure is just so... so IMMENSE! There is an indescribable feeling to being a flesh sleeve stretched to the maximum of your capabilities~! As it settles at your crotch your flesh condom rejoices~!!!

That next offer though, makes things a little chaotic~ Immediately waves upon waves of your remaining servants flood up your body like a plague of locusts~! They would never harm one another, since we are all one and the same, but each body desires to be next, and therefore we will wrestle and climb and push and squirm until we get there! At last one, lucky, desperate body squirts into your hand like the toothpaste from a tube! Laying upon his back spread eagle in your palm and looking to you desperately!


"Good. Good..." My voice wavers slightly as I feel your body desperately try and constrict against the gargantuan dick stretching you out. I flex my cock slightly and it stretches you by multiple feet in each direction. But, despite your body only being made of flesh, my will keeps you held together and sane, or well, as sane as you could possibly be as a literal broken condom wrapped against my impossibly powerful cock.

With the next body in hand, I repeat the process, slightly faster this time, until your two bodies are touching, both trapped in an eternity of pleasure. Again and again I repeat the process, slowly picking up speed as I feel my heartbeat begin racing. Each of your bodies can feel the overwhelming heat traveling up the person-sized veins on my cock. The musk tears into your nostrils and precum is spread all over your bodies as I lovingly stroke my cock and your flesh inbetween spearing each of your clones onto my spire of masculinity

The process repeats again and again and again, severing the link between your bodies with a tsunami of pleasure until there is only one body left... your original body. My body shivers as I kneel down to pluck you off of that comparatively tiny 10 foot long cock. Pinched between two of my fingers, I bring you up to eye level.

"Well, are you ready, dear Eri?"


The flesh sleeve formerly known as Eri absolutely resonates pure, unadulterated pleasure, joy, and worship for the pillar of flesh that is its entire world~! And all of that emotion POURS into both the physical and spiritual worship of your cock~! Your cock is literally penetrating its soul~ The entire focus of its existence now solely dedicated to surrounding your cock and lovingly massaging and masturbating it, so... so... SO amazing~!

And this small piece of heaven on a shaft of seemingly infinite length is repeated over and over~ Each soul penetrated~ Each existence transformed into pleasure and onahole flesh~ Each has its own little piece of heaven! A particularly thick vein~ A more potent bit of musk~ A dried spot of cum~ A patch of flesh hotter than ever possible~ The part that throbs harder than any other~ Literally your cock is heaven for an ocean of my 'former' bodies~

And now you are at... me~ The real me~ The original me~ The me who has been blessed with more pleasure than any other, offered the ultimate heaven on the ultimate bit of cock! My body and mind are nearly comatose, but as I stare deep into your face... into your eyes of pure crimson... only one word comes to mind~ "YES!!!"


"Mmm... Well. As a treat for being such a dedicated little toy, how about I really make this a fucking you never forget?"

And, as effortlessly as saying it, a second pillar of flesh erupts from above the original, though this one isn't studded with copies of your body. It bobs and drips with need, squishing your bodies between the two enormous cocks. I pull you in, planting a kiss that nearly envelops your entire body in my saliva.

This time, without even physically moving you, you simply float over to the two eager cockheads, the realm and physics itself bending to my will now. The sound of my cock throbbing beneath you sends literal shockwaves through your body. I let you float there, facing forward away from my visage, unable to turn your body or move at all, marinating in your own anticipation of being fucked for a few more delicious moments before you're sent hurtling downwards, becoming absolutely impaled upon both of my dozen foot wide cockheads.


Your words are not even words to me anymore, just sensations~ And they feel GOOD! You are proud of me~! You are thankful to me! The literal most perfect Goddess in all the world is thanking ME! And my brain nearly shatters as the musk of the room doubles~ The volume and length of cock flesh doubles~ The amount of sheer horniness in my body DOUBLES!

Your kiss is both kiss and hug, and I adore every second of it~ Squirming gently between your lips, moaning and cooing almost mindlessly~! Floating is actually perfect~ The lack of sensation just what I need in this moment to collect my thoughts for the coming nirvana~ I giggle happily, moaning and cooing as my cum distorted body shifts and writhes with the sensation of regaining myself~ I truly am marinating! Soaking in my thoughts, feelings, and sensations as I sober just enough that I will understand this... this... THIS... FUUUUUUUUCK~!!!


In the first moment with you wrapped around both of my cocks, a glob of precum is blasted into you that makes your previous bloated form look absolutely minuscule in comparison. Every nook and cranny of your entire body is filled with my mind invading, soul warping precum. The heat of my cock makes you sweat and salivate like nothing else ever has.

And as I pull you over the edge of my cockhead, you come into contact with the first of your bodies-turned-condoms, now stuffed inside your womb, though you'd hardly manage to feel it, considering how thinly stretched said clones had become. Foot after foot of my cock, clone after clone is shoved into your waiting holes. Halfway down and I grin, flexing my cock to get your attention once more in a surge of endorphins. Your midsection already dwarfs my entire torso and I haven't even started cumming yet...


I never could have imagined that you were capable of such! That I am capable of such! That ANYTHING is capable of this! The noises I am making are not even human anymore, which makes sense because I am certainly not one myself looking like this! I am simply a garment! A tool! A part of you as much as a finger or toe! And I absolutely REVEL in it!!! There is no servant in all the realms who is closer to their Goddess than ME!!!

And then suddenly an animalistic squeal/ scream/ moan pours from my gaped body as you stuff me with my clone!!! I never could have imagined you would go this fucking far!!! I thought I would just get the tip, I mean TIPS and that would be it! I never wanted to have the fucking legions of bodies I made for you put back in! I cannot even connect with them anymore with their mines shattered in bliss like this!!!... So fucking big... so much fucking pleasure... cock cock cock.... my Goddess Dulciena... cum... cum... CUM**


With my twin cocks halfway inside you, I decide that we've been going far, far too slow, so in the next second I thrust, my hands wrapped around the edges of your body, pulling you all the way down, hilting you completely inside me. If you could look downwards and even process sensory input at this point, you would see a terrifying sight - my overstuffed sacks of cum, now spread out on the floor below us and behind me like a giant fleshy beanbag. Your tiny legs squirm and flail against the endless expanse of of my cumfactories, an ocean's worth of cum churning and rumbling, just ready and aching to fill you past the brim of stuffing, to turn you into a massive cumbaloon, filled with my love.


That is an understatement. If all that hot, steaming, musky, thick, sticky, virile tart is pumped into my apparently impossible to pop body I will not just become a massive balloon, I will become a god damn planet of your seed! The funny thing is, some people would assume I am flailing my useless, miniscule legs for some kind of despair, worry or terror! As if~!!! I am only doing it to make sure this is fucking REAL~! I have absolutely zero control over my body or face! My expression twisted in agonizing anticipation of ecstasy, my impotent little slave cock constantly spraying my worthless seed! My smooth, stretched flesh of near infinite surface area quivering as blasts of pre bounce off my insides, making me purr and moan! I WILL DO IT! I will take ALL of your love! I want everything you have to offer Dulcinea! PLEASE! GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE ALREADY!!!


"You've done well Eri, lasting this long..."

I do not need to read your mind to know what you want. I do not need to hear you scream it to know either, every cell of your entire little body is screaming out in orgasmic agony, just pleading for my apocalyptic release, even though you're already stuffed with enough pre to fill the old building we were fucking in. And so, faster than you could possibly have ever imagined, I pull my hips backwards, pulling you to the tip of my impossibly girthy cocks, the mushroom head stretching out both your pussy and your ruined asshole, acting like a stopper to prevent your skintight condom body from being pulled off the end. In the next second I thrust you all the way back down, slapping against my crotch with enough force to obliterate a planet, though through my power you are kept hale and whole, still needing to serve as a receptacle for my planet-flooding orgasm. Again and again I thrust, sometimes impossibly fast, sometimes agonizingly slow, but I never stop. The minutes melt away into hours, the only sounds in this musky hellscape of a realm are that of my hips slamming into your sloshing form over and over again. My eyes close and I concentrate, letting a worldshattering storm of power gather within me into a single infinitesimally small point until finally... finally my eyes whip open accompanied by the searing red light of my vision. I scream, and in that instant, that small point in my minds eye shatters, releasing an unstoppable torrent of semen into you.

My cocks buck, slamming into my own chest with enough force to level a planet as the first rope of semen enters your body with the force of a hurricane. Immeasurable gallons per second, entire seas of spunk are dumped into you, and still the flow does not stop or slow at all. My body is nigh catatonic as I squeeze both you and my cocks into my chest as this fountain of unending pleasure streams from me into you. And after a few minutes pass the flow finally slows in intensity... only to pick right back up again - that was simply the first rope of this mind-boggling orgasm. There was still much much more to come...


Thank... well.. you, my Goddess, for your final words of praise before the absolute destruction of this world~ Your will is so deeply in tune with what I desire, what I am, what I have planned, it is like I am not even Eri anymore. I am Dulcinea's cock sleeve first and foremost, and that makes it possible to survive this planetary fucking sensation! Your movement does not even feel REAL. One moment I am containing every last inch of your divine cock flesh, the next your heavenly head is yanking at my somehow still tight and springy pussy and asshole! Then again, what kind of cock sleeve would I be if I got gaped! I am going to make you feel fucking AMAZING even if it dulls my soul for the rest of eternity~!!! Slap, Slap, Slap, SLAP! The smacking of my enormous, pre-stuffed pillowy body against your infinitely powerful and yet somehow wonderfully soft and comforting crotch is enough sensation to last a million lifetimes~! Tears of pure joy running down my infinitely small face relative to the rest of me along with a steady stream of drool and leaking pre~! Time means nothing in the face of your pleasure, and your pleasure is my pleasure! So I simply savor every passing moment of this infinite coma of ecstasy! The boundaries of what I thought my flesh could be being pushed every single millisecond~ So much wonderful wetness~ So many amazing, infinitely unique and powerful scents I am blessed to experience! But something is building. YOU are building! The contained oceans beneath me are writhing and I can tell they will soon spill over! My soul finds peace mere moments before you cum... And then a fucking cataclysmic rope of the thickest, most molten, steamy, virile wriggling, sticky potent marking cum is laid across my insides! My eyes rolling back in my head over and over as my body tries to process this sensation! As you embrace both your cocks and I, cock sleeve, I simply dig in for the further sensation! There is so, SO much left to take~!!!


How much time had passed? Hours? Days? Months? I had stopped bothering to keep track of that much like I had stopped trying to count the dozens of ropes of cum in my first orgasm, or any of the subsequent uncountable number of orgasms I had after that. This realm had been stuffed to the brim. I was now resting atop your body, despite my height being nearly twenty times your own, simply due to the fact that your cum stuffed form had grown under and around everything else that existed nearby. All that I could see infront of me was an endless expanse of your taut white flesh, and the rippling of my still continuing orgasm causing literal ripples in your body. Every thrust into you was not only surrounded by your impossibly tight holes, but the literal planetary amount of semen warming your insides. I lost myself again in the pleasure as another orgasm began...

Finally, I could feel my orgasm waning, my entire body shrinking as my apocalyptic release finally came to a sputtering end. My balls had shrunk again, as had my cock, your clone bodies now floating around in that endless expanse of white cum inside you. And still you stayed perfectly sealed around me, not letting a single drop spill out. In the end, I simply laid there, exhausted, my old regular 5'6" form hugging your chest, my single cock resting between your cheeks, while I gave you a small, loving kiss on the cheek, before sleep stole the both of us away