Thrill of the Hunt

Synopsis: Tribal, hyperhung dragon hunts down some adorable prey.
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Venera stood in a small clearing, smiling around the lightly smoldering pipe in her maw. Today, the fearsome dragon carried no bow, no arrows. As a matter of fact, she didn't bother carrying anything at all, beyond her pipe. Her bare scales shined with the jungle's humidity, oil and sweat gleaming on each mottled emerald plate. Even the softest parts of her skin were protected by tiny scales, and even they gleamed like polished bronze. Quite a contrast to the dirty bark and rusted hulks around her, and one that made her nudity very apparent. Her breasts stood bare and proud, each as wide around as her sharp, reptilian head was long. Of course, they were practically laughable compared to what hung between her legs. Each of the huntresses's testicles drooped almost to the ground, the gurgling orbs almost perfectly spherical despite their immense weight, despite the sea of superheated sperm roiling within them. A haze of smoke and pheromones curled around her, steaming up the air with her herbs and her own impossibly potent scent.
Two of her many hands lazily stroked at a cock as wide as her entire body, a monstrosity of green that jutted forth from her like an obscene spike. At least as long as she was tall, and already drooling with precum as she worked herself over. Two more rubbed at that sloshing, gurgling sack. With her happy little sighs and her obviously imminent orgasm, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was trying to empty out that gigantic load of cum.
You would be wrong.
With a huff and a muffled shout, Venera tensed, her entire body shivering as a single massive load of sperm worked its way up from her manhood, rippling up her cumslit before emerging as a single powerful blast, gallons of cum shooting out of that impossible dick. The thick, steaming white virility arched through the air and splattered itself on a nearby tree- and immediately sizzled and crackled, the sperm eating straight through metal-bearing wood like paper. Within a moment, the tree shuddered, then split, crashing down in a heap of lumber and corrosive white tar. Tar that churned and roiled and devoured, steaming and sizzling as it reproduced and consumed. A massive cloud of steam rose from the impact, pheromones wafted up by the bubbling, boiling concoction, a potent brew of mind-bending musk carried aloft on the wind to her unsuspecting prey.
All she had to do now, she mused as she leaned back and let out a breath, watching the tar continue to churn and bubble and spew out white, hypnotic smoke for as long as the sperm remained alive outside of her body, was to wait for her prey to smell the bait.

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson wiped the sweat from his brow as he continued to trudge along, once more regretting his earlier mistake in wandering from the path as he comes to terms with the fact that he's now hopelessly lost. Pausing to take another swig from his worryingly close to empty canteen, the young man's left wondering at his own foolishness in how ill prepared he was when he set out on this expedition, after all who thinks it's a good idea to travel in a robe in this environment? Taking the moment to catch his breath he mutters a small prayer of thanks for the shade, otherwise he'd be even more miserable given how easily his soft, pale features tend to burn, even as it is he's already starting to get a bit of a tan….pretty much everywhere he idly notes, having ultimately decided to forge all but the necessities when it comes to clothing miles ago, leaving him in little more than boots and a short set of trousers, leaving his soft, lean body on display. And though he may be on the small side, there's just the barest hint of elven ancestry to his features, enough to grant the boy a degree of litheness in his the barest hint of muscles even if it goes hand in hand with with a bit of androgyny, making it a bit hard to distinguish his gender at first glance. The mop of long red hair doesn't really help in that matter, despite how much he's been told he might look a bit more boyish if he just trimmed a few inches off.
Doing his best to strain the sweat from said locks, he tries to think over what he should do. Eventually settling on the idea that if he as least keeps traveling to the west he'll hit the river, and hopefully a settlement down stream, Alard heads off once again, and despite his best efforts to maintain his course, letting his mind, and eventually path wander as he takes in the myriad of sounds and scents that fill this jungle Eventually he comes to realize he's gotten turned around, stopping to get his bearings when he realizes he can almost taste something on the air, something good, something away from the river, something he's headed right to. He suddenly pauses, the realization that he had been traveling in the direction of this …delightful scent for a while now. He should turn back to the river but…'What's one more slight detour?' He thinks as he continues through the bush on his current path, as the oddly musky smell gets stronger and stronger

Alard Droverson Onward Alard goes, what he tells himself is just a passing fancy starts to turn into an obsession as the growing potency of the scent pulls him forward despite his exhaustion. Dashing across the forest floor, slowing only to ensure he doesn't trip over the occasional root the young man hurries along, all thoughts of the river and civilization are forgotten in the face of this interesting smell. Pushing branches and leaves aside he slows to a stop when he comes to a bubbling, gurgling pool of some thick, viscous slime. Cautiously he approaches it, casting only the barest glace to check his surroundings he strides forth, something about the pool grabbing his full attention as the thick, heavy air this close that delightful smell leaves his mind buzzing. Step by step the scent grows stronger, and to his glee he realizes this is the source as he breaths deeply of the intoxicating, heady, wonderful~ scent and rushes forward with substantially less caution.
Kneeling down on his hands and knees at the edge of the pond Alard gazes into it, watching the way it almost seems to ripple and writhe as steam rises from it, thick enough with the scent he can practically taste it, leaving a slightly acidic tang tingling across his tongue. Before he knows it he's face is inching closer and closer, "Just a taste couldn't hurt" he tells himself, ignoring the small part of him that's hoping it isn't poisonous in the last few seconds before his tongue reaches the surface

It burns his tongue, hot and stinging and painful. It's nowhere near as potent as it was when Venera spilled it out, but it slowly eats away at him all the same. And yet it's wonderful, ecstasy shooting through his body like lightning as he tastes the living tar. The sensations that dance through his mind while the biohazard wriggles against his flesh are as good as sex, if not better. And that was just from a taste!~ There's more than enough of the sludge here for him to drown himself and dissolve himself in!
Given the extreme reaction, it's understandable that Venera feels comfortable padding closer, her steps remarkably quiet despite her height and absurd endowments, bringing the alluring stench of her voracious cumtanks closer still as she watches him dig into his delicious demise with a smile on her face…

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson doesn't even flinch as he laps up the slime, too enamored with the taste and the way it burns so good as it soaks into his body, setting every sense alight and elevating them to ecstatic levels. Alard had never dreamed something could feel so good! Each drop leaves the boy wanting more and more, the small bits of himself liquefied in the process only noticeable to Alard given how they improve the flavor as he loses them to the goop, leaving him completely uncaring even as it scalds his throat with each gulp, settles in his belly like a hot coal, and seems to spread out from there, slowly seeping out into the rest of his insides as he does his best to drink his fill and then some.
The boy is contemplating throwing himself in the pool between mouthfuls when something from behind him manages to catch his attention, perking up at the sound he quickly scoops up several mouthfuls leaving his hands red and raw in the process before he turns to yell at whoever it is to get their own before the sight, or rather the scent before him leaves the words frozen in his throat.
How could he have missed this he wonders as he looks up in awe, that long, massive member and more importantly, that whiff of the far, far more potent cum leaking out from it's slit. Pulling his eyes away from it he looks upwards at the owner, he manages to croak out something that might be a "Hi", his ravaged tongue and throat leaving him barely able to speak

Venera simply smiles, raising one finger of many to her lips. "Shhh," she purrs, every other finger beckoning him towards the wide, gaping maw of her immense, hungry cock. It's staring him in the face, shuddering like a massive throat, drooling steaming-hot sperm as he watches. The dragon's smile turns into a grin as she stands there, steps a bit closer, then a bit closer still, her cock even bigger now, yawning wider, balls churning and gurgling with need, with pools of the sperm he's already addicted to.
"There's more where that came from~" she half-lilts, half-rumbles, holding that pulsating maw even wider open with two different hands as she keeps on beckoning to her oh-so-enchanted prey~

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson barely hears a word she says, 'More' was all she needed to get his attention. And with her leaking, throbbing cock offering a tantalizing hint to where he can find some, she likely didn't even need that. For but a moment he gazes down into the warm, pulsating maw of her dick, each little ripple of it's throat enticing him to just dive down there and damn the consequences. Still, the boy had some presence of mind to at least see how it measures up and so leaning forward, he runs the remains of his tongue across her head, following the trail of a single drop of her cum.
All thoughts are washed away from Alard's mind under a tidal wave of pleasure, with a single drop of her fresh seed, this dragon lady made the entire puddle seems stale and watered down. EVERYTHING about it was better, the smell, the taste, the heavenly burn as his tongue melted in his mouth, nothing compares, nothing will compare, and with a look of absolute wonder and gratitude on his face Alard sends one last glance her way before he presses his face into the slit, feeling her seed sizzle against his hair and skin as he slides his head in

Venera moans in delight as Alard dives face first into her dick, the pillar of hungry meat already closing down around his neck and gulping as it tries to swallow him whole. Venera, of course, helps, pushing forward to swallow up as much as she could, as quickly as she could. After all, it would be a shame if he melted before she got him inside~

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson quickly disappears down the slit, it's owner feeding him to it as quickly as it can gulp him down and soon the last bit of Alard disappears from the outside world, leaving the boy squirming and writhing in an inferno of ecstasy as each ripple pulls him further and further down. Despite how much he finds himself wanting to lick the walls clean on his way down, Alard can feel himself softening up as he slides down, and in a maniacal desperation he begins to wriggle and pull himself along, desperate to reach his boiling, churning destination before his body fails him, knowing, just knowing he'll soon become just more cum, more seed churning away within her and that if he every hopes to taste the ultimate prize, the purest seed available to her, he must reach her gurgling sack before he succumbs.

Venera certainly doesn't plan to hinder his journey. Quite the opposite, in fact! With every one of her myriad hands, the dragonness hefts her cock and lifts it up, sighing and groaning as Alard slips further down that slick, cum-slathered shaft. She gulps and pushes him down, feeling him soften as he gets closer and closer to the core. "Mmmh…" she moans- she's practically jerking herself off, so it's no wonder that her balls are all roiled up, swelling with new, fresh sperm that's positively dying to be let loose. Either outside or in Alard's flesh. "Gooooood m-meal~"

Alard Droverson
Alard Droverson with gravity's aid the little cocksnack finds himself accelerating as he races down to his prize, Venera's excitement fueling his frenzy as her hot, wet flesh squeezes and kneads his body in time with each stroke of her cock. Soon the boy is practically flowing down her shaft, already half dissolved and no longer able to push himself forward anymore, his own momentum is able to do the rest, and with a muffled cry of victory in time with hers, perhaps the last sound he'll make, he finally reaches his goal, splashing down into Venera's boiling, churning, hungry mass of cum and soaking in the white hot burning pleasure that now surrounds him

Venera hisses in victory as he sinks into a pool of churning, devouring cum. Barely holding himself together already, he's easy prey for a trillion trillion ravenous sperm to tear into and devour. And they do, with relish. Venera, of course, feels every moment of it.
Alard, on the other hand, probably wouldn't even notice being cummed out. Not that the dragon has any intent of wasting him right now~