Mars the Bimbarian and the Sluts of Castle Slithersong

Synopsis: Mars looks for a pretty dragon, and finds one. And promptly fucks the hell outta her.
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Bimbo Breed-Babe
Castle Slithersong, a beautiful Gothic fortification sprawled across the top of a towering mountain, was today alive with the sound of battle… albeit not the kind of battle anyone there was prepared for and expecting.

After all, the notorious barbarian warlord known as Mars had decided to come here, and she didn't do battle the conventional way.

The gate had been battered open, and behind it, the guards were… Well, one of them was passed out against the wall, her armor shattered and her hands left limp on her horribly cumswollen belly. The other was simply missing, save for a few suggestive remnants left in a massive jizzpuddle splattered onto the opposite wall.

A trail of violation and destruction went through the castle, showing where the intruder had marched in through the front gates, fucking or devouring everything in her path, even the strongest of knights helpless before her obscene might.

Mars stood now before the keep itself, the residence of the castle's massive mistresses. A towering, Amazonian figure, whose muscles were only matched – and blown away – by her impossibly immense endowments. She rested an axe as tall as she was across her shoulders, its blade untouched by blood. What she WAS touched by was cum. A lot of cum. The barbarian mistress didn't bother with a single scrap of clothing beyond viciously spiked heels, adding a few inches to her already inhuman height. It only made her massive, swollen udders and bubbly, rounded ass seem even MORE immense. It only let her throbbing, gurgling, cum-spewing cock rise up even higher, the tree-trunk of a shaft shuddering with every breath. Below, her massive cumtanks hung almost to the ground, churning and gurgling and occasionally showing the forms of the myriad prey she'd already stuffed into them, making her moan and sigh with delight… along with the ones squirming inside her surprisingly ravenous breasts, and the ones rounding out her tummy!

She smiled guilelessly up at the keep before her, blowing a pink bubble from her incredibly plush lips, bloating it out further and further, thinner and thinner… to the size of a man… and then some… and further… all the way out to the tower, the size of a house before it finally reached the stone and POPPED!, the sound loud enough to wake the dead for miles around! And probably fucking bring them back to life as cum-hungry zombies, too.

Mars giggled, watching the leftover remnants of her exotic 'bubblegum' splatter across the battlements, smearing a few helpless onlookers in a web of sticky, brain-rotting delight, just as powerful as her mind-breaking cock and her addictive alpha bimbo pheromones.

"So!" she called, knowing she had everyone's attention now, knowing they had no choice but to listen! "I've heard, like, that this castle is run by a pair of REAL beauties. You should toooottally come out, I promise I won't bite~"

Versia Slithersong
Versia Slithersong had heard the tales, yes… but none of them had even worried her, not in the slightest! Her home was very-well hidden, secluded from the rest of the world, and up here in the mountains, few would even make the trek up.. much less actually be able to breach the front gate! Her assortment of guards and staff had all been hand-picked for loyalty and combat prowess, based on the way they'd react in an emergency. Of course, things never went as planned, and Versia felt her head thump slightly as the mountains frustration grew, numerous reports of beyond-the-keep struggling and failure continually filling her royal halls.

She sat up slightly on her throne, hand still clasped by that of her wife, the blue-skinned serpent almost as massive as Versia, but the crimson matron certainly took the cake on that one. Her royal bust was covered with an armored, steel corset… and a set of long, body-hugging robes showed off every curve beneath a layer of violet and black, accentuating those fat mountains on her chest, the softness of her tummy, and the swell of her hips that gave way to a fat, jiggling ass and powerful, thick thighs~! Her tail snatched the report from a nearby servant's palm before bringing it to her own eyes, crumpling it up almost instantaneously and tossing it to the side.

Her frustration grew by the minute…. but that's when she heard the explosion-like 'BOOM', making the rooms and chambers echo, resonating to the very core of the foundation. The invading army had their attention, but she still never understood why non of her scouts had reported back, or why they hadn't seen this force! Mostly 'cause those scouts were Bimbo-Padding now.~ And then she learned that it was one woman.. and that giggling, high-pitched voice was now laughing at them, drawing them forth…

She stood rapidly from her chair, grasping her blade and striding forth down the carpeted hall, her lover placing an arm on her shoulder to try and stop her… but they'd eventually emerge together, eyes furious and weapons drawn, curves bursting at the seams as they made their way down the stairs! They brought no guards… they left them all inside, the very few that remained, and Versia would lay her golden gaze upon the red-haired Goddess that she only knew as an intruder. "Speak.. and be swift. I will not hesitate to cut you to ribbons, Brute." ♥

Bimbo Breed-Babe
Bimbo Breed-Babe looked up and down at the massively curvy reptile-sluts, the supposed matriarchs of this castle. God, they were hot, and she openly moaned at the sight, fresh waves of impossibly pungent bimbo-breedslop gushing from an eternally erect bitchbreaker. "Like, gosh. Take it easy now, loves!~" she cooed, giggling as she casually hoisted her axe from her shoulders and planted it in the ground before her… then, she stepped forward, leaving her weapon behind, bouncing in perfect, hypnotic motions with her cock bobbing back and forth before her like a metronome…

"I just wanted to like, say hi," Mars purred, her mismatched eyes burning into Versia's armor, to the point that the snake could practically feel her body heat up under the bimbo-goddess's warm gaze…! "I know, I know, I could cut you up into nice little chunks. Totally~" She casually leaned down, her rock-hard, ravenous cockmeat pressing into her slut-suffocating udders, making her moan as previous meals squirmed against her shaft through the skin of her tits… and she carved massive furrows into the ground with each finger, the bright red nails leaving destruction on either side of her like an elder dragon's claws…! It was enough to make Versia forget that she was the one who threatened the bimbo, not the other way around!

Another giggle as she stood up, the courtyard mincemeat on either side, her eyes perfectly locking so that each of the two serpents was staring into one of her own swirling orbs. "But you'd much rather that not happen, right? Like, gosh, you don't want to get chopped up, who would have thought? I tooootally get that. So why don't we, like, fuck it out like proper ladies instead?" she drawled, letting her words bounce through those pretty reptilian heads, feeling her body churn and gurgle its meals rapidly- she couldn't help another blissful sigh and the way her powerful meat THROBBED as her balls squeezed down on her prey, a massive blast of cum boiling up from her sack and gushing out of her cumslit in a single thick, aromatic wave that arced halfway to the hapless snakes before splattering down in front of them, painting the ground in steaming semen…! That overwhelming scent wafted right into their noises, flooding their systems with arousal as her pheromones began to take hold…!

Versia Slithersong
Versia Slithersong didn't take her eyes off of the other woman for a single moment, staring into ruby and emerald orbs with her own dazzling ambers~! There would be a battle of wits and mental stability… but was Mars so psycho-bimbo that she wouldn't even be able to be hypnotized~? Versia had never dealt with a woman like this before, so she'd have no idea how powerless she really was without her magics.~ Her ability to perform melee combat was weak and untrained, but her lover was a master with the blade… and the short, swift dagger the blue-scaled reptile held was far deadlier than it seemed when in her grip~!

Versia's eyes flashed once, enhancing her hypnotic abilities before her own eyes were drawn to that swaying, swinging fucklog, letting it throb, pulse and glllrch out fat wads of steaming bimbo-batter onto the floor, all while snatching her attention.~

Sway.. Throb… Pulse… It ensnared her from the very beginning.

She had coordinated an attack pattern with her wife, but the interference from that bloated spire left her lover attacking alone, with Versia not taking a step forward, but her blue-skinned half taking the plan into action… though it was far-too weak to fell Mars with only half of it.~ This left her wife exposed and vulnerable, easily within range of the prey-stuffed bimbo… even as that queen began to retreat, seeing Versia standing still~! The crimson Cobra licked her lips and nodded, delving two fingers into her plump, twitching cunt, all while overwriting parts of her brain from the steaming scent of bubbling bimbo-jizz that hung in the air~! She didn't have any idea why Mars was this stacked… or how she'd gotten here, but the only thing Versia seemed to want to say was… "Thank you."

Bimbo Breed-Babe
Bimbo Breed-Babe didn't even seem to notice Versia's attempt to hypnotize her. If anything, it was like trying to bring that beautifully braindead breeder babe under her sway simply dragged the crimson cobra into the pit of vapid, hedonistic need herself… not that Mars needed it in order to utterly entrance the slut with her perfect cock alone~

She giggled again as the blue-skinned serpent pushed forward, before seeming to realize her error… but it was already too late. Despite the prey rounding out her body, the bimbo moved with frightening speed, trailing jizz and milk and a few stray pieces of armor from her holes as she dashed forward and grabbed the blue-scaled reptile, pushing her cock right up against the busty bitch's body, steaming her with a fresh wave of perfectly dominant musk while the tip spat addictive, will-destroying sludge right across her lips.~ With a deceptively casual hand, she grabbed the dagger from the cerulean serpent as easily as if it had been offered to her on a silver platter. Her other hand sank into the wife's thigh as she lifted the weapon up to her eyes, staring at it with teasing curiosity.

"Like, was she planning to hurt me with this? That's totally not cool! Got any good ideas how I should punish her, cutie?~" Mars called, her eyes raising and gazing into Versia's golden orbs again… barely even acknowledging the serpent inches away from choking on her dick as a living fucking being~


Mars giggled wantonly and SLAPPED the slut's bright red ass as she rammed her into the ground. You'd barely think the bimbostud was taking a light fucking walk from how easily she was doing it, not even breathing hard, yet she was undeniably ramming into the lizard's helpless womb at hip-shattering speeds~ The other serpent was safely inside her gurgling, wobbling guts, slowly digesting up as the redhaired goddess's hips blurred with each strike, cum-nuke balls SMASHING into the cobra's ass and leaving a bright mark with every strike, ruining her for anyone else with her impossible ferocity~!

Mars hadn't even cum yet and that belly was already as big as a fucking house. And those deafening god-nuts were only promising more, splashing more cum into her womb with every thrust! That was before the solid layer of cum splattered across every surface of the courtyard, the two practically swimming in spunk even as it slid off of the bimbo's gleaming body…

"Haha! You totally love it, don't you?! Like, I'm glaaad to hear it! You'll be, like, seeing things my way once I cum!… assuming you like, survive, but details!"

And with that, the already impossible thrusts came faster and faster, each meaty PLAP! imprinting Mars' total dominance over the nameless, well-fucked snake-slut, until there was nothing but OBEY. SEX. BREED. FUCK. WOMB. PLAP, PLAP, PLAP PLAP PLAP!

And then she finally, finally came~

Her balls shook the earth as she thrust in one last time. The whole castle rumbled and shuddered as gallons… no, not gallons. as trillions of gallons of concrete-thick fucktar surged up from those perfect breedslop tanks, blasting into the snake's womb in an incredibly dense burst that utterly impregnated hundreds, if not thousands of eggs at once. And that was before the ultra high pressure sperm went off like a bomb inside the lucky slave's cunt. With how impossibly tight it was, none of it could escape. The bimbo's cock was too fucking fat, and the cobra's cunt was already too needy for that load. Some of it soaked into her walls, broke her mind, altered her body, growing her hips and thighs and ass and tail and breasts and every part of her perfect breedsow body. But the vast, vast majority of it? It exploded outwards. Those CHURNING, GUSHING waves of omnispunk swelled a house-sized belly with a sonic boom, shaking the very castle foundations~ That is, until the swelling sphere of broodsow happiness ran into a wall, propelled by the mass of uncountable tons of hypervirile jizz… which rolled right over her keep, the mighty fortification utterly crushed and sent crashing down by the sheer force of Mars' apocalyptic orgasm.

Then the rest of the castle followed suit, obliterated under the living, red-tinted condom. And that was barely half of her orgasm, Mars giggling and moaning as the rest of it spilled out onto the mountain slopes.

With a single climax, every last square foot of Versia's former holdings was fucking obliterated by her own macro-cumflated body. ❤ ❤ ❤