Juri escapes, the president gets horny.

Synopsis: The president has been keeping Juri in control for her giantess genes, but it has to come to a day where Juri escapes. What happens on that day?
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The Madam President
The Madam President looked up from the papers on her orante, massive desk in the Oral Office when she saw two of her Secret Shemale Service studs suddenly rush in. "Yes…?" She asked, wondering what this was going to be about.

"Madam…" One of them began. Georgia noticed she uncharacteristically looked nervous. "There has been a breach of security…"

At the same time, Georgia was a satisfied smile as she looked over her security-people's bodies. They were 9 feet tall, each, the most massive and successful results of the experiment down in the basement so far. Georgia so much loved to admire their bodies… especially when she took one of them with her for a private "briefing". Her only regret about the experiment was that they seemed to have come to a dead end. She couldn't grow her beloved "fake giantesses" any further, it seemed, simply by taking samples from the "donor's" body and injecting her faviorite studs with them. That's why Georgia had recently allowed, no, insisted on trying a new procedure that was said to heighten the "donor"'s abilities, and thus allow Georgia to harvest it and use it for her lackeys.

The second bodyguard second finished for the first. "… in the underground lab."

The underground lab was where the president's most illicit experimentation took place. The kind that the public couldn't be allowed to know about. "The underground lab?" Georgia repeated, raising one eyebrow curiously. There were multiple experiments going on in the lab at any time, but that there should be a breach was almost unthinkable, given that the lab had stricter security measures than even Fort Knox… almost.

"It's Juri, Madam. The details aren't clear yet, as the breach was just reported. It seems that one of the scientists managed to get too close to her, and Juri was able to grow rapidly by siphoning her size, and break free of her restraints." The first bodyguard explained. "Madam, I suggest that we relocate. Just to be safe."

Georgia got up from her chair. "Juri…" she said, thinking about the unruly woman. She had been like a wild animal when they had captured her, and ever since… what would she do if she could break free of the lab?

"Let's go, Madam President. Now." One of the bodyguards was reaching for Georgia's arm, but Georgia pulled it back. "If Juri can break out of the underground lab…" she said, and she realized her heart was pounding against her chest at the thought. "… then it's too late to try to get away already." No, Georgia realized. It wasn't just her heart that was pounding… the entire room was shaking slightly.

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider: Just that very morning, Juri's growth was still being limited, kept into check, but one little mistake was all that was needed for the situation to quickly grow completely out of control. Juri could feel the adrenaline flowing through her body in a different way, she was fueled beyond belief, and even from multiple floors and hallways away, she could feel the scent of them. Those fake giantess made from her own pheromones and genes. She knew any growth those giantess got would naturally be her own property, after all… they got them all from her. When Juri woke up that morning her height was still limited to barely 6'6", but as soon as she got her hands on that scientist, the very contact of their bodies allowed her to siphon more and more away, what was left of the scientist was a 4'6 miniature, while Juri grew in all directions, straight to 8'4. Her strength grew exponentially though, her new found mass giving her power to push steel aside, and punch away concrete walls.

She walked through the facility guided by her sense of scent, she could feel from far away the scent of the fakes made from her own powers. And though she wasn't as tall as the Fakes yet, Juri couldn't be stopped, her strength was magnitudes above the fakes and before long the whole place shook with every step of Juri's body. Her clothes long had ripped away, leaving a thick pendulum of meat slapping her thighs with every step towards her objective, her body coated in sweat, sending overwhelmingly powerful musk wherever she went. The air so saturated with pheromones that the musk was visible to the naked eye, thick clouds of heavy air, that had more musk than oxygen inside of it. And then she burst through the door of the Oral Office.

"Found you Fakes, time to take what is rightfully mine… and the country too~"

The Madam President
The Madam President , along with her two fake giantess guards, quickly turned her head to stare at the newcomer. It was Juri, alright… and even before Georgia could finish getting a good look at her, Juri's overwhelming scent washed over the president. It was the primal, potent, masculine aroma she loved from her private sessions with her fake giantess guards… except much stronger, even from a distance. Georgia stood there like a deer in headlights as she took in Juri's body and scent.

"Madam President… get down!" The first bodyguard woman said, and pushed the voluptuous, stunned Georgia down onto the floor behind her desk. "What…?" Georgia finally replied, taken out of her stupor, just in time to see her guards face Juri.

Georgia's two bodyguards roared threateningly… and then, their muscles surged in size, completely tearing apart their tailored black suits, leaving them just as naked as Juri, and with one large, erect cock each that Georgia had gotten very well-acquainted with over the last months. The two of them began to walk towards Juri without saying another word, hands raised in a martial arts stance. Georgia peered around the side of her desk to watch the scene. Each Fake was taller than Juri, and more muscular, too. Georgia shook her head, she wasn't going to watch this fight cowering behind her desk! With a small grunt, she stood up and watched her Fakes close in on Juri. This also gave Georgia another opportunity to look at Juri's body. Her face, her black hair, her athletic upper body… her huge shaft and balls. But the president didn't stop there, as her gaze went lower, and lingered on Juri's large, sweaty, dirty feet for a while. Again, she felt her heart beat strongly inside her chest. When she finally looked up, she noticed that Juri was looking right back at her, instead of the Fakes that had closed in on her. Had Juri caught her staring at her feet?

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider couldn't help but smirk. It seems the fakes still don't underestimate that counterfeits can never compare to the original. Her legs moved at speeds that would need a slow motion camera to catch, as in a blink of an eye one of the fakes is grabbed in between her legs, locked in between as they are stuffed face first against Juri's fat heavy nuts. The overwhelming scent and the contact making quick work of the counterfeit, while Juri never paid much attention, just watching the president's eyes stuck to her body, while the fake giantess visibly shrinks. Juri grows and in an instant her body goes from 8'4 to 14'6, while the counterfeit Giantess was defeated. Finally Juri spread her legs apart, revealing the defeated fake between her legs, shrunk to the point it was nothing.

"You counterfeits are even easier to absorb the height of than normal people, it is like you already processed all the resolve and energy for me, though I can always process the energy a bit better."

For a few seconds Juri looks away from the president towards the remaining fake, now towering over the fake.

"Let me demonstrate, the difference in how much better I can use this energy"

Juri focused just a bit, rewring and refining the energy she stole from the counterfeit she stole from. While she had already grow a full 6 foot, her refinement brought her up 3 more foot. THe scent of her cock was now overtaking the entire building, across the entire building the thick pheromones of Juri's body had overwhelmed the very oxygen and she didn't even need to do anything more. The Fake couldn't even move, and without even touching her Juri shrunk her down all the way to 4 foot. While Juri not only absorbed all the energy from the Fake, she quickly stole energy from every single person in the building except the president, her thick ultra virile musk making the work as Juri grew to 24 feet tall, bursting through the roof. A single one of her feet now almost as big as the whole body of the president.

The ultra stud giantess playfully sat on the ground, stretching her legs along the rubble of the presidential office, before letting her massive feet rest to each side of the president.

The Madam President
The Madam President stood there, transfixed, after having watched Juri make short work of her bodyguards, but everyone else in the government building as well. Now, Georgia was looking up at the seated giantess – a REAL giantess. She knew that Juri was a wildcard, uncontrollable, impossible to reason with, and now the shemale had more power at her disposal than ever… and it would likely only grow from here on, quite literally. That thought sent a shiver down the fat-chested woman's spine, not for the first time in the last few minutes. She'd always known how powerful Juri could become, if given the chance, but the president had seen to it that that would never come to pass, keeping her locked up and drugged in the lab. But… she had miscalculated. Terribly. Yet as Georgia continued to look at Juri, to take in as much of the other woman's giant body as she could, she also felt a much, much stronger feeling seizing her mind and body. She was incredibly aroused, more than perhaps she ever had been. The president's fat teats were visibly tenting the top of her suit, and her pussy was drenching the seat of her skirt.

Of course, the overwhelming cloud of musk emanating from the giantess's body contributed to that, though it wasn't the only factor. The sexy stink of Juri's cock and balls… Georgia could practically taste them on her tongue. There was another scent, though, possibly even fouler, that reminded her of strong cheese. Of course, it wasn't hard to figure out where it was coming from, seeing as Juri's large feet were planted at either side of the president. Georgia turned to look at one sole that was almost her own height… it was sweaty, grimy, immense… and captivating. Georgia practically had to tear her eyes away to look back up at Juri's looming face.

Georgia took a deep breath in attempt to straighten herself. Big mistake, she realized, as more of the giantess's pheromones assaulted her nostrils, her lungs, her body. "Juri…" Georgia began. She was feeling light-headed. But she couldn't let it show, had to regain some control over the situation. "How nice to see you again."

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider 's feet were down right steaming, the sweat on it combined with the heightened heat of a body of her size, means that quite literally the two massive feet steam, visibly clouds of ultra virile foot musk that seem to downright assault the senses around them. Each of her feet were practically 5 foot long, more than big enough by now to smother the president's whole body at once, and the scent just keeps being pumped into the air more and more and more. Juri knew very well the effects of her musk in the air, she was a bundle of utter smugness and superiority right now, knowing that she was now unstoppable, her body grows in power exponentially in comparison to it's size. She couldn't help but laugh at the president trying to act like they could gain any control.

"Indeed it is nice to see you again Tiny. I thought it was high time I had my fun with you. Please let's not waste too much time alright? I have other countries to conquer this month."

SHe spoke with utter control of the situation as she spoke, slowly bringing those feet closer to the president, with that thick brain washing musk more and more. Her eyes looked down at the tiny president with power. Finally she pushes the president against the ground below the sole of her foot, letting that thick sweat paint the president whole.

"It is high time the law is adjusted to one where the bigger person is always on top. It is quite simple my cute little tiny president. First you will clean my feet, after you are done with that, I will breed that tiny pussy of yours, and you will help me begin the new world order. You should be honored, to be the first breeding sow for the new royalty of this planet."

The Madam President
The Madam President felt the weight of that massive sole press down on her. But it wasn't the weight of it that Georgia was concerned about! No, it was the stench, the sweat that she was marinading in while buried under Juri's foot! The dirty sole was squishing down on the president's breasts, her face, and Georgia felt its weight shift as Juri wiggled her toes. Some light reached Georgia from the sides, but for the most part the dark underside of the giantess's stinky foot eclipsed her vision. Georgia felt the sweat soak into her suit, her skin, it was practically dropping onto her.

"Ooooh…." The president groaned. She couldn't help herself. She had loved the musky, sweaty bodies of her Fakes… but Juri's body was exponentially more potent. It was overloading all of her senses. "Ahhh… yes…!" Georgia opened her mouth, then hesitated. Some rational part of her said that she shouldn't proceed, that there would be no going back from it once she had accepted the giantess's demands. But that tiny voice was shouted out by her own lust and perversion, the desire to be dominated by Juri, the giantess, to worship her perverted body. And so, the president began to lick the Juri's oversized, cheesey sole.

"Aaaahnnn…" The president's voice was muffled from being smothered, but what she lacked in size she was now making up for in enthusiasm. "Juri's feet…!" Frantically, Georgia licked across the immense sole, lapping up dirt, sweat, dead skin, everything she could get her tongue on, leaving a slimy trail of saliva that was almost washed away again within seconds by the sweaty pores on Juri's sole. Georgia was still buried underneath Juri's foot pressing down heavily on her, so her movement was limited, but nonetheless Georgia popped open the buttons on her jacket and pulled out her fat tits, and rubbed her tit-flesh and thick nipples against Juri's sole as well while she kept licking and moaning, worshipping it with every part of her body she could manage.

Despite her own arousal, the overwhelming musk almost literally fogging her mind, Georgia was able to think about the consequences of both their actions, about what was going to happen to her, and the rest of the world in the future. Juri would rule. Already, Juri was likely the most powerful being on the planet, and she would only continue to grow in power. All would serve the smelly, hung giantess. At that moment, there was no doubt about it in Georgia's mind. So, what was her own role to play? She wanted Juri. She deserved Juri, for she had created her. Juri may sit on the throne, but Georgia was going to sit next to her. "Juri…" Georgia moaned between licks and mouthfuls of swallowing the giantess's foot-sweat. "I'll be your wife!"

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider couldn't help but laugh, she had yet to process all the energy she got, and while she relaxed on her position she promptly did so. From the 24 feet she once again grew bigger, she inhaled deeply, feeling all the energy that flowed into her body from everybody in the range of her pheromones inside the building, the energy was still… no refined, but as she meditated for a few seconds she felt the energy organizing itself on her body, as she began to grow, the entire building was cracking, it shook and rumbled as Juri grew once again, 36 massive feet of height as she was truly going for the giantess angle. Her body now towered over the tiny people and she could be seen from far away. Meanwhile the strength of her body kept going up exponentially, though her intelligence did the same, she knew by instinct now, that the combined efforts of humanity would fail to kill her. In seconds she calculated the combined efforts of multiple countries attacking her and knew that by now, her intelligence, resistance and strength would be more than enough to defeat them all. She couldn't help but laugh at how easy world domination seems to be. Her pheromones were now unstoppable they were flowing over the city and soon she would be able to shrink the population even more.

Meanwhile her foot grew even more over the body of the small little president, the entire body of the president exposed to those thick overwhelming mind melting pheromones, painted in it's sweat, covered in it's influence. Juri played with the president like a kid would play with a doll, a erotic fat-titted doll being moved from foot to foot, with great dexterity, being painted in the thick coating of foot musk.

"Wife huh? if that makes a little inferior doll like you feel better, yea you can call yourself that you tiny toy. In the end this planet will be my little toy box, of sluts, wifes, whores like you for me to enjoy. I wonder how much more I should grow huh?"

By now the pheromones had spread over the city, and though Juri had not sucked in energy from the population yet, the entire city was brought down to two digit IQs, unable to think while in this state of permanent ultra horniness, watching as their president, the leader of their nation became a foot toy for the new future God King of Humanity. Juri meanwhile was calling on whoever she could to film the president's ordeal, to show it live across the country for all to see the state of their country now.

The Madam President
The Madam President was now being smothered by both sweat-gushing feet, caught in-between them like a stress ball. Juri's filth had completely soaked into Georgia's suit and underwear by this point, her skin… maybe even her soul. By now, the giantess had attracted much attention from TV stations, the images of her growth and domination over mankind's (former) leader being shown all over the world.

Georgia continued to moan as she devoted her breasts, her face, her tongue, her hands to Juri's huge feet, now larger even than herself. She herself had started to sweat, though it would not be noticable underneath the giantess's own filth. Though the president could barely see anything besides Juri's soles, she knew well enough what Juri was doing, the giantess's reach having expanded with her latest burst of growth… now likely to cover most, if not all, of the city. The thought of Juri draining the size of millions… the htought was so arousing it almost stunned her. She herself had sought to obtain Juri's size, at the beginning of the experiment, to become a giantess herself, ever growing in size and power. But to Georgia's chagrin, science had soon proven that Juri's giantess genes were not compatible with anyone but other shemales… Georgia had recognized shemales as the superior gender then, and instead of her own growth she had enjoyed the growth of her private guard, her chosen few. Growth… more growth… she wanted to see it, to experience it.

Somehow, Georgia had managed to slip free of the sole sandwich, lying on the ground in front of Juri's huge toes. "Grow…" Georgia moaned, though she did not think Juri would hear her at their size. Instead, with a grunt, the president got up and walked up to the toes on one of Juri's feet, and began to kiss them. "Grow…!" Faintly, she could hear the sound of helicopters coming from up above, no doubt TV crews filming their every move.

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider 's senses were much improved in all senses. She wasn't just growing, she was evolving in all senses, her body was becoming not just bigger, but better. Her bones were now equivalent to the most efficient and strongest alloys made by mankind, her brain could now think like a super computer to the point moving her body, speaking or playing with the foot toy didn't slow down her thought at all, her hearing was capable of receiving information across the city and the new found processing capacity of her brain allowed her to discern it all. Juri wasn't just growing… she was surpassing humanity in all senses possible, her body already made humans look like prototypes of this new god king of humanity. But she didn't cease her evolution at all, with a simple movement of her hands, electro static waves moved through the pheromones that had spread across the city, absorbing more and more energy from the population, she was unable before to make anyone much smaller than 4 foot 6, but now some people were getting down to 3 feet… some even were as small as 2 feet now. But Juri just basked in the energy flowing into her body, making her bigger… and bigger… and bigger…

She doubled in size once again, going from 36 feet to an staggering 80 feet, now it was ridiculous her growth meant she was now one of the biggest structures on the city, her brain could now outpace the best super computers, in seconds her brain formulated the new system of law the world would have, one that even as it made sure that bigger people were above small people, the overall quality of life would be up 500% for the entire world. The world would prosper under it's new giant god king, a new age of prosperity to humanity as it serves under the foot of the God King Juri. She didn't stop though, she could feel her pheromones going further and further away, new senses being added to the ones she already had, she could now see where she couldn't before, her brain could analyze radio waves and transmit them, allowing her to see up to hundreds of miles away. She could detect the very composition of air with but a breath.

The more people went into range the bigger and bigger the new god king of humanity grew, and just as she passed 100 feet, she became able to read minds, all across the city she could read people's mind, process the information inside and add it to her knowledge, as she passed 150 feet her body became able to discern and process the thoughts of the entire state and the neighboring ones. All along this her foot grew and grew, as she pushed the president around like the most minuscule toy, the president's body was like a human when in comparison to a 4 to 5 story building in front of the massive feet.

Soon across the country people could hear… inside their minds…
"All salute the new God King of Humanity."

The Madam President
The Madam President witnessed Juri's growth from the point of view by her toes. She had to crane up to watch Juri's head loom higher and higher, soon becoming hard to see through the atmospheric haze created by her giantess shemale musk. Georgia watched Juri become a real giantess… not, not a giantess, but more like a goddess. And she was there to witness it, at ground zero. People all around them, who had been tiny when compared to the giantess before, grew even tinier, not only exacerbating the difference in size and power that Juri held over them but shaking them out of their normal lives, with clothes, furniture, buildings too large for their shrunken bodies.

Georgia witnessed all of this, Juri's ascension, and she suddenly felt pride that she was the one who had caused all this… not intentionally, certainly, but it was the president's experimentation that had allowed Juri to unlock her full potential. Juri's body, her power, her attitude, her musk, everything was building up to a state of arousal that Georgia thought that even she could never reach… and then, finally, when she could hear Juri's voice inside her head, not spoken from the giantess's lips but from her brain, the president moaned out loud and came, shamefully, not even having touched her pussy once but gushing nonetheless. "Aaahhng……~"

It took a full minute for her to regain control over her quaking body to enough of an extent that she could set it into motion. She knew what she wanted to do… had to do. The president ran, her curvy body quaking with the movement, towards the center of the ground between Juri's huge feet. On her way there, Georgia shrugged off her suit, her underwear, leaving it all behind until her presidential, hyper-voluptuous body was entirely naked. Finally, panting, sweating, she fell down onto her knees before Juri, with her own head pointed towards where Juri's feet were pointing, and her fat ass up in the air, pointing up towards Juri's face high above. "Please… Goddess… breed your wife!" she begged.

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider 's cock by now was completely hard stretching through the air like the biggest weapon in existence, quite literally a cannon to make all naval cannons shudder in their own inferiority. Juri had now grown to the point of being 1000 feet tall, her cock stretched more than 250 feet long, and the thick pheromones of her body spread through out the whole country. Even as Juri was still sitting, her height made her tower over the entire city, and her cock was probably the biggest structure there, the thick scent of it all overwhelming the air more and more. By now, Juri wasn't just able to transmit thoughts, truly humanity were her toys now, she could with but a thought edit the brain and body of anyone she wished. Humanity was being modded in real time, and the first alteration of them all was that anyone could stretch enough to fit Juri's cock, no matter their size, their body would adapt upon entering contact with any giantess' pheromones. Juri could watch in real time the genome of the entire country being changed, and as her power expanded soon the whole world would be ready for her.

Soon she grew once again, towering more than 2000 feet, and then one more time… 1 kilometer… she breached it, she reached 1 kilometer of height, the rumbling of her massive nuts shaking the whole city, state and country, each of her massive nuts resting on the ground was easily as big as the president's abode was before, and her cock extends 400 meters from her body, a thick cannon that would probably be one of the biggest structures on the planet. She decided that for her first fun at this size, she would like a toy she could hold, and as such she gave the former president now First-Cocksock a burst in height, growing her to about 100 meters tall in an instant. She held the president easily in her hand. While the president was now the second biggest person on the planet, her body was nothing but a cocksock as Juri began to slowly pull her down the massive bitch breaker more and more, the head being more than enough to bulge the entire body of the cocksock around it, the shape of it easily visible through the cocksock as she was pushed down and down the massive god cock.

The entire planet was forced to watch the scene, not on TV, but on their brains, the scene was transmitted over the air directly to their minds as the First Breeding happens.

The Madam President
The Madam President had finally gotten her wish… she herself was growing into a giantess! She felt the surge in mass, in size… in power, as her body doubled in height, tripled, quadrupled, growing ever bigger! The rush of emotion was overwhelming, it felt so good to be grown like this, even if she was still small in comparison to the kilometer-tall Juri. But that didn't matter. Juri had chosen her! "Yes… YES! Make me your wife! Your giantess wife!" Georgia was already dreaming of ruling the planet by Juri's side, of being the world's ruling giantess couple, of—

Suddenly, Georgia felt Juri's huge cock-head plunge relentlessly into her pussy, spearing and stretching the president tight around her shaft at once. "Guhh… guck!" Georgia's speech became inaudible as she was being stretched around Juri's prick like a condom. She could feel her own skin become even further stretched as Juri grew even larger, her size-draining musk reaching other continents now, draining millions of their size by the second. "Unnngh…! Guuhh…. too big…" Georgia groaned. Juri's cock had punched into her womb from the start, and even now Georgia could feel her womb filling with the shemale's copious pre-cum. Everyone around the world was forced to watch as their former president's body was pulled down further on Juri's length, the president's body indeed now becoming like a condom as Juri continued to grow and grow, Georgia's limbs and head barely visible at the size she was being stretched into.

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider couldn't stop and she wouldn't stop, she felt as her powers could now completely affect the whole planet, the atmosphere completely overwhelmed with her musk now, the entire planet would now breath nothing but the thick musk of her cock and feet, as she grew… and grew…and grew… 1 kilometer becomes 2 … that becomes 6… that becomes 12 and then 24. Juri was finally satisfied, her cock now extended 5 kilometers long, while the cock sock was originally only 100 meters tall, the thick monstrous godly cock stretching her beyond all reason, as each of Juri's feet was 4 kilometers long. She walked and the planet quaked, she stepped and cities were crushed under the weight of her massive feet, She didn't mind, she didn't even need humanity anymore, she could quite literally turn back time and create new universes with nothing but her thought. She had truly ascended, she didn't care anymore. Gone were all her thoughts of ruling this planet, she didn't have time to waste ruling a planet, when she could have fun dominating endless planets… galaxies… universes.

THe rumble of her nuts shook the planet, and the noise causes the entire planet to orgasm at once, but even as she was satisfied… she didn't want to stop growing… 48 kilometers… 96… 186 kilometers, as her cock loomed over the continent, her feet now crumbling states under it's weight. She stroked the former president up and down her cock faster and faster, feeling as her giant factories of seed, produced oceans upon oceans of her thick ultra virile nut.

The Madam President
The Madam President felt like she might tear apart at any moment as her skin was stretched so tightly around Juri's ever-growing shaft, but somehow her own body kept going. She was stretched so thin now that her skin was partly translucent, showing the veiny flesh of Juri's cock underneath it, and Georgia's limbs and head had become so absolutely tiny that they were no longer visible when beholding Juri at her full size. It looked like the president had become… a condom. All of mankind was receiving the image of what had happened to their leader, even as they themselves found themselves shrinking again, all around the planet, Juri's musk now reaching everywhere. Some of them were shrinking below a single foot… or even smaller, smaller than their dogs, smaller than their cats, truly humanity was turning into a species of tiny, insignificant being as Juri siphoned everything from them to add to her own body and glory. Soon, they felt even their souls sucked from them before their bodies became too small to contain them, and all the souls flew towards Juri and were absorbed by her, only adding to her power, each human life denied any form of reincarnation except as more power for Juri, forever. Soon, the only human left alive on the planet was the one stretched around Juri's shaft like a thin rubber…

Taekwondo Spider
Taekwondo Spider: And then it happened… with endless power, the massive factories of god spunk rumble with unprecedented power, that would rival all atomic bombs together,the rumble of that thick factory more than enough to cause the strongest earthquake ever all across the planet, the vibrations circle the planet hundreds of times, as all remains of the previous human civilization is wiped, Juri finally cums inside her condom, releasing inside more cum than existed in all oceans combined, making the already stretched to the limit condom inflate. The only thing that kept her body together was the will of Juri to keep it together, as her body would become a infinite factory of the new perfect race of humans. Her entire womb down to the very atoms was fertilized for eternity. A unending production of this new race of super humans. As her belly inflated to become the biggest structure ever achieved by humanity (after Juri's body) Juri pulls out, painting the oceans in her seed.

The last action of the god king is to engrave his presence on the planet, a massive giant cock slapping itself through Europe, creating new mountain ranges, and a massive mark on the planet in the shape of that thick godly rod. With her work done, Juri promptly leaves… towards other realities, other worlds to conquer and add. This world though would prosper in the new race of super humans, as Georgia would give birth to Juri's children for the rest of her life. As the new giantess forever pregnant leader of this world. In the end… Georgia was the leader once again, though the entire world would never be able to forget the true God King.