Champion Defeated

Synopsis: Hilda runs into a lewd, perverted Gardevoir. Things escalate quickly.
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Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda made sure not to make too much noise going on through the rest of the forest, the only crunching being the dirt under her shoes and the small shakes of her bag. Such a tiring day looking for a new Pokemon, and yet she hasn't found any luck. Was it the sounds she made? Her looks? The way that her shorts were crammed with that cock of hers and the balls that needed to be covered up so it wasn't obscene? Who knows what it was. But there was some LOUD sounds coming out from the clearing, as Hilda immediately stepped to the side, right behind a tree. She could see some sort of monstrous shadow through the clearing, but she couldn't make out the shape… a new Pokemon? She dipped her head right around the tree for a better look, but thanks to her giant hair, it was a bit hard to hide that up in the wild…

2 8 2
2 8 2 was hard to miss, anyways. Impossibly to miss. Who could miss a towering, grinning Gardevoir, floating above what seemed like an entire herd of Zebstrika and fucking them senseless? Lightning thundered through the air, jumping from stallion to hung, shuddering stallion, feral studs whinnying as they were absolutely milked of load after load, leaving the clearing buried under a burbling of sparking, glowing horsecum. Those monstrous Pokemon barely came up to her massive, wobbling udders, leaking milk from titanic tits as she reached down to two of the beasts and jerked, slapping her massive hands against churning, gurgling sacks. The rest of the herd was no better, telekinetic hands milking the beasts dry, every one of them shuddering as the Gardemommy's giggles resounded through their brains - and through Hilda's. That's a good boy, let it all out. Show me just how much you can cum, cutie!~

And her bright, glowing eyes happened to glance across the Champion's form. She'd known Hilda was there all along. The Gardemommy winked. And just think, if I can do this to all of them, what can I do to you?~

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda felt her eyes just widen up from the spectacle she was looking at. Was that a… Gardevoir? Those things weren't around the Unovan region, right? What was one doing here? And how did these Zebstrika get her too?! All she could see was flared up zebra cock spewing out loads of cum into a little puddle around the group… She had no idea what to do! But her shaft wasn't helping much, twitching in her shorts and slowly hardening up. She gulped, freezing on the spot when she heard a voice in her head. Wait, this thing was talking telepathically… and now she found her out! Hilda stepped right from the tree, took a fierce position, and immediately grabbed a Poke Ball from her bag, completely empty. This one seemed to be pretty purple, but not like a Master Ball…

"I have no clue what's going on, but I don't think I need to see anything else! Let's go, Poke Ball!" She spoke out, chucking the empty ball right at the Gardevoir! Hopefully these special balls she got from Cheren will do the trick…

2 8 2
2 8 2 's eyes tracked the spinning purple ball perfectly, watching it move towards her and then-


She caught it perfectly within her three-fingered hand. 'Did you really think you could do it that easily?' The Gardevoir bared her teeth in a grin, and then - squeezed. And Hilda could feel it. A certain other set of balls felt phantom Gardevoir hands squeezing deep into them. She kneaded and squeezed the cutting-edge technology between her digits like a stress ball, and the trainer felt it all. And then that fat, wet tongue slipped out of her hungry mouth, and dragged across the ball(s), slathering it/them with thick, sticky drool - even from all the way over there!

And the Zebstrika herd, disappointed at having their fun interrupted, started to stalk towards Hilda, zebra stallions ready to turn those titanic flared cocks on her….

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda knew she'd have the ability to catch it… wait, what? The Gardevoir caught it?! She's seen Pokemon bat the ball away, but never catching it! And what was she doing? The ball was squeezed, and then she felt her own balls succumb to such a strong grip, grabbed and handled through her shorts, making her moan out loud! Her pants were instantly soaked thanks to a big pre blast from her growing shaft, already beginning to break out of the shorts, that fat head making it closer to the ground… And what were the Zebstrika doing now?!

"H-How are you doing this~?!" She cried out, panting a bit as she tried to get her shorts off, thankfully yanking them down and letting a HUGE pre puddle spill out before her…

2 8 2
2 8 2 waved her free finger. 'Wasting cum for mommy? Nuh uh. None of that now. I think I'll let my boys here fill you and get you all pent up. Have at her, studs!' She giggled again, floating closer and theatrically driving the herd forward with a translucent whip of psychic energy. It even CRACKED! And all the while, Hilda could feel her growing shaft suddenly bottle up, force flowing into the tip and jamming the cumslit shut. Keeping her from orgasming, from leaking any more.

And that was before she found herself at the center of a group of massively hung Zebstrika stallions, drooling gallons from flares, churning and gurgling balls clouding her brain in a fog of feral virility. It was already getting hard to think, hard to see, hard to even breathe as the herd bore down on her, one titanic gut-stretching cock pushing against her ass while another pushed up… against her cock!! And all the while, the Gardevoir watched, her glowing eyes piercing through the smog in her brain…

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda "W-What?!" She could only cry out before she looked to a big squiggle of psychic energy cracking out loud, and suddenly, her cock didn't feel so great… Her cumslit didn't fight back against the weird energy force, but you could clearly see the giant pre building up from being blocked, making her gasp out. "W-What did you do to my dick?!" She exclaimed, and then finding another massive thing beginning to penetrate it… one of the Zebstrika's dicks were pressing hard into her shaft, making her groan out. That super-tight asshole was met with a musky, fully flared cock, pushing up against her, staring right into the eyes of the Gardevoir… God, she was just gorgeous~

"M-My bag… I need to… f-fight back! G-gah~…" She drooled, desperately hoping to get one of her six Pokemon in her balls. For a Champion, she carried some VERY strong Pokemon~

2 8 2
2 8 2 practically cackled! Oh, I just plugged up your shaft with my psychic power, nothing big. Go ahead and struggle, by the way, it's more fun when cuties try to resist. Though the Zebstrikas are a new addition, do try to enjoy them, darling.~

She floated above one of the stallions, her delicious form tantalizingly out of reach as the herd went to town on the hapless Hilda. A flared shaft slammed her cock open, the stud in question shuddering and grunting from the tightness. Apparently the plug was somehow one way, too, as Hilda felt a thick splurt of electrically charged pre gush into her bloated sack. The one behind her speared into her guts, hooves resting on her shoulders… And then there was another one, clambering over its friend to push needily at her face, sparking off her lips. And her hands, instead of finding her pokeballs, found two more massive, throbbing flared shafts. The rest of the herd seemed content to grind against her or against their own friends, pouring out sloppy, sizzling gallons across her, practically drowning her in sticky goo!

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda didn't take the cock shoved into hers lightly… That thing was big enough to distend her own to look much thicker, throbbing hard and oozing out enough pre to make her nuts tingle and tense up, adding into her hot human seed, making her squeal out. Her sack immediately bloated on out with the addition, along with the feeling of her asshole getting spread open with another monstrous zebra dick. And then, the bulge pushed right up through her stomach! A third was right in front of her mouth before forcefully shoved past her teeth, making her gag out in protest! God, the taste was so nasty… but so delicious as well~ Two hands covering two dicks, a surge of electric pre shooting out all over her… The fact she managed to keep her balance by standing was impeccable~

W-What the hell are you doing to me, you… How are you even here?! Gardevoirs don't belong in Unova unless they're from another trainer! She cried out from her thoughts.

2 8 2
2 8 2 easily read those thoughts, of course. Why not? I go where I want. Do I look like I need a trainer to ferry me around? Is that really the most important question you could ask right now? the Gardebabe asked, a smirk on her face as she casually pat a zebra-beast's rump with one hand, milking a cock for even more of that surging pre with another…

The beasts started to properly hump on Hilda, thrusting hard into her standing body in jagged, see-sawing motions. A cacophony of sighs and snorts surrounded her as the monstrous, hung beasts plowed every hole they could, not caring for how much they were stretching her out, stirring up her insides with each smash! She could feel the Zebra Pokemon tense, milked by the sheer tightness of her body - and then she could fill all three suddenly SWELL inside her, the beasts whinnying in alarm as the fiendish Gardemom easily tripled their size in preparation for an imminent orgasm, those churning balls slapping against the ground and spreading the Zebstrika's rear legs while the rest of the herd merrily humped away~

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda Well, when you've had to deal with someone trying to overthrow– OW! Damn, can these Zebstrika be gentle?! Those thoughts chimed out as she watched them beginning to thrust hard in her, all like they were alternating back and forth with how far they stuck those things in her. Her mouth was practically as stretchy as it could with the way they kept thrusting, and that's when it happened. The sounds of snorts and harder huffs before they all just SWELLED in size, making Hilda squeak out in fear! Her stomach has never stretched like this before, her balls were already beginning to lift her legs right off the ground, there was near tears coming out of her ears from how bad her mouth just had to expand to take that last cock…

A-Are they close to cumming?! I've never seen Zebstrika this hostile before… God, I can't get the taste of zebra dick out of my mouth~

2 8 2
2 8 2 Yes, with a little help~ And of course they're hostile, you interrupted our fun time together. They're not even that angry, they just want to use you as a cocksleeve~

True to her word, she was helping those three cum hard and fast, their bodies more dick than zebra by the time they were done completely fucking filling Hilda, spearing her from three ends and leaving her skewered and dangling. And the bigger they got, the more she stretched around them, the faster they went towards orgasm until-

With an orgasmic howl of "ZEBSTRIKAAAAAAAAAAA!", three zebra stallions clenched their sacks, and fucking CAME. Hundreds, no, thousands of gallons of lightning-bolt cum surged into her stomach from both ends and SLAMMED into her balls, bloating and stretching her as the beasts squealed and shuddered, holding on for dear life while they pumped and pumped and pumped mercilessly away, churning nuts desperate to empty their inhuman, immobilizing loads…

And there were still a couple dozen more stallions in the wings waiting to be unloaded inside Hilda's body like this.~

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda couldn't get her head to make another competent thought since she managed to get her brains fucked all silly! The more those gigantic, black horse shafts swelled, the worse her cries and moans came out, right before she heard such a valiant call… and a white-hot rush~! Her poor belly swelled up like mad with the double force of thousands of gallons of cum splattering into her gut, forcing her top to be ripped apart, and down below, her balls were ballooning to the point of rising them up to the eye level of the Gardevoir! So much jizz was even starting to fire right out of her nose at lightning fast speeds… She couldn't even tell if there were any body shocks or not! The giant mommy could just hear the sounds of squeaks, gurgles, gags, and moans run throughout her head as she couldn't even make out a single sound vocally~

2 8 2
2 8 2 then did the same thing to her eight more times, emptying out each Zebstrika into and all over Hilda's body until the zebra stallions were left panting and huffing on the ground around her, before rotating in the next set to do the same. Time melted into a cacophony of plaps and shudders and the feeling of shocking hot cum flooding her again and again. Each zebra took a little longer to cum than the last, and filled her with a bit more of that spunk, until the poor girl was big enough to swallow a Charizard, her body wobbling and sloshing with obscene, absurd amounts of feral Pokemon spunk~

Unova Hero Hilda
Unova Hero Hilda had a sack that was just extended out past the trees, loudly churning away the permanent horse spunk left in her sperm, her mouth consistently coughing up and drooling horse seed, occasionally burping out its lovely scent as well… Her tits must have grown a size or two, but there was always a giant gush of jizz pouring out from her asshole, spewing out on the ground and over the tired zebras below… Her poor stomach rivaled her balls, and that giant shaft of hers… 2 feet bigger than before, all thanks to holding in more cum than before~