Yuki & Cassie's Reward

Synopsis: Mammon rewards Yuki for his hard work, culminating in a shared gift to their goddess.
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Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon and @🏵💜💔❄🖤💎Yuki drop into a secluded section of Cassie's realm, seemingly a bathing area, adorned with drains, showers, and a massive pool-sized bath in the center of it. The succubus gazes at the quivering boy, picking him up and striding over to the edge of the warm water.

It appears you've mostly done well. Your resilience in the face of a divine is commendable. she states, in a softer, kinder voice.


He feels the ambient shift and the air dampen. Yuki then sees Mammon pick him up, feeling her warm skin.

"Hm... I... thank you! I felt bad for failing the first time."

Her voice made the boy smile. She was so sweet, yet so firm when it needed.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

As she sits down, she holds the boy close to her chest, allowing her energy to flow into him gently as to not overwhelm his already battered senses, encouraging his body to grow back to its former size.

Good. There is always room for improvement.

The hot water washes over her feet and legs as she sits on the edge of the slippery tile, letting Yuki sit atop her lap. Hot vapor rises into the air, the entire room a pleasantly enveloping warmth of clean steam.


Everything was so warm, so good. The air, her arms. Her energy. He felt the body getting back to his original form, then his cock grew as it was usual on Cassie's realm. But he didn't mind. He wasn't paying attention. Yuki was simply looking at her face. Calm and sweet, her encouraging words filling him with delight. Laying on her lap, he wrapped his arm around her for support, not because he thought he was going to fall, but out of affection.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon’s eyes glanced down, making eye contact with Yuki, staring in that same old stoic gaze of hers. Her eyes twinkled, and she grabbed his sides, nestling him between her breasts. Her flaccid cock became trapped between her stomach and his backside. With one arm, she held his midsection tight against her own, as her other free hand caressed his leg. She let their bodies slip further into the steaming water, until her purple shoulders were just barely visible underneath the water


He let himself slide with her. Her eyes giving him shivers of joy. Yuki rested his head on her brests, still his arm wrapped around her, and felt she float and slowly sink. The warm water filling his body with comfort, his mind calming. He could feel his hole hurting from getting contact with the water, but didn't mind. All it was important was her. Yuki closed his eyes, letting the warmth 'heal' his body, and his mind.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Her hand moved to his overgrown package, slowly running her fingers across the base of his cock: slow, gentle strokes that would send shivers down his spine. The energy radiating off of his body was as succulent as the sweetest ambrosia. Even if he said nothing, she knew that his body, his soul was aching for that climactic release. All in due time. Her other hand reached up, gently squeezing the boy's nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Speak your desires Yuki. I'll permit it for now. she whispered into his ear, her mouth close enough for him to feel her breath his cheek


Yuki kept his eyes closed for as long as possible. And then let out a small squeal as he felt her hand touch his cock, finally opening his eyes. He took deep breath, when her hand began the strokes, his mind seemed to float. The initial shivers were so strong he had to hold on her more tightly. When her other hand reached Yuki's nipple, a cute moan escaped from his mouth, his nipple instantly perking up in her fingers. And when he hear her whisper reach his ear, the boy closed his eyes once more, mustering the strength to ask for it, finally. He wanted so bad. He knew he had to be good... but he wanted it so bad. He needed it.

"P-please... let me cum... Miss Mammon..."

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Well you've worked so hard for it. I'm sure you're all pent up after a few days without release, hmm?

Her hand that was caressing his cock slid to the underside and began kneading his overstuffed balls. She let more and more of her energy through her fingers, the sheer amount of it increasing the water near them by a few degrees. Her fingers stimulated his growth, pushing him further into the depths of his desires.

Show me, Yuki. Let the energy flow through you, let it morph your body. Show me how you feel after waiting this long.


"Y-yes... yes!"

The words jumped out of his mouth almost instantly. The rush from her strokes making his body tremble on her arms. The pleasure building up. Yuki's cock was quickly getting hard, and his swollen balls even more sensity than normal. The heat and the arousal getting mixed, her energy flowing through him and making his mind melt. His mouth kept open, sporadic squeals and moans came out his mouth as he felt his pleasure grow and grow. The squeals getting louder, the prolonged moans reaching her ears as he felt it. The so desirable release. It was coming closer, his whole body knew it, and probably Mammon knew it too.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

As Yuki writhed in her arms, panting and moaning like he was about to literally explode, Mammon smiled, ever so slightly. In her eyes, his body was a white-hot supernova of desire - one that she was eager to feed on. Her cock quickly stiffened at the sight, inching up his back to his full 15 inches. It burned with infernal need, even here in the nigh scalding hot pool of water; clear streams of precum ran down the length of her purple, throbbing cock. With a burst of unnatural strength, she lifted the boy into the air, before immediately slamming his already battered hole onto her needy member.

Mmmph. Fuck Yuki. You're a good slave. she huffs in delight.

She clenched her teeth as her magicks lashed out, adding foot upon foot of length onto Yuki's cock, the massive length dwarfing even her now as it bobbed out of the pool a few feet away. Mammon felt his balls well, spilling over her lap and her legs until they made contact with the bottom of the tiled bath below, and still she mercilessly pounded into him, the water helping to offset his growing mass.

Cassie Winters

As you tremble in pleasure you hear a slow clap from the entryway before the mistress of the house and goddess of the realm steps in A good slave indeed~. And ripe for the picking~


He could feel the throbbing cock grow on his back. The mere touch of the hot shaft against his back made him squirm even more. He was quickly taken up and slammed down, and rejoiced with the feeling of her massive cock making way into his hole. Yuki could feel his belly bulge as it pressed and passed his prostate. The moans before where nothing compared to the ones that now left his slutty mouth. The spasms and squirms, the hole tightening around her cock, chewing it and pressing against it, as it pulsated and pressed back. And his cock grew. More than before, more than ever. Although he was focused on his hole. It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the magnificent bliss from each pounding, his open drooling mouth and squint eyes begging for more pounding, more pleasure. He heard the clap, but couldn't move. He was too deep in the pleasure, too deep on Mammon's passion.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Hearing one of her mistress's claps and the lilting sound of her voice broke Mammon out of the spell that she was under, as if she had been doused with ice water

"M-mistress Cassie! I. Oh. I hope you like. This. Mmmmph. This gift for youuuuuuuuuuu." The succubus panted, immediately enraptured by the sound of Cassie's voice ringing through her ears. It was a chance to prove how well she had trained this slave for her. That thought alone was what sent her over the edge - not the quivering form of Yuki clenching on her rock hard shaft, but the opportunity for more servitude, to make Cassie bigger and better.

Her own cock spasmed, unloading into Yuki's innards with the force of a runaway truck. Blast after blast of her own cum shot forth, her mind completely sent over the edge from Cassie's presence here.Through blurry eyes she could see Yuki's cock stretching across the massive bath, double her own height - an entire 12 feet long and about as thick around as her entire waist. His balls, two massive sacks of flesh and cum, were just barely visible underneath the disturbed water of the tub. His stomach grew and distended with each fertile blast of spunk.

She wrapped her hand around Yuki's mouth, pulling him in tight. "T-this is what it means to serve. Give yourself up for her. For @Cassie Winters ❄" she manages to utter in a shaking, hoarse tone as pleasure continues to wrack her body.

Cassie Winters

The moment I step in the room, the perspective of all within shifts. While Yuki's cock once filled the length of the tub, my joined slaves were now barely the size of a rubber duck in the vast pool and their ejaculate reduced to tiny squirts. You pull your eyes away from one another to see the hulking, overwhelming, muscular, curvy, perfect form of your goddess. I stood so tall, my face wasn't even visible behind my massive breasts. But that's not what you were looking at anyway. Lower, beneath my cobbled core, each abdominal brick of solid muscle the size of each of you, all the way down to the unbreakable, insatiable behemoth that was my thick, sweaty cock. The monster constantly dripped with sweat and pre like a dog eager for its meal...and what a delicious meal it was about to have~. I step into the bath with two heavy footfalls, as you hold on for dear life as the still pool becomes a raging sea. My utterly massive balls, drooping into the pool even now, were so dense, nearly a fourth of the water from the tub was displaced, spilling out onto the floor. My leviathan stretched across the length of the tub, right in front of your prick, letting you drink in my utter superiority and my potent fluids spilling all about you. The sheer quantity of which would soon replace the water in the tub entirely. The slit beckoned to @🏵💜💔❄🖤💎Yuki ...its size perfect for a 'tiny' cock like his to enter. To offer all he had...and more~.

"Feed me~."


Her cock pulsated with such violence Yuki felt his body twist. But it was nothing compared to the exploding loads of cum getting pushed against him. He was almost pushed forward, but her cock seemed glued to his bottom as it spurted more and more thick sperm. His own overly sensitive dick grew, and by the second load it had already gotten too big for him to hold it. Her hands wrapping themselves around his mouth pulled his body back. The boy didn't even try to resist, his mouth drooling on her fingers. Mammon's words echoing through his head, and then he looked at his Mistress.

"Mistress... Cassie..."

Was the only thing he could say before the raging waves made him almost lose his balance. He felt he should kneel, but couldn't. His massive cock wouldnt let him. And her cock. What a monumental drooling wonder it was, pointing at him with desire. And her voice echoed through his head. But it wasn't like @😈❄ Mammon, Succubus of Greed's. Her words were from a true Divine.

"I will give you my all."

He said, not wanting to wait one more second, and pushed the tip of his cock against her massive slit. It was like never he had felt before. Being inside a Divine. But she had graced him with this unique opportunity. Something men would kill and die for. And he would too. The orgasm was almost instant, but the feeling would never leave his mind and soul.

Mammon, Succubus of Greed

Mammon’s orgasm only intensified as the power radiating off of Cassie’s body changes the realm to fit her enormous stature. Her breath quickened as she stared into the sky, the hundred foot tall form of her Mistress looming over the pair like a monument. Steam and musk mixed in the air, driving both her and Yuki insane from the pheromones wafting off of Cassie’s body. The combined vapors made a dense, opaque fog, blocking the sight of her visage from the unworthy pair. The sweat dripping off of Cassie’s body sizzled as it mixed with the steaming hot liquid, further adding to the unimaginable scent filling the bathing area. It took far too much concentration on the succubus’s part to prevent her and Yuki from getting pulled under the waves crashing around in the tub from Cassie stepping into and allowing her massive, overfilled balls to spill into the lake-like tub.

The cockhead looming infront of the entangled pair pulsed with an unnatural hunger, the simple motion of its twitching splashing the noxious mixture of bathwater and sweat into the two tiny forms of Mammon and Yuki. If there was any body part that could ever be described as greedy, it was Cassie’s leviathan of a cock. Mammon felt a pull from the enormous rod, like she was a satellite on a collision course with a planet. This close, the pair of them could hear their goddess's heartbeat, running through the entirety of her enormous form. Any sensible line of thought was eliminated as Yuki thrusted. The delirious succubus bucked her hips too, pushing off of the ledge they rested with one fluid motion, sealing the pair's fate as Cassie's cock voraciously gobbled Yuki’s entire length in a single gulp.

Mammon screamed with pleasure as she made contact with the searing-hot skin of Cassie’s cock. The sensations from being this close were overwhelming: the smell of Cassie’s unwashed, sweaty skin, the sensation of rutting inside Yuki while she pair of them were utterly dwarfed by their mistress’s enormityAs she unloaded into Yuki, Yuki unloaded into their shared mistress, the both of them further empowering and imbuing her with their pent up energy. Cassie’s length bobbed up into the air, swinging the pair skyward. Globules of precum, each the size of Mammon’s body mixed with the relatively paltry output streaming down the inside of Cassie’s cock only to blast into the delerious pair with the force of a fire hydrant, coating both the succubus and the slave with thick, hypervirile precum. With each and every gallon blasted into Cassie’s gaping hole, the cock supporting them only shuddered and grew in size, along with the rest of the room. The sounds of her skin and flesh stretching underneath them was deafening. Once merely comparable to a bed in size compared to the ensnared duo, their life force and size drained away with each blast of cum, the entire grand serpent of a cock drinking away and empowering itself with their offering. Each throb of the fleshy expanse beneath them felt like an earthquake. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, until both Cassie and her cock had grown large enough to simply swallow the pair whole, the two servants becoming mere sustenance for Goddess Cassie’s continued growth. The last thing either of them would see is the dark expanse of the inside of Cassie's cock before they both simply slipped into blissful oblivion.