The Overpowered Comparison

Synopsis: Can the counterfeit ever defeat the original? Eri seems to want to find out today. Two ridiculously over the top powerful characters try to find out who is the strongest, even though the end result would be obvious.
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Overpowered Eri~

A portal of near infinite heat and suffering briefly opens in this assembly of fractured realms, seeming to be impromptu or a freak of nature by its jagged, sudden, and limited appearance, but in reality it was simply to provide the entrance of a single, small, cheeky demon of infinite power, sensing a likeness very much to his own within this lovely multiverse of Gods and Goddesses~ My name is OP Eri, and I have yet to even step foot outside hell prior to sensing this overwhelmingly familiar entity, but it was simply too unique to not set out. I have earned a reputation for being incredibly illusive, condescending, and haughty, only allowing a select few to endure my attentions, and yet even then all they will feel is suffering~! It is for that reason which I enter this realm barely clothed, completely alone and unguarded, and with no weapons or armor to speak of. I simply wear a loose, ragged robe around my small body. The enchanted cloth's only purpose to hide my beautiful form from unworthy creatures who may dare to gaze upon it, ESPECIALLY my divine member which is currently tucked away between my legs within a pocket dimension~ "Imitator, where are you!" I call out to every entity which inhabits this realm!!!

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo was just done pulling out his cock from @😈❄ Mammon, Succubus of Greed's permanently pregnant bloated body, truly the planet was in shambles, the buildings had mostly collapsed and the entire planet was coated in his musk. "Damn, every time I try to make the buildings able to be sustain the damage, but they always break. Tsk Tsk" With a snap the entire planet gets fixed, every building is replaced with one 10 times stronger, and the air of the planet goes back to levels where normal humans can still think. Just as he was done and Mammon's body was sent to nursery for the incoming process of forever birthing, he sat down on his throne to play more Disgaea, and then the portal opened and the OP Imp entered the room. Astolfo sighed... it is one of those days.

"So let me see... First I had that succubus show up, I guess you are another one of the ones that felt my existence when I interacted with this realm of realms... So ... who are you now?"

Overpowered Eri

The demon giggles and removes his hood~ A high honor and proof of already feeling respect for this smug, small, hung fem boy! The creature shares all these features, his revealed head having a messy mane of ivory white hair and two small, crimson horns~ Truly in another life they might be brothers~! "Please, succubi are to me what mortal women are to you. I am of another league my fellow Divine. I am Overpowered Eri, and I have taken a lovely vacation from my throne in hell to see if your presence is even half as spectacular as my own! Which, judging from what I am sensing at the moment, might just be the case! I mean, I would put you down for a third, but I am trying to be optimistic here~!" It also certainly helped that the realms were literally in closer proximity to each other than any other~ As he gloats, compliments, and threatens, Eri continues to lazily approach the throne~! Skipping, tip toeing, spinning and generally having a lovely time~!

Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo couldn't help but be distracted a bit, his switch beeps and boops with the noises of DIsgaea 5, while he sometimes glances at the imp approaching him. He couldn't help but roll his eyes a bit, Astolfo knew there wasn't a point to this, his powers of meta-narration meant that the result of this competition was pretty much pre-ordained, but it was always fun to engage. So before long he turns around a bit to be more straight on his throne, pulling his switch to the side, and letting it rest on the desk beside his table. He looks at Eri for a good second, and he already knows everything he needs to know.

"You seem cute, you seem to indeed abuse of the same meta-narration rules that I do. That's truly cute of your side. I can see that clearly it is a rule in the meta-narration that you are stronger than whoever you talk to. But you lack the understanding that when you fight with meta-narration, whoever is older and more detailed wins."

Did Eri even know how his powers use meta-narration? Well that was meaningless, Astolfo simply rested smugly with his hand on his chin, looking at Eri as he gets closer. "Now Eri demonstrate your power"

Overpowered Eri

The sounds of this one's little machine both infuriated and impressed the approaching adorable guy! On the one hand, he feels ignored and insulted, which for a smug tiny bastard like him is akin to having your heart torn from your chest! But on the other, he cannot help but respect the sheer display of smugness and confidence before a force which can sunder realities at but a thought! And then those compliments! Even if Eri has no fucking clue what meta-narration is, probably something with his reality altering powers, it is clear that their kinship is being reinforced with each passing second~! And yet, that INSULT! Eri is older than time itself! Eri has been a feature of rps longer than any other entity he has had the pleasure of meeting! It is with all these emotions, fury, curiosity, sadness, joy, empathy, lust, respect, that the demon is quickly approaching hotter and hotter!

"I am more than CUTE! I am the ruler of hell! I LITERALLY eat subs for breakfast! I can reach outside of reality itself just to mess with a limit or ignore a kink, and you think I lack understanding!? I am going to MAKE you understand the folly of your ways before I have you pay retribution for them!"

His robe is incinerated from his small body! Instantly showing blood soaked flesh and a receeding cock portal, quickly laying out a member that is beyond measuring, as it simply goes BEYOND the biggest whoever is viewing it thinks possible!!!

Overpowered Astolfo

Couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh at the insanity of the situation, truly it was a fun situation to engage in and worthy of stopping his Disgaea session. He laughed at the insane situation and reality bending powers. Astolfo pulled out his own cock, and it could be measured. His cock was simply 43 centimeters long soft, and yet... it was longer than Eri's one.

"You see... it's on the rules. I am bigger. It is simple like that Eri. My cock is bigger than yours. It doesn't matter how powerful you are, how strong you have become or how many subs you eat for breakfast. My cock is bigger"

Astolfo calmly got up from his seat, getting right in front of Eri, his cock more than twice the size of Eri's even as it was soft getting closer and closer, and before long their cocks rub one against the other. The overwhelming sensation sending more pleasure through Eri's body than all his fucking sessions before... that single touch, literally forcing an orgasm out of Eri's soul forcefully.

"You see Eri, reality itself, says it. You are meant to be below me. You can't contradict the rules. You look cute though~"

Overpowered Eri

Oh no, what has Eri done!? This god seemed so lazy and uncaring, every action effortless and bothersome, but that only makes him stronger! This brief distraction enough to immediately turn the tables on the king of hell and his overwhelming might! Or was just the thought of that enough!? Was even having the passing idea that he is weaker enough to ruin Eri!? And if all this was not insulting enough, if those words did not press his ego down far enough, the simple touching of his superior cock felt like a collar around the demon's neck!!!

"I am cute! A-And Hell is at the bottom of the realms, but I choose to be there! I am not below you or anyone! That is why I never have to leave! This time was sp-special! You are just tricking me! You are cheating! When I get past this I am going to make a tenth circle just for you! W-Weakling!"

A simple cock measuring contest is stupid! It does not matter his is bigger! And thicker... Did he really have to press it against mine like that? It feels so nice... to be with him like this... NO! I can't contradict the rules, but I can make new ones! I have scary muscles! And I only fuck! And my asshole is too tight to fuck! Eri's mind panics and his powers flail like a cornered animal! He cannot back down, cannot run away, only struggle!!!

Overpowered Astolfo

"You should calm down and breath Eri, it should let it all flow with more calmness you little cutie."

Astolfo let Eri take the moment to understand the scene, but the more time passes after Astolfo takes out his pants the more that thick virile ultra musk begins to cover the air. Any attempt at musk Eri might have had is instantly defeated, like comparing the smell of a faint perfume to that thick manly sweet musk coming from Astolfo's fat nuts and cock. By the time Eri realises Astolfo is behind him, giving a hug from behind as Eri would feel that thick fat soft cock rubbing against his butt. From behind Astolfo grabs Eri's cock and begins stroking it back and forward, by now though the thick godly cock of Eri was more like... 15 centimeters long, as Astolfo strokes it up and down. He rests his head on Eri's shoulder, looking down upon his work.

"Your cock looks so much better like that Eri, it is so much cuter... you almost look as cute as me... but sadly that's impossible. But I bet you will be getting closer and closer soon. Don't worry I am gladly adding that extra length you don't need to my cock."

By now Astolfo's musk was the air itself, it was more pheromones than oxygen by now, of that pure mind raping musk. "Eri I am in doubt tonight, I like so many titles... which one would you like to say the most huh? Let's go over the options together alright Eri? We have... GodStud, UltraStud, Femboy Stud, we have the classic Daddy, maybe I am feeling magnanimous today? God King? Which one sounds better Eri?"

Overpowered Eri


The ruler of hell immediately covers his mouth with both hands. The word flowed from a part of his brain he thought he had LONG since suppressed! It has been EONS since the last time Eri had a slip to his time as a mortal, ten times as long to the last time another's musk made him feel anything, and a hundred times since the last time he felt a cock rub against his butt! This is more than nostalgia, or habit, or even time travel! This is like... DE-EVOLUTION!? Like becoming a sperm in the balls again! Like his thick balls against my ass, so soft and cushy, and they smell so NICE.

"NO NO NO NO NO! My cock is supposed to be big and scary! But I am cute too! And I am cuter than you right? I want to be the cutest so bad! You can't make me cuter! You won't trick me! I bet all that cock meat is too heavy for you! Your big meaty dick is just gonna drag on the ground! I am totally CALM! I am a GOOD BOY!!!"

PANT PANT PANT! Despite this literal temper tantrum the demon does not choose to move in the slightest! Or is he not allowed to move~? Is his body not following him? Why did he say some shit about good boys that is such subby nonsense! The panicking god can hardly weather his own mind let alone the absolute wonder of lust behind him~! In this weakness his body becomes softer and more relaxed~ Astolfo's chin sinking in deeper and more naturally to his nape~ That butt his cock is trying to hot dog coming closer and closer to hot dogging it as it puffs up, all those scary muscles fading with each heavy breath and pant~!

Overpowered Astolfo

Before long Astolfo's hand grasps upon Eri's chin, softly guiding his head back just enough for Astolfo to begin a kiss from behind, dancing his tongue inside Eri's mouth, letting that saliva do an even more intense assault of pheromones as Astolfo begins to get horny for real. His skin begins to heat up, and the thick musk coming from his body becomes a thick smog, a heavy mist that was visible to the naked eye, he was quite literally releasing a thick mist of ultra virile musk in the air, that truly overwhelms air itself. There was no space for oxygen anymore, the air was 100% musk and nothing else. Mortals would survive breathing it only by the outrageous power of his pheromones, as they rape every brain that dares receive them.

Astolfo keeps stroking Eri's cock more and more to till it becomes nothing but a 3 centimeter long little nub even as he is hard, meanwhile... Eri would feel it... he is being lifted off as that thick cock, that heated piece of steel lifts him by the legs, while the kiss keeps going on and on, Astolfo's tongue so easily dominating Eri's own, dancing and wrestling inside as his body gets pulled off the ground with such ease. Astolfo finally releases the kiss letting Eri look down to see his little cock below that thick fuck cannon lifting him off the ground.

"A good choice... Daddy. Sometimes the classics are always in style right Eri? Surely there are many other ways for me to defeat you, a cockslap would have been fun, a nice musk overload would be delightful, maybe an instant defeat sometime. Tell you what Eri, when Daddy is finished with you, and you are thoroughly branded, I will make sure to make you forget it all, so when you come here again, I can defeat you in another way! Tell Daddy how many times you will come here try to fight me!"

Overpowered Eri

"However many it takes!"

Eri is once again baffled as he speaks without true decision or thought, but more importantly, that he spoke his answer not with hate, or determination, or anger, but pure, unadulterated JOY! This is a literal furnace for revealing the insatiably depraved and infinitely subby fem boy beneath this Divine veneer! Such an absolute calculated assault on everything that made Overpowered Eri into the force of nature he was! I mean IS!

"Y-Your musk is not that good twitch! Your tongue tastes awful twitch! Th-This pathetic cock... ILLUSION, on yours AND mine is just a desperate ploy and is just plain childish twitch twitch TWITCH! YOU CAN'T... DO THIS DADDY!"

Every single fucking time Eri finished a thought he felt the nearly insatiable urge to say Daddy, resulting in twitches galore until at last with one big emotional outburst he could not contain the demeaning and yet somehow infinitely respectful name! Or maybe, maybe it was because every last thing he said was a LIE! Watching his cock shrink to even SMALLER than when he was a slave! Mounting a meaty member for the first time in millenia, tasting the tongue of another within his own mouth, all of it feels absolutely FANTASTIC! Maybe even BETTER than when he was a slave!

And yet nothing is melting him down more than his ultimate sex obsession, the purest and most enjoyable aspect of his existence, MUSK! Every fiber of Eri's being wants to dive forward and below and bury his nose in the insanely smelly and Alpha pheremone laiden folds of this creatures BALLS!!!

Overpowered Astolfo

To any watchers that could remain conscious through the ultimate barrage of ridiculous musk that was Astolfo's aura, Astolfo's body was now downright hard to see, covered in thick white clouds of pure unadulterated musk. Musk so powerful that anyone in a 100 kilometer radius is already pulled into a permanent horny coma for the rest of their lives. An overwhelming presence that signaled the power of the ultimate godstud. Truly you had to be one of the strongest gods to ever exist to be able to remain conscious through this barrage on the senses. The only reason Eri was still conscious at all, is the nature of being the target of Astolfo. Truly Eri wasn't standing or talking because they were strong, the only reason they were allowed resistance at all, is that it would be boring if they weren't capable of resisting at least this much

"Let us go through the rules alright Eri?" Astolfo said while slowly walking back to his throne with Eri mounted on the godly obelisk that was Astolfo's cock. "The first one is simple. Daddy is always the cutest." Astolfo said the first rule while slowly positioning Eri ontop of his throne, sitting Eri down and pushing his ass back. The thick cock still rubbing against Eri's small cute miniature "The second one is simple, you are already saw that one, Daddy is always bigger" Slowly the thick monster pulled back, rubbing across the length as Eri was forced to remain in place, ass aimed back while that thick cock slides off from below him. "The third one is simple... and you must already have understood it a while ago my cutie." Eri would feel it... that thick cannon, the monstrous godrod was aimed at his ass... it was teasing his pucker, teasing the entrance with every touch. Astolfo gave a slap to Eri's soft ass, one powerful slap that reverberates through Eri's body, the entire planet and hell itself. And then it happens... time practically stops as every nerve inside Eri's body fires off at once, sending gigawatts of stimuli to his brain all at once. "Repeat with me Eri, DADDY ALWAYS WINS"

Overpowered Eri

And he can feel it. The quivering little ball of demon flesh resting upon Astolfo's cock can sense that the full brunt of the musk surrounding and perforating his ludicrously weakened boy is being shielded by a passing whim of said God's mind, and it is tearing the cock piece's mind in TWO~! On the one hand, he is thankful that the tiny little core of resistance, buried deep, DEEP within his flesh beneath mountains of protective measures, is able to survive only because of this fleeting gift! But on the other hand... why can't he smell it? This is the joy of his life! For millions upon millions of years he sought the perfect musk and now that it is surrounding him he will throw it away for some stupid developed pride!? LET ERI DO WHAT ERI DOES BEST AND HUFF MUSK! When he proposes going through the rules Eri does not even have enough remaining brain power to fight the assertion. In fact, the added relief of the breeze provided by Astolfo's movement only soothes Eri further~! Providing a nice, gentle path for that first rule right into the gooey center of his fem boy brain~! "Daddy always the cutest..." Eri mutters drunkenly, hesitant enough to not be completely obedient, but certainly not reluctant enough to mean that he will not be following it~! He moans and coos uncontrollably as he is placed in the comfy seat and his widdle boy clitty is allowed to further be friends with Daddy's giant Alpha cock! "Daddy always biggerer...~"

It is so nice that Daddy is helping Eri try and rearrange his thoughts with all these easy to follow rules! Eri's ears perk up at the mention of the third and final rule, simple, like his life used to be! And if he already understood it this will be a peace of cake! Huff, huff, HUFF for good measure~! Eri MOANS on muscle memory! Rewakening his subby bits just in time for a hearty slutty sound of approval at that all too familiar feeling of a good, fat cock head at his ass! His butt pussy unused for so long that it may as well be virgin again, and yet with all the experience of a multi-versal boi whore! That wonderful, meaty SLAP makes him moan even harder! The sound rattling hell to its core and making the most horrifying demons in all existence moan in terror! And... and... AND... AND HE BREAKS WITH THAT MUCH NERVE DAMAGE~!


Overpowered Astolfo

Astolfo takes a moment, when that head pops in, he groans with satisfaction for a second, in that moment he was calm, relaxed... every sound was meaningless for the femboi godstud, as he held onto Eri's ass from both sides. And then he begins, he isn't moving that fast this time, this first insertion he moves his cock forward at what amount to a glacial pace, moving centimeter by centimeter of godly fuckmeat inside the broken fucktoy. Each added centimeter is an exponential attack on Eri's very nervous system, it sends energy through it that exceeds what those sensors could achieve, it pushes everything aside and the thick cum heals Eri at the same time. Every single drop of prenut that enters Eri's body is more filled with energy than he ever wielded in his whole life, it pushes his brain to the limits of functionality and wipes it clean with every extra movement of such a thick fuck cannon.

Truly every movement of Astolfo wasn't just fucking Eri, it was all connected, it was like Astolfo was fucking the concept of hell itself, every demon in every nook and crany having their very soul, their very existence raped by this godly ultra cock. In that moment the entire planet was once again overwhelmed, covered in the ultra virile divine musk of the ultimate godstud, Hell itself was covered with it's otherworldly dominance. It was simple. It was very simple.

Daddy. Always. Wins .

It was a simple rule of existence, to exist is to lose to Daddy, to live is to lose to daddy, to breath, to think, to eat, is to lose to Daddy. There is no concept where the ultimate god stud, the God King, loses. That concept is not existent in his very existence, just like some people are immortal, the universe itself conspires so that no matter what happens...

Daddy. Always. Wins

And so it went, more and more of the godly reality breaker was pushed inside Eri's body, fucking not only his body, not only his mind, not only his soul, but the very concept of his existence, bends and gives away as that cock slowly pushes itself through it. The very meta-aspect of Eri's existence is marked, a marking so powerful not even Astolfo himself could ever take it out.

Daddy. Always. Wins

Then, it happened, those fat nukes that were Astolfo's fat factories of seed, slapped on the back of Eri's legs, he was finally inside to the very root, every movement of that godly obelisk of cock shakes the very world that Eri lives in. In that moment it was simply too much info, Eri would become incapable of seeing, of feeling, of feeling any scent that wasn't that monstrous god cock that penetrated his body to the very limits of possibility. It was time... for the fucking to begin.

And it kept going, in Eri's brain something seemed to echo together with the endless coma of pleasure that would rage through his brain. His life, his memories, his relationships, his entire existence, was pummeled as that cock moves through it like a battering ram. In that single moment Eri's brain was empty of anything but the simple notion that...

Daddy. Always. Wins. .

Astolfo begun to push his hips back and forward, at first it was slow but every single time he was moving faster, every time he goes to the very base of his cock, Eri would achieve a moment of nirvana, his body being powered up by nothing but the fact he was a cocksleeve, his entire energy supplied by nothing but the godstud's cock and will. In that moment Eri was the strongest divine in all of existence, second only to the godstud... and yet it took it all for him to be allowed by the godstud to survive the ridiculous destruction of his soul, body, mind, concept and existence. Astolfo's hips moved at what seems like light speed, literally shaking the planet with earthquakes that exceed the possible measuring of them, the planet begins to crack as Astolfo's cum nukes impact Eri and the throne like thousands of atomic bombs going at once.

Time is a bit hard to measure when you are fucking someone at relativistic speeds... technically this whole thing is lasting one second, but for Eri? His brain has already gone through enough sex to fill the entire lifespan of the universe trillions of times, when the first signs of Astolfo's orgasm begin to appear.

Overpowered Eri

The entire foundation of Overpowered Eri's power and very self is mounted in time. It took him eons to arrive at the existence which the creature within him is currently violating. Countless lives lived, lost, experienced in every conceivable way. And yet Daddy discards them like mere passing moments, each thrust redefining the little dominated demon's definition of what it means for 'time to pass'. Eri had worked long and hard to become the king of hell, and then spent even longer getting nice and lazy, and complacent, and overpowered after that.

But now they all mean nothing to him! Every last demonic creature, every last damned soul, every hellish existence subject to his supposedly unbeatable and unconquerable will now less than worthless, only distractions between him and the behemoth of musk and power behind him~! And they can all feel it! Literally each and every subservient life and life after death beneath him writhing at the sensation of having their Lord and Master fucked into total submission, their new Overpowered God, their Daddy filling their minds and loins!

- Lava boils, rock is torn asunder, powers are gained and lost and the hierarchy is completely rearranged. New circles are formed and others are destroyed, and most distressing of all, the throne of hell crumbles to dust and is blown away without a second thought. One similar to Astolfo's own materializing out of nowhere should he choose to ever vacation in the realm now under his control, the barrier between the two permanently and irreparably torn open, adding yet another realm to the lostbelt.

And along with everything else Overpowered Eri has lost, this meta destruction effects even his name as well. He worked for eons to earn the designation. Separate himself from his slutty, subby past. But at the very bounds of reality that is taken from him, his very designation by the universe subject to change within his mind, and the mind of all creatures. The letters flicking away~ O, v, e etc. Until most insultingly of all the d is flicked away along with his micro boy clitty being insulting flicked by the universe itself, the 'Overpowered' of OP Eri lost to the wind. He may still be a demon as corruption is not so easy to wash out, but every bit of overwhelming power has been stripped away! He is just Eri.

Well even that is a bit of his leap. This power is quickly turning him into mush more than any living being that deserves a name! Eyes rolled back, tongue extended, mouth failing with lewd subby spittle flying everywhere, along with the phrase "Daddy always wins!" Or at least until his faculties melt further and further, soon uttering the phrase, "Dabbeeuhwsws!" instead, the former king of Hell demeaned to an fuckedness only reserved for the weakest and loosest of whores, all of the power being pumped in only working to make his ass better to squeeze and fuck along with that tight boy pussy. Eri has been dominated completely~

Overpowered Astolfo

The rumbling that comes when Astolfo's orgasm is being prepared, equals in power to nothing to ever happen before, to compare it to the big bang would be an absurd insult, every big bang in every universe combined wouldn't even be a firecracker in comparison to the reaction that happens inside the cum nukes between Astolfo's legs. Truly there wasn't a chance in any universe of any being to ever survive this monstrous release, the only thing that will keep Eri 'alive' through this is the very will of the one above all. The monstrous god cock throbs with power that seems to risk the very destruction of the concepts of reality, through this moment Eri's brain would be completely blank, a level of nirvana that once again puts Eri above in power to any other divine, a god of gods that was only fitting to be a condom for the godstud's ultimate release.

Or at least that's how it would feel to anyone capable of watching this, it was just monday for Astolfo, putting this orgasm on a 7 out of 10. He groaned feeling as his balls prepared for the release, the very sound shaking the existence of all realities. And as the entire multiverse shakes to the next rumble of his nuts, he releases. On the first picosecond Astolfo releases more energy than all realities have ever produced before, it wipes the fabric of physics and mathematics as the very concept of 1 + 1 becomes Astolfo's cock, logic itself bends and breaks, the very functionality of how existence works breaks. Only one truth is permanent, only one truth would always be there no matter how much the very fabric of existence is raped by the godly cock of Astolfo.

Daddy always wins.

In that moment of release, once again the power that was vested in Eri would make reality itself break at the existence of such a powerful being, the cocksock for the godstud. Astolfo's orgasm keeps going ... and going... and going. The ridiculous release, the very sound of it making every being alive in every dimension in every timeline, no matter the gender, pregnant. Permanently pregnant. THe entire concept of being alive meaning being pregnant with Astolfo's children. The more it goes on the more it breaks, the more the very concepts get raped by that giant cock, gravity becomes a phenomenon of his cock, matter and anti-matter become pregnant with his existence. Truly this was a multiversal apocalyptic event.

And then... it is over. Reality is back to normal across all the multiverses. Eri is back in hell. The world is back to how it was before... except for one little reminder, a new milf on the godly nursery of Astolfo, permanently in a coma of pleasure, never to wake up, permanently pregnant to give birth of his perfect godly children for the rest of eternity. Nobody would ever know this milf was the original Eri, nobody would ever understand how he got there. She would live the rest of eternity in this pleasure coma, never to escape the endless pleasure of Astolfo's 7 out of 10 orgasm. And there Astolfo relaxed, on his throne playing some Disgaea 5 hoping to have a few more moments of peace after these two sessions back to back.

Daddy always wins.

How Eri's body was modified by the situation, and how he will appear on the nursery for the rest of eternity