Cursed Spaded Kitty Times

Synopsis: Goth GF gets raped by a fat cocked catbitch.
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Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis huffed, throwing herself backwards onto the massive, bouncy, creaky bed. She hated the thing, but her boyfriend insisted on keeping it. "It's an antique; It lasted this long, it will last longer; why throw something that works fine away!" and a whole lot of other excuses. For a man with a boatload of money to his name, he was really a giant cheapskate, only buying things when he needed it in contrary to his nature when they first started dating. Spending lavishly and excessively, how could she NOT be drawn to him?

Too bad he sucks in bed and dating in general.

Huffing as she wiggled a bit in that bed, she slipped her phone out from her pocket and started to browse the interwebs. The faint thought of 'did I lock the door' drifted her mind, but quickly disappeared since she didn't really care. It WAS a nice neighbourhood after all…

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock wasn't stopped by something as petty as it being a nice, white neighborhood. And honestly, a locked door wouldn't have stopped her either. Or really even slowed her down. Rizwa strolled through the door like it wasn't even there. Wearing nothing but a tribal loincloth and a bit of warpaint, the pussystud instantly flooded the house with superior catnigger pheromones. And how could she not? The dark-skinned goddess literally oozed virility, nutsweat steaming off her titanic, knee-knocking sack and a thick trail of steaming, bubbling precum spilling out from her tree-trunk cock and ruining the floor everywhere she walked. Her tail flicked calmly, but hungrily, as she strolled through the house and approached dear unsuspecting Veronica….

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis heard something shift in another room of the house, making her tilt her head up a bit in confusion. For a moment, she was a bit curious to what it was, but then again, the house was full of so much old 'antiques' she wouldn't have been surprised if it had been something finally breaking and falling to the floor. The thought made her huff with annoyance, letting her flop back onto the bed and resuming her internet browsing.

But then, that smell hit her. It was… different. It smelled of something raw, and not in the cooking meat kind. Whatever it was, it seemed to tingle through her body right down to the bones, her cunt immediately starting to get wet as her breaths grew a bit hotter, a bit heavier, her chest rising and falling, making her massive tits wobble and bounce within the thin shirt.

"Ugh, d-did a fuckin' vase with some sorta' powder in it fall over or somethin'?" She muttered to herself with a groan.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock strolled into Veronica's bedroom a few seconds later. Her soft cock nearly dragged against the floor, her dark eyes twinkled with desire. The negro catstud giggled, flicking her tail and lifting up her titanic, obese cockslab with one playful hand as she stared over at the hapless goth being inundating with that potent, skank-raping musk. "Hey, cute white bitch," the goddess called. "Wanna fuck? Of course you do." Of course she did! And, more importantly, it didn't matter if she didn't, because the goddess was already advancing on her, bringing that divine fuckshaft closer and closer to the bed….

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis 's phone was perfectly blocking the door, but when it swung open, she slooowly lowered it down and saw that other girl. Granted, due to both the phone, the position she was sitting in, and her massive fucking tits, she couldn't exactly see that cock yet, only able to see from the ribcage-down. Her eyes went wide as she dropped her phone to the side, starting to wiggle back some even though that really wouldn't help.

"W-What the fuck? Who are you? W-Why are you–" She sat herself up in an attempt to get into a better position, and then that's when she saw it. That absolutely massive fuckrod, the sent of it hitting her like a tsunami a moment later. It was effective enough to make her brain shortcircut for a moment, just sitting there and blinking like an idiot, those plump lips hanging open. Seems that she liked what she saw, or just didn't believe that it was real!

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock grinned, toothy and predatory, at the helpless gothbitch in front of her. "I'm your new god. Forget your boyfriend, THIS is the cock you need, isn't it?" Her tail flicked playfully as she stepped up to the edge of the bed, lifting the slowly stiffening mass of COCK up and over the huge thing. The sludge that drooled off the tip and landed on the sheets in front of Veronica fucking sizzled. The cat's nuts added a fat, thick SLOSH to the sight and scent overwhelming her…

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis was definitely affected by that scent and scene. Her eyes locked in wide surprise, that smell making the hairs on the back of her neck stand stiff, nipples hardening visibly under her shirt, her underpants growing wet with desire. An audible gulp came from her, but it was possible that it wasn't heard over those massive nuts.

"Uhnnn… mmmnnn…. m-maybe, b-but I don't know if…. aahh…." She was stumbling over her words, not sure what to say. That cock was so big, so… potent. Easily well over 20 times the size of her boyfriends! But… she couldn't cheat! Yeah she was a bit of a jerk, but she wasn't -exactly- a liar.

"N… n-no! G-Get out of here you stupid NIGGER! B-Breakin' into my house with your dick out!" The words rung in her ears. Well, she didn't think she was racist. Maybe it was because she lived around a bunch of old racist people and they rubbed off on her. Whoops.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock cackled. "Nigger? Well, if you say so, then…"

The catnigger grinned and promptly pushed her hands into the bed, using it as support to HOP up onto the big, creaking cushions. The cat's balls SMACKED against the bedframe on the way up, but didn't slow her down. All the impact did was tease out another massive GURGLE of cumcrete inside her sack as she nimbly landed, crouched with her half-hard cock, foot after massive, twitching foot of dark-skinned meat, staring right at Veronica.

Rizwa loomed over the fat-titted goth-slut, the bedframe sagging under her immense mass, a glimmer in her eyes.

"Then this giant nigger cock is going to fuck you and breed you.~"

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis was pushed onto her back once more as that catgirl suddenly jumped up onto the bed, that absurdly long and thick shaft looming over her. Once again, she was struck into surprise and silence, her mouth agape, hearing those nuts gurgle and slosh, the scent overwhelming her again… The bed creaked under the other girl's weight, groaning in protest with every bit of shifting of weight.

"Ahhhnn… nnnnh…. n-no….!" She protested, trying to scoot back even further. That bed was pretty damn huge. Easily at least 10 feet long and 8 feet wide. It was like a super-king sized bed!

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock let out a rumbling purr as Veronica fled, or tried her best. But the goth had nowhere to run. The catgirl was closing in on her, trapping her against the headboard. That cock got closer and closer, the scent and sound closing in on Veronica's world until she was utterly surrounded in the all consuming sensations of the brown-skinned cat's absurd, impossible, divine virility.

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis had that huge, pre-spewing cock smothered against her face. She gulped and ended up inhaling nothing but pure cockscent. It was almost maddening as it made her entire body feel warm, the wettness between her legs only growing more and more as she squirmed. Since those plump lips were already touching that cock, she could already taste it, that addicting flavour.

"S-Stop, I– ahhn– h-have a…. boyfriend!!" She protested in one final attempt. At this point, while she was squirming, it was less of an attempt to get away and more of trying to fight off these feelings. Feelings of lust and addiction!

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock laughed. "So?" she cooed, plopping a thick SPLRT of rich, mind-rotting, body-ruining jizz into Veronica's mouth as she wrestled with the perfect taste of godcock jizz. Finally the catgirl reached down and grabbed the goth's soaked panties, yanking them down those thick thighs. "I'll fuck your boyfriend too, after I've ruined you, cutie!" The goddess grinned, pulling back to aim that ABSURD cock at the goth's slit! There was no way that beast could fit… right?!?!

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis didn't exactly have big hips, but she had a fat fuckin' bubble butt and thick thighs. Still not as big as her tits though. As that pre filled her mouth, it was too much to do anything other that choke it down, that massive load working it's way down her throat, the substance so thick, so… addictive. Her breathing grew hot and rapid, those eyes wide as ever as she watched that cock move back and aimed at her cunt. She sucked in a breath as if to cry out, but her mind was torn between what to cry.

Part of her wanted to say there's no way it would fit, it would break her in two.
The other part wanted to split her legs open wide and tell her to wreck her and make her so that she can't please anyone but that massive catnigger dick.

An extra thing to note was that Veronica was tight. However, she would be somehow able to take all of that dick. Maybe something with magic and old gods, etc etc.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock was magic as fuck. Veronica could already feel it as the catnigger's load and her sheer presence fucked with her body and mind - fuck, was her body getting even curvier and fatter? It was hard to even tell, as doped up on blackbitch fuck-stank as she was.

The goddess's fingers clamped right down on those thick thighs, spreading them WIDE and bracing herself. The cocktip kissed her aching slit. A massive gush of tar-thick pre splattered into that hungry cunt and left it, frankly, already impregnated by her sheer virility. And then? With a delighted purr, the grinning catbitch pushed that cock inside. Somehow, spreading Veronica even further, her barbs teasing against the inside of her cunt, bloating it right the fuck up….!

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis 's breath got hotter and heavier. Hell, if she could, her pupils would turn into hearts and she looked down between her breasts to watch as that huge cock spread her cunt apart, those thick thighs squeezed by strong hands. Her vision was swimming, having felt pleasure like this in a long time, the scent and taste and more all amplifying it tenfold. As the cock pushed into her, she let out a moan that suddenly turned into pleasured scream as MORE of that barbed dick made it's way inside. Pre splashed into her womb and she could feel it, already knocking her up.

Then she snapped.

"Nnnnggghhhhhfff! F-Fucking RAM that massive niggerdick in me you GOD!"

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock turned those pupils into hearts soon enough! The obscene tattoos of spades and hearts in perfect black ink spread over Veronica's womb as the catnigger's seed took hold, ruining her for pathetic white boys like her boyfriend, no matter how much money they might have.

The goddess looked up at the pleading crackerbitch, and grinned.

Then she RAMMED herself balls deep, stretching out Veronica's womb and stomach with a YOWL of pleasure and triump. Her sack SMASHED that girl's thick ass, gurgling and rumbling and shooting a huge, fresh blast of spunk into that already overstuffed breed-slit, bloating it up and accelerating an already impossibly rapid pregnancy in the process!

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis 's eyes would widen further if they could, and if that magic was seeping into her, her pupils would turn into hearts! Those tattoos seemed to simply grow over her skin, her stomach getting a nice big, fancy queen of spades tattoo, more tattoos appearing by her shoulders, some on her thighs, and across that fat ass of hers. It all felt so, so good!

And that was before that cock rammed in fully! When it did, her stomach bulged out well above her head, almost punching the headboard behind her. Another screaming moan escaped her as the cock-shaped bulged suddenly started to round out with the surge of cum, Veronica going full ahego.

"Yes! YES! Knock me up with your spawn! Make me into your personal nigger breeding sow! I'll bare all of your litters! Just keep fucking WRECKING me! More! MORE! HARDER!!!"

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock howled in pleasure as she PLAPPED that whore, harder and harder with each thrust. And further and further, her cock fucking GROWING inside the spaded slut. That stomach was soon rising above both of their heads, and then cracking the headboard, the frame below already sagging and shuddering beneath the rapid, violent thrusts. And as Veronica screamed, the nigger catbitch slammed her hips harder, and then…


Rizwa fucking came, and came hard. Hundreds of gallons of godly niggerspunk SLAMMED into Veronica's womb, instantly bloating her stomach to the size of the damn room, pushing it against the fucking ceiling. The backwash alone left an ankle-deep pool of sperm steaming and sizzling on the ground below them, the sheets utterly soaked, permanently marked with the niggercat's fucksludge. Every object her jizz touched would never wash out, never be anything but bubbling, sperm-soaked white, never be free of the niggergod's overwhelming fuckstink. And Veronica herself? Her obscene body SWELLED with magic and power, beneath the tide of slutty spade-queen tattoos. Not just her belly, growing both with cum and with rapidly developing children. Her thighs, her hips, her ass, her tits. Swelling, churning, sloshing, growing. Even her lips pillowed out, her brain overrun with slutty thoughts as the niggerstud's overwhelming power and virility wrecked her mind too…!

And she kept fucking thrusting, not going down an inch as she screamed at the slut below her.

"Do it! You can feel my fucking litters inside you, can't you?! Give your body to catbitch niggercock! Promise me you'll never settle for anything less, ever again!"

Veronica Veis
Veronica Veis probably didn't even have a brain any more, so overfried on the scent of that fuckpillar, the cum coursing through her body, the magic altering her… Her body was buried under her own belly, hands pressing against the bloated flesh, fingers curling into it and feeling the skin bulge around her fingers. She twitched and shuddered, having came… again. And again. Almost as if the magic that altered her body made her orgasms long. Very long. Almost as if it was ATTEMPTING to measure up in some sort to that that god-cat did, but all it managed to do is make that goth tremble in seemingly infinite pleasure.

Her clothes were stained. Her house was ruined. She knew she couldn't go back to life after this, the scent always remaining, her body permanently ruined blessed. It took a few minutes for her to gain some sense of self, those absurdly FAT lips moving to let out another moan… before she went back to rambling.

"Ahhhnn… mnnnhhgghh…. y-yes, please, I'll do anything for you. Y-You're so… so fucking PERFECT. I'll only take your cock! YourFAT, CATNIGGER COCK!" Her legs attempted to lock around the other girl.
"Give me more! Make me the broodmother of a new nigger world order!"

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock happily let Veronica's legs contain her, the growing goth ending up subjected to short, sharp thrusts for her trouble. Belly spilled out around the unstoppable force that was the catnigger goddess as she SLAMMED the ruined white bitch, cumming just as endlessly and hard as the poor slut in question. The room exploded around them, flooded with niggerspunk and spadebitch belly, each brutal SMASH beginning to shake the house to its foundations. Her hands stayed on the gothslut's thighs, but both of them disappeared under the godcat's sheer impossible output. Maybe from the right angle, one could see the vicious, brutal niggerstud pounding, pounding, POUNDING away, beams of hyperthick spunk splattering out in every direction as she growled and fucked and FUCKED.

There was no escape. Not for Veronica, not for her house, not for her neighborhood, not for the city, not for the world. Not even for that bitch she called her boyfriend. The tsunami of jizz wiped away everything in its path.