A warm welcome

Synopsis: Astolfo has found a new place to visit, and seemingly some people already can't keep their hands off the femboi godstud. What happens when they have some fun?
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Overpowered Astolfo

An entire planet, built upon the energy Astolfo got from the multiple timelines he destroyed, every dimension fucked bringing new sluts for this massive planet. The mass scale of the planet would make even the sun look small as trillions upon trillions of females live across the planet. The proportion of the population being 1 billion females for each male. The entire population of the planet has one wish in common: be fucked by the god-stud. Though a few males enjoy having their own harem on the planet, even they know quite well they are just secondary to the true addiction of every being on the planet.

in the capital the godstud lives on his throne, having free reign to choose any partner he chooses, not only from the planet but from any dimension and time he so chooses.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

In a flash, Mammon appears, her eyes glancing around from side to side. For a divine to rip her away like this with little notice didn't bode well. She stands in front of a massively ornate building, more resplendent than any palace she had seen before. A sweet scent fills the air, something about it seemed ... familiar. The succubus opens the door, walking into the palace, still unsure of where she was, or who she was about to meet.

"Hello?" she calls out.

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo for his own side was relaxing for now, the room was big, the sides of the throne room were lined with what seemed to be... Servants? Not just servants... it was lined with a bunch of older versions of Artorias and Jeannes, they all have big breasts and wear maid outfits. Astolfo was relaxing on the throne room wearing what amounts to his classic outfit, except for a small crown on top of his head, that seemed to defy gravity to stay there no matter what... when the succubus entered he pulled his attention away from his Nintendo Switch for a bit...

"Oh you got brought here somehow? Are you from that new place I found?"

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

The person lounging about infront of Mammon was nothing like what she expected. He seemed a bit frail, for the most part, slight of build and easily an entire foot shorter than him. The women surrounding his throne didn't seem to pay any attention to the new guest, it was as if she wasn't even there to begin with. A small voice at the back of her head screamed for her to open her damn eyes, but whether she ignored it or if she simply couldn't hear it, no one would be able to tell.

"Um. Yes. I am Mammon, a succubus." She replied bowing at the knees, forming a 90 degree angle. "Normally I attend various divinities in the realm between realms. How should I refer to you... um... sir?"

Overpowered Astolfo

"I see, how did you get here though? Were you pulled here or did you come here willingly? I don't remember calling in for anyone, I just found your realm when I was perusing through the gallery earlier."

He resumed his attention to his Nintendo Switch, playing some Disgaea while not caring much about the succubus in the middle of the room. Yet the scent of his presence was there, a calm scent that seems to worm itself into the brain, so entirely filled with pheromones to the very brim.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

He seemed reticent to mention his name. Mammon decided not to ask again, his casual attitude was more frightening to her than someone outwardly aggressive.

"Well. I... do not know, to be honest. Normally I can reach any being connected within the realms. But it's almost always a conscious decision of mine. I do have an affinity for um. Certain individuals. Maybe it was your presence being connected that drew me here?" She explained, staring up at the boy playing on his device.

Her eyes once again glanced around the room. She noticed her pulse increasing, that same sickly sweet stench getting stronger and stronger. Slowly her feet shuffled forward until she was only a few feet away from the throne where this apparent divinity lounged

Overpowered Astolfo

Finally pushed his switch to the side, letting it fall on the table beside his chair while he looked the Succubus up and down, he rested his hand on his chin for a bit, while slowly positioning himself on a more usual position onto his throne, looking straight at her.

"I see I see, so you felt me show up and then you were here, that's cute. Real cute I must say. You are coming closer and closer to my throne, there is something you want isn't there? You can't refuse it can you?"

The tone was playful and yet he was smug, he could feel even through his own scent, the scent of a female in heat. He playfully spreads his legs in front of her, and just casually tugs on his bulge.

"I bet you are dying to know why I am so powerful aren't you? You are curious how a small cute boy like me has this entire realm... well you already know a bit right? You know that it has to do with the thick fucking snake bulging my pants don't you, slut? Why don't you kneel like a good breeding bitch between my cute legs and I give you a closer look?"

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon had hardly even noticed that she was walking forward until he spoke to her again, his voice cutting through any extraneous thoughts with a deft swing. The way he was speaking, his voice, all of it rattled around in her mind, her vision growing blurry, her knees wobbling outside of her control. She needed to hold on, to maintain some dignity. She was a cleric after all... but if a divine was asking her to do this... then was there anything so wrong as indulging in this fire burning up within her core?

Her eyes traced his arms down to his bulge and she subconsiously licked her lips, letting a whiff of his overwhelming musk coat the inside of her mouth. She felt drool pooling up in her mouth and swallowed, attempting to hide her ever mounting arousal.

She nodded at his questions, again and again, faster and faster, to each and every one of them. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

Without a further word, she walked up to and knelt at his throne, between his soft legs, placing her hands set on her thighs. Her face rests mere inches away from his bulge, but she does not act without permission.

Overpowered Astolfo

By now even through the special pants that Astolfo wears, the scent would be all that the senses of Mammon would receive, an otherworldly barrage so intense that it would begin to cause synesthesia, images and visions of Astolfo's fucking going through Mammon's brain by nothing but the heat, the sound and the thick scent of that fat bulge so close to her face. His hand grabbed onto her hair playfully playing with her hair while slowly but surely pulling her in till she was rubbing face first into that thick fat bulge, the overwhelming heat passing through her skin and touching her very soul.

"Well, don't worry about coming back, I will make sure to send a copy of you back so your duties aren't blocked too much by the fact you are never leaving this palace again."

His hand slowly pulled down his pants, letting the thick musk be unshackled from his limiting pants, instantly every female on the room ovulated, every single one of the servants to the side moaning as some of them fall to the ground to the overwhelming brain melting musk of his fat cock. And then that thick beast slams on her face, finally freed from it's confines that thick foot of cock flops out on her face. It doesn't matter how strong she is, as that cock falls on her face she is just like any mortal weakling as that cock feels like it weights it's mass in fucking pure iron, it pushes her down and paints her in it's sweat as his hand pushes her down towards his fat rumbling nuts.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon blinked as visions began to swim through her head. Visions of being fucked in every hole, filled to the brim with cum. Her lips wrapped around an otherworldy cock as it tore through her insides, forming her innards into a perfect fuckable sleeve of flesh. She didn't process anything he said, not even as his touch messed about her dark purple hair. His words filled her ears, but the only thing she physically noticed was the immense, searing, cataclysmic heat radiating off of his crotch. Mammon's cheek felt like it was being seared away from the barest of touches, though instead of pain, she only felt wave after wave of pleasure shoot through her body. She needed more. And she would receive it.

As Astolfo's cock slapped against her face, Mammons thighs clenched as unyielding pleasure flooded her groin. Her own cock was instantly erect at the sheer amount of pheromones bubbling inside her system. Wet, sticky femcum spilled from her groin as her head made contact with the throne of solid gold that the unfathomably endowed boy sat upon. It drooped over her face, heavier and thicker than a cock of that size should ever be. She had no time to react, however, her lips and face instantly force into his heaving, boiling nutsack.

She couldn't take it anymore.

Her mouth and body lunged forward, rubbing her face in his sweaty, musky skin. She sucked at the fat pair of nuts, nibbled at them with her teeth, ran her forked tongue over as much of it as she could, that salty, sweet liquid pouring down her throat like the sweetest beverage in this dimension or any other.

"M-more!" she managed to moan.

Overpowered Astolfo

As he began to get horny the sound of those fat heavy factories of seed beginning to turn on were impossible to ignore, they began to slosh and gurgle with production of that thick boiling nut inside, the thick sweat covering his cock and balls and by consequence painting Mammon's face. She would never stop smelling like his crotch, this would permanently be entrenched into her brain, body and soul.

"You asked me how you should refer to me earlier, today I am feeling like 'Godstud'. Why don't you sing that name for me a bit between each lick of my nuts you little cleric whore?"

His hand held her deeply against those fat nuts, emitting heat like a furnace, sending more and more synesthesia through her brain, her senses being raped to ridiculous levels... every second she breathes in his godly musk, bathes in his thick heat, and drinks on his heavy sweat, her senses are assaulted, she feels touches that aren't there, she feels that cock invading her ass, thousands of years of addiction, thousands of years of being raped by the femboy godstud before that cock goes anywhere inside her body.

"Sing my title for me, and lather my balls in your saliva, when you feel like my balls are properly painted in your attention, or to be more precise, when you can't hold yourself anymore and you feel that pussy of yours begging for my cock, you can beg me nicely for me to fill you with my offspring."

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

The oceans of seed near Mammon's head churned and rumbled with enough power to grind a mountain to dust. Thick streams of his sweat, made from the sheer amount of energy stored within his godly being, soaked into Mammon's purple skin as if she was made from a sponge. It drizzled down her body, spilling over her breasts and form. Even this made her shudder in delight.

His instruction on how to address him rewired itself into the circuitry of her brain. Godstud. Godstud. Godstud. Why remember any other word except that one? What else was important? She wouldn't get much time to ponder this as she felt her very soul, her immortal essence get penetrated by the Godstud's power. Seconds turned into days turned years turned into millennia of being brutally fucked and ravaged in each and every hole by the Godstud.

"G-godstud!" she moaned as both of her hands grabbed at his right nut.

Between every lick, every mouthful, she repeated the first half of the title: "God". Then, on the second paired lick, she said the second half "Stud". No matter how fast or how slowly she worked at it, she repeated this pattern until saying it became as natural as breathing for her. Minutes passed by of her worship of his fat sack, and she was about to beg to be fucked, when she realized she made a grievous mistake. She hadn't coated the underside of his nuts in her saliva - how could she be so stupid? Immediately, and with much effort, she gripped his slippery, steaming, churning balls and attempted to lift them up, flipping her body around so that she could slurp away like a whore at the sweatiest, muskiest parts of his balls. Her muffled voice could still be heard chanting his title, her hips bucking in the air as her own cock stood at attention, painfully erect.

Overpowered Astolfo

Truly she wasn't here for even 5 minutes yet, this was just the nature of having your being raped by this overwhelming godly presence, but of course, for someone down there, licking his sweat, breathing in his musk, it didn't matter. The highest of gods and the lowest of slaves are equals under the cock of the femboy godstud. He just waited patiently, with his arms crossed he looked down at her, just enjoying the show he was given.

While this all went down, most of the maids to the side of the room masturbated to the scene, jealous of Mammon for being allowed so easily to worship the godstud. Astolfo watched as Mammon's body was adapted, the mere contact with his pheromones forcing her body to become closer to his taste, her breasts grew a bit bigger, but her cock was quickly vanishing, as her length was absorbed and given to make Astolfo's cock bigger. He watched as his cock became harder and harder, powerful veins forming through the surface, his balls growing heavier and heavier, their size becoming more and more overwhelming, now each much bigger than Mammon's head, sloshing with production.

One of the maids to the side of the room passed out after seeing the size of the godstud's cock, and the overwhelming scent now that Astolfo was fully horny, the pheromones were now in full force and the entire room... no the entire planet knew... the entire planet could feel the concentration of god musk increasing more and more as the entire planet celebrates with an all out orgy. A planet wide orgy in homage to the godstud preparing to use a new slut. By now the musk was quietly but surely deleting Mammon's brain, memories and knowledge being deleted as they were useless now.

"Waiting for you Mammon, I have a lot of time, and you will spend a LONG time here."

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon felt the pheromones working against her body, previously she would have cried out at this, the loss of her cock, a prized and wonderful addition to her body. But now, the fact that all that she had was stolen only to be added to the Godstud's already insurmountable package, it was a praise of the highest degree for this broken succubus. The weight pushing down upon her head grew with each little bit of mass that the Godstud stole from her. If the Godstud had wished it, her head would not survive the immense mass placed upon it - nothing would, nothing could compare or even come in contact with the Godstud's package without the Godstud's explicit permission, for they contained so much mass and power that no being, mortal or god could handle its full strength without simply being erased from this and every existence. It was only through the Godstud's grace that lowly sluts were allowed to be fucked by the Godstud's cock and filled with sperm from the Godstud's balls.

Her hips bucked uselessly into the air, her now fat, torso dwarfing tits jiggling this way and that with every thrash and movement from her body as her hands and mouth continued to worship at the Godstud's altar. Minutes pass by, until finally she pulled herself out from underneath the Godstud, only to instantly lunge forward, a begging brainwashed mess.

"Oh please Godstud! Please! Fuck me! Breed me! Fill me! Stuff me so full of your fucking seed! Tear away my insides!" she panted, her mouth moving about as fast as her brain could handle.

Her tits spilled into the Godstud's lap, her arms wrapped around the Godstud's cock, her mouth kissed and licked away at the vein-gnarled length, idly bobbing in the air with enough power to destroy infinite realities.

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo stood up, pushing Mammon to the side, before positioning her onto the throne, aiming her ass back, giving an slap to her ass that resonated through out the city. Now that he was horny, the musk around his body and the steam of it all acted almost like an aura, it wafted off his body like his entire body was hot, sending that thick steam into the air, a smog of pure overwhelming orgasmic delight. More and more of the maids around the throne room begin to go into comas of pleasure, their faces contorted into ahegaos as they fall to the ground inert, their brains wiped clean of anything but the Godstud's overwhelming horny musk. The entire planet was already engaged into a trillions wide orgy to celebrate the creation of a new baby factory.

Truly Mammon was chosen to be bred, the only reason she was not in a pleasure coma already was that Astolfo had a mission for her, his will kept her forcefully able to remain 'conscious' but it wouldn't matter for long, the first touch of the god cock aimed itself directly at her needy pussy, the thick head of that monstrous cock poked the entrance, the very first touch already is an assault, thunder moving through those sensitive nerves, if smelling his musk was already enough to feel like she was being fucked, that cock touching her pussy would be like sending an overload of data, thunder moving through and burning those nerves with new levels of stimuli.

Finally he grabbed onto both sides of her ass, and there was no gentleness here, his hips pushed forward and burst through the sound barrier, there was no mercy as his cock burst through every defense of her womb in picoseconds, and stretched her beyond reason, in one second she was about to be fucked, and in the next she was impaled on the godstud's ultimate breeding tool. He held tightly onto her hips as that cock began to push out, and then in again... and out ... and in... and every movement was just simply too much. Before anyone could even understand it his hips had become a blur and the entire mega-planet could begin to feel the tremors of his thick godly wrecking balls slamming against her ass. He laughed as he watched her body down below, become an accessory to that monster, his hips moving at speeds that would make even the fastest gods look slow, with impacts that shattered the throne, and shook the planet, the very sound of his nuts rumbling with production as they slap her body with strength to bring down titans. The only thing that would keep Mammon whole, was the simple fact she had a mission. She wasn't here to survive or to feel pleasure, she was here to be used and as such she couldn't die. In fact if anything she was becoming stronger, the thick ultra-mana rich prenut filling her body with enough energy to defeat any pitiful divine, sadly she will never get to use her boundless omnipotence, too busy being a baby factory for the rest of eternity.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon felt the slap that the Godstud gave her reverberate her very soul, though she knew it was only a minute fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the Godstud's power. She could feel the world tremble as the Godstud's aura invaded and controlled every mind on the impossibly huge planet. Even the lightest touch of the Godstud's cock at the entrance to her aching pussy was enough to send uncountably many orgasms racing down her body - her nervous system would have exploded from that brief touch, had the Godstud not had further plans for the broken succubus.

The next millisecond was a blur - incomprehensible from Mammon's point of view. Her brain simply couldn't process things as fast as the Godstud performed them. One moment her body was electrified with orgasm, a peak amongst peaks that she had never reached before, and in the second moment, that briefest touch by the Godstud's cock was comparable to feeling the breeze against one's skin. Her eyes attempted to focus, her senses attempted to adapt, but it was all simply too much. The rate that the Godstud pistoned in and out of her was surely unmatched by anything else in all realities. A single casual thrust could have ripped a hole in the fabric of reality, but now, with the Godstud actually thrusting, actually attempting to breed this poor succubus, it was only through the Godstud's own power that this reality stayed as stable as it did. From Mammon's point of view, or what little she could observe has her senses were obliterated over and over again by ever escalating thrusts, the palace and the room below were experiencing the aftershocks of her own brutal fucking by the Godstud's cock. Cracks in the walls formed around them, the Godstud's personal set of big titted servants all lost in a pleasure coma that they would never get out of on their own, the world trembled as the Godstud bred the simple little succubus Mammon.

Her body bulged immensely as it was formed and reformed by the Godstud, that tiny amount of cum leaking into her from the Godstud’s impossibly virile sack bloating her form further and further out with each thrust. A mere prelude to the main event, though her form already was stuffed gravidly full of the Godstud’s precum, her purple skin billowing out in all directions.

Overpowered Astolfo

Truly now it would be hard to discern time, how long did it take for the godstud to cum inside the succubus? Was it minutes? Hours? Years? Truly did it matter? For Mammon the entire universe, or at least any perception she could have of it stretched, bent and was modified with every ultra-sonic thrust of the godly monster of a cock inside her body. Every nerve of her body is pushed to the limits of possibility by this logic-breaking ultra destruction of any sensation on her body. Truly every thrust was more than enough to wipe her brain of all information, to cause visions of centuries of sex. It was like every thrust was an apotheosis in itself, cleansing her mind of any unneeded information, in a certain sense in that single moment it was a state of pure bliss that pushes through her brain and allows her to reach Nirvana itself. Every second hundreds of thrusts pummel through her brain giving her experiences that change her perception of what is to live itself.

Meanwhile the planet is experiencing something they experience ... about every 4 hours, the overwhelming rumble of the godstud enjoying himself with a new baby factory. The entire planet wide orgy practically cums with every thrust of Astolfo into Mammon. Every rumble of his nuts so powerful in it's production by now it can be heard across the reality, every thrust so powerful it is a scale 9 earthquake across the entire mega planet. The entire planet into a frenzy of constant orgasms that if not for the nature of this reality would doom life in it. Thankfully Astolfo can fix everything with a snap.

How much time has passed? For Mammon? Eternity. For Astolfo? About 50 minutes to an hour and a half. His nuts rumbled with power unparalleled, power that would make all big bangs to ever happen seem weak, they rumbled with power to create new universes, as the thick godly seed shoots inside Mammon, every millisecond enough of it flows inside to fill all the oceans of earth. But Mammon can take it, in this single ridiculous breeding session Astolfo pumped so much power into Mammon that she was stronger than all other divinities together and yet... she was smaller than a grain of sand in comparison to Astolfo's power, her entire body was built to be able to handle his release, and his overwhelming godly nut releases inside her body, it rapes her body, soul and mind, there wasn't a biologic way to explain this phenomenon, but Mammon's body was now nothing but a factory of his offspring. For the rest of eternity.