A nice first meeting

Synopsis: Kaya came to visit Astolfo's realm while he was on his throne playing some games, it doesn't take before he goes out to investigate this person that entered his realm
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Meanwhile, while the overpowered femboy was relaxing on his throne, a visitor was wandering through the massive corridors of the palace. Well, more specifically floating through the air of the palace. He didn't pay any mind to the musk that filled the palace walls more than it filled the atmosphere of the exo-planet he ruled except for the fact that it smelled nice. The mint-haired fae's first stop in the palace was the kitchen, floating down to the floor to rummage through the freezer for any frozen sweets. After a good bit of rummaging through its contents, he smirked as he withdrew a box of chocolate cream pops. Cracking open the cardboard, he slid one out, put the box back, and promptly unwrapped it to begin suckling on the rounded tip. As was true to his nature, he slowly, steadily sucked and licked across the surface in a lewd fashion, almost as if he was blowing a chocolate-skinned futa, taking care to handle it with the softest of touches~. After getting what he wanted from the kitchen, he floated back up into the air and began to wander through the palace once more...perhaps passing the outside of the throne room once or twice. He could never really tell in a place as big as this.

Overpowered Astolfo

For someone of that power level, even if you are not paying attention it is hard to not notice things happening around, and he could feel this new presence. For someone like Astolfo it was easy to identify and distinguish every single person in the entire planet, and he knew someone new was walking around the place. He wasn't in a rush for now though, he calmly kept playing his game on the switch till he decided to go take a look, he stood from his throne, to the surprise of a few maids that were on the room with him, they wondered what he was going to do, as he seemingly began to walk through the halls. Truly he wasn't used to people not going directly to the throne, but it was interesting to see something different once in a while... before long he caught up to the pixie floating through his halls. "What brings you here, green pixie? Most unusual for visitors to just wander around the halls."



Kaya was practically lounging in midair, letting their head hand backwards so that he was looking the overpowered femboy from an upside down point of view. He still had a mouthful and the aroma of chocolate cream melting on his tongue, but even through that, a few whiffs revealed that the musk permeating the atmosphere of the entire exo-world was coming from this one, short, adorable, overwhelming source. After taking a few more licks off of the chocolate pop, he pried it out from between his cream-covered lips, licking them with a swipe of his tongue to at least make him look somewhat presentable to the host of the manor.

"Unusual for someone like you, maybe~. I just happened upon this realm by chance, decided it looked interesting, and decided to take a look~. I can leave if me being here bothers you some."

Overpowered Astolfo

"Leave? I think it would be better if you simply never leave."

Though it was unusual the femboy stud didn't mind the strange situation, he did simply get closer and closer to Kaya, before grabbing them by the chin and beginning a nice long kiss, he didn't give much time for Kaya to react or to resist, he was quick, confident and powerful as his hands slowly begin to explore and push Kaya's body closer to his own. One thing he makes sure though, he makes sure Kaya's hips rub right against his own, as their crotches rub together powerfully, the intense difference in size made clearer and clearer as that thick fucking snake in his legs rubs against Kaya's own. Through it all though, Astolfo's presence so close to someone else is sure to be an assault on the senses, one by one they are overwhelmed, his tongue slowly worms itself inside Kaya's mouth, and the heat of his body, the thick scent of his presence, the sweat of their bodies rubbing together...

Astolfo wasn't here to wait long, as the sound of cloth ripping is soon heard, his shirt being ripped away from his body, revealing nice chiseled abs on his slim body, all while their tongues dance together.


"Huh? And why is- MMF?" A muffled gasp escaped Kaya's lips as they were quickly wrapped up and bound to the Overpowered spirit's smoochers. Kaya at first tried to pull back and resist, but he found himself unable to pull away from the pink-haired boy's advances. So he simply decided to go along with the situation, his tongue curling and dancing around the long, pink member invading his own mouth. His eyes closed as he basked in the simple, small bliss of exchanging affections with the ruler of the mansion and the exo-planet. But even more importantly, Kaya's bulge tucked away inside a leg of his tight, black, sheer pantyhose slowly became hotter and jumpy as it throbbed against the far girthier and longer monster rubbing against it. Kaya's body slowly felt hotter and hotter, breaking into a small sweat through his dark-colored outfit. Taking deep whiffs to try and get a hold of himself, he couldn't stop the femboy's salty, raw musk from slipping into his nostrils like a slowly addictive force.

Still...it begged the question in the back of the fae's mind as to why Astolfo took such a keen interest in him.

Overpowered Astolfo

Took his time, that kiss was intense, and fueled more and more of the intense sensations that being so close to Astolfo caused, before long his hands through were working, the ripping sound of cloth going more and more as he grabbed onto Kaya's shirt, ripping into pieces with a single pull, letting his body press tightly to Kaya's. Their bodies rub one against the other, the sweat rubs from one onto the other, the air becomes heavier and heavier with the thick scent of the femboy godstud becoming more and more concentrated. Before long another RIP is heard as Astolfo's fondles Kaya's ass and rips it out like a piece of wrapping paper holding his present inside. By now Kaya's body would be completely free to the air of the room, to the heat of Astolfo's body, and there was only one piece of clothing on their bodies by now, Astolfo's own black stretchy pants, but that wouldn't last much longer. Kaya would be able to feel that fat snake between Astolfo's legs slowly going from completely soft, to slowly starting to become hard, but it doesn't take long before it is too much, the thick cannon of cock even completely soft, is now going down to Astolfo's legs as his pants so easily rip from his legs, his cock not able to be held within as the thick monster even still mostly soft is now thicker than Kaya's arm, might even be as thick as one of Kaya's legs, and it still had much to grow.

When Astolfo finally releases Kaya's lips, their bodies are completely nude, on the middle of the half way, a thick layer of steam, pure musk covered their presence in the hallway. Their bodies heated from Astolfo's overwhelming body heat, sweat dripping from them, as once again Astolfo held himself tightly with Kaya, letting Kaya feel that thick swinging monster between his legs.

"You do look so tasty, so delightfully cute too. You will look even better intertwined with me~"


Kaya squirmed as the powerful femmy godstud's hands snaked all the way around his body, making short work of the only clothes that Kaya was wearing, save for the tight, black stockings that slid down to his legs. His bulging cock was making it too hard for the black fabric to hold onto his legs, hiking down his height until they were wrapped just around his feet and feminine calves~. Other than that, their bodies were completely nude...and the one taking up the bulk of the fae's focus was the mostly flaccid length ballooning to intimidating girth and length. Soft, peach-colored, cute...but at the same time terrifying and hypnotic, it was hard to take his eyes off Astolfo's quickly growing cock. It wasn't hard to make a comparison to Kaya's legs, with his thick, fuckable thighs pressed right against whatever parts of the length his own erect cock could not reach.

Kaya gasped, a crimson blush overwhelming his face as he looked the pink-haired femboy in the eyes. Even as the stench of sweat and musk was slowly working its way into the fae's senses and brain, he still put on a brave front, his eyes wandering between some random wall and the bulging, pink snake below his form.

"You...I'm sure you say that to ALL the sluts that come crawling into your mansion~..."

@Overpowered Astolfo 🇦

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo couldn't help but laugh, he moved his head down to Kaya's neck, teasing it, nibbling and kissing on Kaya's sensitive neck, little bites and powerful kisses that would leave marks on Kaya's skin, their bodies pressed together, Astolfo's abs against Kaya's own torso, their cocks rubbing one against the other... though Astolfo's own rubbed Kaya's own, and Kaya's legs. Every movement of their bodies sends that thick piece of fuck meat shaking like a pendulum, slapping Kaya's legs and making powerful noises that would distract anyone in the vicinity. By now the scent of Astolfo's musk would be growing more and more intense as Astolfo's cock begins to engorge itself more and more on blood.

"A lot of sluts come over here, not many though receive the special treatment of such courting from my side. Most would already be having their bellies swollen, but you seem to deserve a bit more attention before I push your face down below~"

Astolfo's cock meanwhile was growing, the thick piece of meat becomes even thicker, slowly lifting itself from it's resting position, Kaya's own now resting on the thick fat lance, as it slowly grows and grows, it lifts Kaya off the ground while Astolfo keeps his treatment of Kaya's neck, the thick cock deeply embedded between Kaya's nice thighs. By now the thick cannon between his legs was thicker than his legs, his fat heavy balls now gurgling with production, each of his nuts as heavy as Kaya's whole body, rumbling as they produce what will soon be Kaya's next meal. Kaya was now sitting on that fat cock, mounted on the thick hot surface of it, his crotch resting on it, as Astolfo kept giving attention to Kaya's sensitive neck.

"Now, I do wonder, where do you like to receive your meal best? On the bottom or on the top?"

His voice was teasing, and yet seems to show affection as he wiggles his hips and teases Kaya's own crotch.


"AH~!!! Not there...those spots are sensitive...whuh~?!" Kaya moaned at Astolfo's attentions, then yipped as he suddenly found his feet unable to touch the floor anymore. And with every moment that the phallic length lifted into the air, curving into an erect, girthy incline. To be frank, a cock should NOT be able to hold someone like this in the air, their backs reclined against it like a special throne of their own, as their arms and legs laid splayed out against it. Yet Kaya find himself in that exact position, looking up into Astolfo's eyes with wonder and enrapturement. Kaya tried turning his face to the side to try and hide his blushing expression, but all that did was turn his face more towards in the direction of the cock holding him in the air, giving him a face fall of raw, salty musk that only turned his face more pink with lust and embarrassment.

"You...ngh...you think it's going to take more than that to win me over~?" Kaya continued trying to say bravely, but his voice wavering the more musk entered his nose, the more of the god-stud's cocksweat rubbing into the soft skin on his back and into his feet that by now were squishing against those heavy, bottomless cum tankards. If pre slid down this powerful length, Kaya felt he would not be able to keep his balance and would fall face first on the floor...if it didn't land in the femboy god's balls first.

"You're...you're the one who's holding me against your cock...why not you decide that for yourself?" Kaya's plump, pink smoochers had said to Astolfo, all the while his butt and hips wiggled and grinded against the length holding them up, just about ready to bury itself deep into the valley of his plump, heart-shaped rear~.

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo knew that there was a clear choice by Kaya's body, though his lips tried to direct him in another direction, Astolfo slowly began to change the position. From thin air holy chains begin holding Kaya into the air, allowing him to slowly dismount from the cock while keeping him into the same position, as slowly but surely that thick impaler, that godly bitch breaker aimed itself at the fae's back entrance, teasing it so calmly. Truly when looking at the size of that monster between Astolfo's cock it is clear this isn't a simple assfucking, Kaya was about to be softly and nicely impaled on a cock that would make his body into what amounts to a sock puppet around the cock of the godly stud.

"Prepare yourself~"

Before beginning the insertion, Astolfo's hand came to rest upon Kaya's own smaller member, he begins to stroke and play with it, fondling Kaya's small balls while slowly Astolfo pushes the first inch of that thick battering ram inside. In instants the entire range of nervous connections on Kaya's ass is overwhelmed, it is like every single point of it is attacked to it's fullest potential of sensitivity as that thick obelisk pushes itself inside, pulling everything in it's path aside while Astolfo's right hand kept stroking Kaya's own little toy in his hand, meanwhile though Astolfo's left hand began drifting towards Kaya's nipples, teasing them, rolling his finger on them and moving from side to side, before giving them the first pinch.

Their bodies were by now completely engulfed into a cloud of what seems to be 100% Astolfo's musk, no oxygen, only the thick pheromonic delight of the godstud's sexual delight, as he begins pushing another inch... and another... and another. Kaya's sensitive prostate is practically pummeled on every extra inch added inside, as organs, bones, and everything else is pushed aside and instantly healed around that thick god-defying cock, making Kaya's ass more and more perfectly fitted for that cock.


Kaya's gasped, then moaned as his arms and legs were spread to the side in a feminine, spread-eagle position, perfect and helpless to keep the god's cock from plundering his insides. The soft but powerful fingers were a nice distraction that made Kaya squirm and coo with delight...for a short while. Because pleasure like that was dust as compared to the sensation of being speared and impaled on a divine obelisk of cock meat. Pain and soreness wracked Kaya's body as his body was uncomfortably stretched wide to accommodate the massive girth demanding entrance to his boi hole. He bunched his hands into fists as he squirmed back and forth in midair, trying to do anything to relieve the pain. He tried strongly at first to clench the muscles in his fuck hole tight enough to refuse Astolfo's demand, but even then this was nothing compared to the strength in his cock alone. In fact, all it did was feel like one large palm clasping around Astolfo's throbbing length, squeezing it a couple times before diving even farther in.

"It's...it's so biiiig~!!! Ngh...it hurts...and yet it...oh gods, how am I still alive and awake through all this?!" It could only be explained by means of divine intervention that Kaya's sex-addled body and mind were still awake and conscious throughout the experience of being fitted as a cock sock for the god-stud...and an even bigger miracle that the pain was slowly dulled by a surge of pleasure wracking his body from his prostate up and down. Cock bulged obscenely against the fae's belly, the mushroom head clearly seen behind a pale, thin layer of stretched skin on Kaya's midriff. Clenching his teeth tightly he could feel the large snake move its way farther into his body, just barely inches away from his stomach. And all the while, his skin was beginning to reek of the Rider spirit's musk, sticking itself to each inch of Kaya's body in a humid surroundings that were quickly filling up his lungs too.

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo didn't want to waste time for much longer, his hips began to move deeper and deeper inside every further inch slowly dulling out the pain more and more, his precum and sweat so filled with mana it causes Kaya to constantly heal around his cock, making his body adapt itself more and more to the thick god meat slowly spreading him apart. Astolfo's cock pushed everything aside, moving organs to the side, as it slowly impales Kaya's body more and more... then just as his cock is deep enough, the chains holding Kaya in place disappear, as they aren't needed anymore, Kaya's body held by nothing but the powerful cannon inside his ass, lifting him in mid air as Astolfo keeps pushing inside more and more. He feels the contractions and movements of Kaya's ass more and more.He grunts turning his head up enjoying the folds and details inside.

"You feel so perfectly tight... so delightful inside. Show me more of that speech of yours. Melt on my cock like a good toy~"

With Kaya now once again suspended by it's impaler, Astolfo begins slowly moving his hips back and forward, letting gravity help him and inertia too, pushing that thick cock back and forward inside Kaya's body. By now Kaya would be able to feel Astolfo's heartbeat inside his own body, Astolfo's cock so delightfully close to Kaya's heart as Astolfo keeps speeding up his pulls and thrusts more and more. His right hand now grabbing onto Kaya's head, pulling him into another kiss as Astolfo's hips move back and forward quicker and quicker. By now the sound of Astolfo's nuts producing cum was quite impossible to ignore, it was a loud gurgling factory, each of the fat factories now bigger than Astolfo's head, heavier than his entire body, rumbling as they produce more and more of what would soon fill Kaya's belly.

"You will look nice on my room, that is when your belly isn't ballooned out~"

With Kaya so easily held onto his cock, Astolfo slowly begins walking through the palace, moving through the halls, walking with Kaya so easily in his grasp, taking Kaya all the way to the royal chambes of the giant palace. Every step of his feet only adds more to the inertia and gravity of Kaya on that thick mast of cock. It doesn't take long before they are kissing while Astolfo is sat upon his massive bed, holding Kaya in one hand while his thick cock begins to piston quicker and quicker inside Kaya. When the kiss is finally release, steam coming from his breath, he pants in pleasure, increasing his speed to the point Kaya's ass looks practically like a blur.


Kaya moans and coos loudly into Astolfo's lips as they traversed the posh hallways. The pre oozing from the god-stud's cock was slowly filling up Kaya's stomach from where the pink-haired femboy buried the tip of his cock in. It was so much...slowly beginning to bloat Kaya's belly out on just pre-nut alone. It slowly moved back down his ass, white, foggy drops of pre-spunk dripping out just barely around Astolfo's cock buried in the rim of Kaya's butt, splattering on the ground as they walked into the bedroom. The musk soon began to float up from all that pre in Kaya's body, his breath slowly being stained by the musk cloud forming inside of him just as surely as the cloud of musk surrounded them on the bed.

"I...I can't describe it...the pain is gone, but my body still feels so full...so TIGHT with your cock buried inside! It's bumping into my prostate every time it throbs...AH~!!! Everything feels so goooood~!!! Pound me harder...harder!!!" At the rapid speed Astolfo was thrusting his hips up into the lust-hazed, drooling fae, the mint-hair femboy's erect cock just jumped and flopped with the repeated gravity and inertia, flinging smaller, thinner drops of pre all over the two femboys in the room. His own, smaller balls began to throb and gurgle in time with the way his ass repeatedly squeezed down on the god-stud's cock, teetering dangerously close to his own orgasm, but wanting to hold on and enjoy this just for a while longer!

Kaya's limp thighs dragged themselves across Astolfo's legs, plopping them right between them to get those massive, sweaty sacks between his knees. Even though his body was repeatedly electrified with pleasure, he still had enough strength and precision to use his knees to knead those gurgling, bloated sacks of cum together, even if they barely moved because of the sheer weight that held them down against the bed which almost creaked against their weight growing heavier to near-orgasmic production~.

"It feels too good...I can't hold on for much longer than this...what do you want me to do...Maste...Mr. Astolfo~?"

Overpowered Astolfo

"We could go with Daddy for you~"

Astolfo though was visibly reaching the limits of his patience, his climax was clearly getting closer and closer as his hips moved in and out of Kaya's ass, very much nothing but a blur as his body moved at what would make even a super human level seem low. His impacts shook the palace, and the thick monster was impacting every single nerve possible, every single possible pleasure point in Kaya's ass was touched at once, Astolfo pants and groans with pleasure, he can feel the constractions and movements of Kaya's ass, his hands grasp tightly onto Kaya's body, and he can barely holding himself through another phrase.

"I want you to cum, I want your little boiclitty to cum for Daddy like a good little toy!"

By now the sound of Astolfo's nuts was able to be heard across the palace and the planet, his balls now holding more than would ever be physically possible as he prepared to fill the Fae with unlimited amounts of mana.

"Take it you little boy toy! Take Daddy's cum up your tight feminine ass!"

The sound heard next coming from Astolfo's nuts wasn't unlike an explosion, an nuke going off as thick literal oceans of seed get pumped out of his cock and into Kaya's body, it meshes with Kaya's body being absorbed and turned into mana, but no matter how fast Kaya's body would receive the mana, more and more of the thick seed would bloat out his body, sending Astolfo's cum out of Kaya's nose and mouth in instants as Kaya's body is filled with more and more of this ultra thick, ultra virile nut. Every spot inside Kaya's body is filled with that ultra mana rich thick cum, it shots down Kaya's soul filling it too to it's very limit. Astolfo's musk attached and engraved into Kaya's skin, mind and soul as more and more of that thick seed gets released again and again.


"D-Daddy? That's too embarrassing, I'm not...AH~!!!" Kaya could feel the balls underneath his ass gurgling with untold amounts of strength, mana, cum, and rumbling. It felt like having a vibrator completely blanket his heart-shaped rear, shaking up his insides and vibrating Astolfo's cock right next to Kaya's prostate. Kaya's body fell limp with bliss as his body convulsed with pleasure, especially when he could feel the thick, unstoppable load of cum slowly pumping out Astolfo's cock, widening its girth before his cumslit slowly spread wide open to let it all out~.

"AHHHHH~!!!! NGH...GLRCK!!!" At the same time Kaya felt Astolfo's cum filling out his stomach and rushing out his nose and mouth, his own body tightened all around the god-stud's member in orgasmic rhythms. Though not nearly as big as the pink-haired femboy's, his 8-inch stiffy was jumping and letting loose every drop of cum it had in his spunk sacks, spilling all over the front of Astolfo's body as well as the bedsheets to the side. Kaya's midriff so quickly went from a feminine tonedness to having a cum-baby stuffed in his boi-hole that he quickly had dirty, lewd fantasies of being forcibly impregnated, unable to move save for licking the cum off Daddy's stud cock~. But all that to say, the mess that was spilling out of Kaya's mouth soon fell across his skin, a steaming mass of virile cock gunk clinging to his body as it added to the musk before being slowly absorbed into his body. The pheromones in it were so salty...so overpowering that they coaxed a double-fold orgasm on top of the one he was already having. If this kept up, he wouldn't have a drop left in his balls by the time they were finished!

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo's overpowered sperm weren't on the mood to rest or to simply stay inside Kaya's body, they touch Kaya's cells and practically rape them, forcing Kaya's body to grow something new... Kaya would feel it as his body so quickly is forced to grow an uterus. There was no chance to escape impregnation, as Kaya's body uses up the mana to produce every single thing needed to make sure that Kaya was bred by Daddy. Astolfo groaned in pleasure, he could practically feel the process happening, a new container growing around his cock, swallowing his seed as he keeps shooting out more and more.

"Did you think being a boy toy would escape from being bred by Daddy?"

Before long Kaya's mouth would stop shooting out the thick cum that escaped from his mouth, now the cum was being contained in his new uterus, being utterly raped by the sperm of the femboy godstud, his newly created eggs being immediatly inseminated as Kaya could feel the new sensations of being pregnant, of being literally fertilized as Astolfo's thick seed raped his DNA into accepting his new role in the palace.

"You will look even better when this belly is filled with my children instead of filled with my cum. Moan like a good little boy toy for Daddy."

It was with a groan of pleasure and a pop that Astolfo finally pulled out, his cock coated in a thick white layer, dripping with his thick nut, while Kaya's belly gaped like never before, a small waterfall slowly going down of that thick viscous fat nut. Kaya's belly looked pregnant of an adult horse, and her uterus was fertilized to the point she would be having ... at least octuplets. On the first batch.


Kaya's pleasure nerves were fried by the overload of pleasure and mana that was coursing throughout his entire body. In no way had he expected the mana to change his body so quickly...or for being packed full of virile sperm that would eventually grow into children feel so pleasurable. Kaya's eyes were stuck behind his eyelids, his breeder hips and boi cunt oozing out cum in an unstoppable cascade. He couldn't move, and he couldn't find the mind to speak as his tongue dangled out, painted as white with cum as Astolfo's cock was when he pulled out. All that Kaya could do was hide their blushing, panting face behind their hands, too bashful to let Astolfo see him like this.

"You...you knocked me up...I...I don't wanna be a...Mommy..." Was the first thing Kaya said when he finally got back the energy to speak, but barely had the mind to think through what he was saying. He spread his fingers out a little bit to look Astolfo in the eyes from behind his hands, taking a long look at the femboy god who effortlessly bound him to the palace. And then he took his other hand to gently cradle his midriff at where his womb would be, where he could feel the undeniable heat of life slowly expanding and growing deep inside of him, each drop of sperm eagerly mingling with his insides.

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo for his own side, gave Kaya a playful kiss, letting Kaya rest on his bed while he stayed beside them. He couldn't help but laugh a bit at the overwhelming bulge on Kaya's belly. "Don't worry, you will get used to it, after all this is only the first batch."


Knowing that only made Kaya blush more and silently think to himself at what other sexual escapades waited for him within the walls of the mansion, his gaping ass twitching even as the last thick globs of divine spunk pour out of his boi hole.