Lewd In the Jungle

Synopsis: President Georgia discovers the survivors of a failed experiment. They are not happy to see her.
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The Madam President
The Madam President awoke with her bones hurting and her head spinning. <Where am I? What happened? Oooh…. my head…> Georgia looked at her surroundings. She was lying on the ground, on her stomach, in… a jungle? Yes, she remembered now. She was traveling by helicopter to the new experimental test site, and had to cross over this enormous patch of uncivilized jungle for that. The tall trees and their thick foliage had made the jungle a perfect dump for all those unwanted things she didn't need the world to know about…

"Ugh… did we… crash?" She could barely remember what had happened. They had been flying close over the tree tops when suddenly, something shook the helicopter and they'd raced towards the ground. 'They' being herself, and her pilot, a woman Georgia trusted with her life. <Where is she?> Georgia looked at herself. Her suit was torn, shredded even, the expensive fabric and exquisite tailoring replaced by tatters on her voluptuous body. She must have fallen out of the helicopter and through the trees… where was the pilot? The president felt the ground beneath her tremble for a fraction of a second. Once, twice. Then, noises behind her… mechanical creaking, and… something like the mewl of a feline? Georgia turned her head, even though she felt sore. The wreckage of the helicopter was behind her… by sheer luck her glasses were still intact and on her nose, and so she was able to make out what was happening behind her. That is to say, she could see it… but it took a good, long moment to make sense of the scene. A brown-skinned giantess… no, she recognized her. It was one of the catgirl experiment subjects, squatting next to the banged-up helicopter. But… how? That experiment had been scrapped years ago, and… they hadn't been 50 feet tall then. <Am I unconscious and dreaming this?> Georgia thought to herself, and winced when she turned even more to get a better look. The pain was real… as was the heat of the tropical jungle, the humidity, the scent of the forest around her.

Was the pilot still inside the helicopter? Did the catgirl come to save them?

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock stared down, blinking slowly at what remained of the flying contraption (oh, right, a heli-cop-ter!) that she had casually swatted out of the sky. Rizwa peered deep, she'd seen the one tiny person fall out, and that one looked familiar… but was the other one still inside? Carefully, the towering catgirl poked a finger or two (or three) into the helicopter's cabin, and ever so delicately pried the metal roof of the machine off of the body. Rizwa blinked again, now that she saw what was inside. The other tiny person was still there, her chest moving slowly up and down. Unconscious by the looks of things. She'd probably survive. If Rizwa didn't eat her. Did she want to eat her? She kind of did. But she already had snacks, and these people seemed more interesting as toys than as food, especially since…

She glanced back towards Georgia on the ground, and let out a little meow as it struck her. Oh, yes. She and her sisters used to be that size, too! Then they got thrown out, and then they started drinking from those tasty smelling barrels, and they all got huge in their sleep. Or maybe the world got small? And that was Georgia. The boss. The head. The person in charge who'd created them, who'd thrown them away…

Rizwa's eyes narrowed. A rumbling growl came up from her throat, shaking the trees as she leaned down to stare at the President, her classic suit reduced to pathetic scrap, now the size of a cat toy compared to Rizwa's immensity.

"Prrrrresident?" the cat asked. Even though she knew the answer.

The Madam President
The Madam President saw the 50 foot catgirl stomp towards her. Her head was aching from the crash… and now, her heartbeat was speeding up too, realizing the threat such a giant posed to her. Georgia turned around so that she was on her back instead of her stomach, and started sliding herself backward… but the catgirl had caught up with her within seconds. A normal person might still have believed that they were dreaming when faced with such a sight. But Georgia was more informed. The giant growth serum had been another, recently scrapped project, its waste products dumped in this jungle. The 50-foot woman now looming over her… that was supposed to have been Georgia herself, the serum intended for her own purposes. Yet it had never worked on her… yet, as she now realized, it must have affected this catgirl, who must have survived in the jungle for years. Were there others…?

All these thoughts were racing through Georgia's head at the same time as the catgirl loomed over her… and spoke. <She recognizes me… is that good or bad? Either way, I should use it to my advantage.> Georgia was sitting on her butt, her back propped up by her arms against the ground. Her body was specked with dirt where her suit had been torn off… which was most of it. The president's breasts and nipples, her thighs, her pudgy belly, all were exposed.

<What was this one's name again?> Georgia tried to remember. It had been years. Her gaze roamed over the catgirl's facial features, her hair, her breasts, her athletic, brown-skinned body… the flaccid, fat cock that sat on a scrotum that was huge even relative to the giantess's size. "Rizwa…" Georgia said out loud. She remembered now. "Rizwa, yes, it's me… the President. Your Mistress. You remember me, right?" <God, I hope she does.>

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock seemed surprised, for a moment, that Georgia remembered her name. Even seemed to mollify her as she squatted down, incidentally giving Georgia an excellent look at that absurd shestud virility, unwashed but for the rain, caking the jungle in the scent of sweat and musk.

What had been the plan? Replacing men with well-hung catgirls? Rizwa had no idea, and furthermore she had no idea what made them a failure. What led Georgia to abandon her and her sisters. No one had ever said. Were they too disobedient? Not pretty enough? Too hungry? Too virile? She didn't know!

And the more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Georgia could see it, those distant eyes getting hotter and hotter, until her burning glare suddenly focused right on the dirty President. "I remember you," she growled, and that voice was enough to chill the president's bones. "Where did you go? We did everything for you and you left us! Weren't we good? Weren't we good?"

In the distance, her wailing was beginning to attract others. Cat-eared giantesses, well tanned and well-hung, flicked towards their de-facto leader's cries, before stalking closer. Georgia could see them emerging from the treeline, brushing aside stray foliage. Dozens of them, perhaps. All agitated, communicating with sharp hisses and growls between each other. They hadn't seen Georgia yet, or recognized her, but… if they did, they could tear her apart. Even more easily than Rizwa alone.

The Madam President
The Madam President heard the anger in Rizwa's voice, saw it in her face. <Crap.> The way the giant catgirl was squatting over her, the closest part of Rizwa's body to Georgia's own was the brown-skinned neko's flaccid, foreskinned member and those huge nuts. Their aroma was shaing over Geoorgia, strong and virile and potent. Georgia shuddered as the scent passed through her nostrils and into her lungs… she remembered the catgirls' scent, but at this size difference, it was much more intense.

She felt the others before she could hear them, the ground trembling beneath their feet. Georgia watched as they surrounded them… things were getting worse for her by the moment. <I guess most, maybe all of them made it? I did make them very resilient and long-lived, and… hung.> Georgia tried to look back up at Rizwa's face, but her POV was so that to look up at Rizwa's face she had to look right past the giantess's cock and balls, which took up much more of Georgia's field of view, and on top of that kept wafting their powerful musk over the mature human woman. It was impossible to focus on Rizwa's face, Georgia's eyes kept going back to that cock and scrotum. <Fuck… I can feel my thick, big nipples swelling and getting erect from arousal… I hope Rizwa's keen eyes don't notice.> The catgirls had been made to be pleasing to Georgia's own eyes and tastes… but at their respective size, their traits were now overwhelming. <What the hell do I say?> The catgirl project had almost been successful, a new sub-race of obedient, fat-cocked girls to replace man… except that they hadn't been obedient. In hindsight, the project had been doomed to fail from the start. Why did she choose cats, who were known to accept no master but themselves? The next generation of the project would have used dogs instead. Those were easier to train.

Georgia realized she had to do something. With a grunt, the chubby woman stood up from the ground, briefly patting dirt off of herself. "Rizwa… girls… you're all good girls, of course!" Georgia said, turning around once to address all of them. She was surrounded by 50-feet tall near-feral creatures… her heart was pounding against her chest, but she hadn't made it to being president without being able to speak under pressure. "I'm so glad to see you again. Momma's here to take care of you, now…!" she improvised. How was she going to get out of this situation? By first getting on these girls' good side. She saw their doubting gazes on her. Georgia decided that she had to get more physical… but how? She couldn't just hug one of them…

She stared at Rizwa, who was still squatting right in front of her. Georgia stepped forward and touched the only part of Rizwa's body she could reach… her balls. "There, there… it's alright now, see? Momma's… here…" She felt the heat, the sweat on the surface of those nuts, the seed sloshing around inside as she patted them. Georgia gulped. "Of course I'll take good care of my babies…." she said… and stepped forward to give a kiss to the underside of Rizwa's nuts.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock basked in Georgia's obedient worship, that tiny little mouth and those cute little hands working over her leathery, musky sack - the nuts practically caked with sweat, detritus allowed to gather and fester over what had to have been months, if not as long as a year being too big for a proper bath. Glistening nutsweat atop a layer of dirt and grease, thick and chunky under the President's hands and under her tongue - she was getting a mouthful of Rizwa's filth, if not more than a mouthful, just from a kiss!

The lead catgirl let out a low purr, rumbling through the jungle as Georgia's attentions roused her cock. Slowly, the beast hardened, growing and thickening as the barbed mass grew stiffer. Her foreskin gradually pulled back, and the intoxicating scent of rank smegma began to seep out and flood over Georgia. And then there was the precum that drooled out of her pent up cocktip. Almost opaque, a mass of white, chunky sludge that seemed to writhe. She could almost… no, she could just about see the sperm, if she squinted, wriggling in a slowly oozing, tar-like drop of precum big enough to drown her effortlessly and not even reaching the ground yet. Was… were the sperm cells inside Rizwa's balls even bigger? Was she imagining the headsized swimmers bulging out the side of that rancid sack? Or were they the size of her entire body? I don't know how you feel about hypersperm so maybe they really are just Georgia's imagination.

And the whole time, Rizwa was watching the needy President, smelling her rapidly rising arousal, let alone seeing her nipples harden. The other catgirls did too, and closed in to form a dense mob, trapping Georgia in a hell of musk as the crowd of curious, horny kitties almost blocked out the sun, casting her in a deep shadow. Some were definitely angry, some just curious, some deeply sad, but most if not all of them seemed to recognize Georgia by scent, if not by face. They looked… jealous, too? Jealous of Rizwa, who saw the cats looking around her and frowned.

As much as she enjoyed Georgia's lips, she needed to do something to keep her little pride? litter? entertained and not fighting her over the hot mistress who was their Mommy. After a moment, she turned, nearly knocking the President to the ground under her nuts in the process. Carefully, she picked up the crashed helicopter, and delicately maneuvered it into the shadow of her cock, the unconscious pilot staring at the President through the glass as Rizwa put it down. Snapping off the remains of a skid in the process, especially since she had to push it down into the soil a bit to get the pilot face to face with Georgia.

"Mother," she asked, seriously, a bit darkly, "who is this? Is she someone important to you?" Like we were supposed to be went unstated.

The Madam President
The Madam President had to step out of the way of Rizwa's growing cat-cock as it pushed towards her… the brown skin of the catgirl's foreskin pulling back over the glans as her shaft kept throbbing larger, exposing a caked mushroom head that pre-dated the age of personal hygiene. due to Georgia's proximity and size, the foul smell of Rizwa's dick cheese was overwhelming. Georgia felt her eyes start to tear.

She wiped clear her eyes, and though she was still stunned into inaction by the presence of the giantesses around her, she noticed something else, too. "Are those… sperm?" She heard herself asking out loud in surprise. Spermatozoa the size of Georgia's head were writhing inside Rizwa's pre. <The growth serum… it must be tied to sperm somehow, as if the sperm is the catalyst for growth. That's why it didn't work one me, but on these shemale catgirls…> Georgia realized.

She saw the other giantesses closing in on them once more, forming an even tighter ring around the toy-sized president, trapping her in-between them. Some of them, seeing Rizwa's erection, started idly tugging on their own cocks as well, stroking and shaking them larger. For Georgia, who had given the catgirls huge dicks in the first place as this was her own, personal preference, the sight of having these tower-sized erections loom above her was breathtakingly arousing. But at the same time, she sensed the danger she was in. These kitties might indeed think of her as a toy, and memories of many broken toys scattered around the catgirl pen during their captivity during the experiment only sent another shiver down Georgia's spine. She was afraid of them. <What if they can smell my fear?> she suddenly wondered, and felt even more overwhelmed.

Speaking of broken toys, Georgia saw Rizwa carry the over the crushed helicopter, only managing to destroy it further with her carelessness. She saw some little movement in the pilot's body… though still without consciousness.

Georgia realized she had been spoken to. How long had she just been standing there, frozen? This situation was too much. She had to proceed carefully if she wanted to make it out of here. The smartest thing to do would be to get on the tribe's good size as soon as possible. Georgia forced herself to stand up straight, and to speak with an affectionate, motherly tone. "Rizwa, my little kitty darling… she could never be as important to me as all of you." she lied.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock stared down at Georgia, slowly blinking. Her erection even seemed to stop growing for a moment, and the president could easily see the rage in the cat-giantess's eyes. She didn't believe the lie for a second. And Rizwa was not taking it well. No, she was not taking it well at all. Her tail stilled and even her ears were eerily motionless, her face twisting down in a snarl…

"Liar. You said you loved us and then you left us for some human," the brown-skinned catgirl growled. "Liar!" the cats around her echoed, some of them yowling with rage while others practically lilted it with playful hunger, an excuse to toy with their prey. And they were looking at Georgia as prey, it was unavoidable. And the hungrier they got, the more aroused they got. Even Rizwa throbbed and shuddered again, her cock struggling to wash itself with that overflowing presludge.

Then she crushed the remains of the helicopter in one powerful motion, the pilot disappearing within her claws. The whole thing slammed into her gaping dick a moment later, and Rizwa shuddered with pleasure running down her spine, almost but not quite wiping the anger off her face as she slowly pushed the helicopter down between huge, bulging cock-walls, stretching her out far more than a mere human could have.

"Nggh. That's for, nn, abandoning us. And-"

"Let's eat her!" someone called, and the chorus of rock-hard catgirls devolved into a shouting match. "No! I wanna eat her!" "No, me!" "We should just step on her and be done with it!" "I want to see if I can fit her around my cock!"

Rizwa shut them up with a lion's roar, turning around her tribe and glaring them into submission. "No, I have a better idea. Georgia is going to make more of us. A lot more of us. Whether she likes it or not. We can make it a little game."

"Ooh! A game! A game!"

The Madam President
The Madam President took a step, then another, away from Rizwa's anger… until she felt herself bump into the ankle of one of the other catgirls. <Make make more of them? What does she mean?> Georgia watched in scarousal as the remains of helicopter traveled as a large bulge down Rizwa's shaft, all the way to the base of her crotch… and then, Georgia could visibly see Rizwa's already huge scrotum swell a little bit more. <They've gotten this powerful…> She shuddered. The sight of such a huge, potent sack would have had her licking her own lips during any other scenario than this one.

The shouts of "Game, game!" kept going around her, almost deafeningly loud as the entire tribe of catgirls joined in, stomping their feet to cause the ground to shake. Georgia had to hold on to one of the still-standing catgirl's shins for support in order to stay standing.

"What game?" She asked, her voice being lost in the girlish shouting of giantesses. Louder and louder, she kept repeating "What game?" until finally the noise died down around her. <Anything's better than being eaten alive by these girls. Or being shoved down that cock like the pilot was… although that was pretty fucking hot.> "Please, don't eat me." she insisted. "You're right, I lied to all of you… but really regret it, I do." Well, she did, but only because it put her into this situation. "Let me make it up to you! I'll play your game, whatever it is!"

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock grinned down at Georgia, and it wasn't a nice grin, not at all. As the catgirls quieted and perked their ears forward, Rizwa explained.

"You can try to run. If you can take a single sperm from each of us and you can still move, I'll let you go." The tribe chorused "Awws" at that, but Rizwa cut over them with a raised voice. "But! If you can't run anymore, whoever immobilized you gets to have as many litters with you as they want." Cheers! Excitement! Rock-hard cocks drooling rivers of pre, splattering and sizzling and drowning out jungle brush and even knocking down trees in their excitement and arousal! A few catgirls already fighting their friends over who gets to shoot the last sperm!

"I'm even willing to take you first and give up my chance to win," Rizwa added, smirking at the newly perked ears. The catgirl put a hand to her freshly engorged megacock, a finger really, and scooped up a single wriggling spermatozoa using sharp eyes and nimble digits. The tadpole shuddered, writhing on a dusky fingertip… just how virile was that one immense sperm cell?

The Madam President
The Madam President hadn't heard of this game before, needless to say. "You… want to give me litters? That's a joke, right?" She asked, adding a questioning chuckle afterwards. Of course… these catgirls had been born with a powerful need to breed, coded right into their very DNA at Georgia's own insistence. Still, the thought of getting pregnant by Rizwa, or one of her sisters… it was both absurd, terrifying and hot at the same time. Still, the logistics wouldn't work in any way. Rizwa's cock was multiple times Georgia's entire body!

The president watched Rizwa hold up a wiggling sperm from her drooling cock. It looked small on Rizwa's finger, but the spermatozoa's head was as large as Georgia's own. "What… what do you mean by 'take it'?" Georgia shook her head. She knew the answer. "No… I see what you mean."

Georgia hesitated. It was clear that Rizwa was smart enough to remain angry at her no matter what Georgia said, and from Rizwa's anger Georgia could tell this was going to be the only chance she would get. Her expertise in smooth-talking would not get her out of this situation. This was her only chance.

Those giant sperm… they couldn't possibly impregnate her. They were too big. So, all she had to do was take as many into as she could manage, until the catgirls were satisfied or lost interest. Georgia took a deep breath (and regretted it immediately when the combined musk of more than a dozen unwashed giantesses stung her nostrils and lungs), and stepped forward. "Alright, Rizwa, my dear… I'll play your game."

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock nodded, much to the other girls' delight. They squealed and disappeared into the trees, though their musk barely let up, having soaked so thoroughly into the jungle (that, and the impossibly stealthy catgirls just didn't go that far to hide). Preparing to chase her, to play hide and seek, to play whatever this game was…

And in the meantime, Rizwa crouched down, squatted as deep as she could go. Her hand brushed across the ground, the single wiggling tadpole safe on her finger. Sweeping out past her cock, sweeping out over to Georgia… Even the sharp-eyed cat had to squint a bit, bringing that massive sperm cell close to Georgia's body, managing to get her finger close enough that Georgia could just about reach out and-

The sperm suddenly JUMPED, crossing the gap in an instant and slamming into Georgia's exposed pussy. The tip managed to push in past her netherlips, and for a moment it just writhed there, struggling to get a grip… then, impossibly, the monstrous spermatozoa pushed in deeper, stretching out her hips and cunt…

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Hmm… not sure how you wanted this to go, but how about Georgia is forced to swallow the first one and —

The Madam President: well, nevermind.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (Sorry! ;w;)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (No, don't apologize~)

The Madam President: (But I'll pitch the idea anyway since I think it's hot.)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (I was thinking bulging out her womb the whole time, I'll admit, but I didn't really specify that. Also, kinda thinking- Georgia succeeds at the game or at least manages to convince Rizwa she won despite being horribly bloated, and then gets violated anyways? Just debating whether it's "well, exact words" and the other, non-Rizwa catgirls drown her in spunk, or whether it's "well you're a liar so I don't care," and Rizwa fucks her senseless herself.)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Rizwa forces Georgia to swallow her sperm orally… and once inside her stomach, this triggers a reaction in her body that causes her ovaries to keep ovulating. So Rizwa would really be just "readying" Georgia for the others.)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (Yee. I can have one of the catgirls do it, if that works too!)

Big Brown Cat Cock: (And maybe makes her a little stretchier, slowly buttering her up for taking macro cock and macro sperm… not to mention giving birth to macro catgirls)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (I don't mind if the "winner" ends up being someone other than Rizwa! I think that's kind of hot, actually, if it's just a random catgirl and not even the boss of the tribe.)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (Oh yeah, that's good too! My idea was more focused on the humiliation of 'you "won" but it doesn't matter, but Georgia actually losing is good too. And by the rules as she interpreting them, each person gets to put one sperm and one sperm in Georgia alone, though of course some of them are likely to cheat…)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Or maybe the winner is so nice and offers up her prize to Rizma if you'd prefer.)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (A cat? Nice? Perish the thought. I'll think about it tho!)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Oh, yeah, digesting Rizwa's sperm can definitely make Georgia's body more stretchy, too.)

The Madam President: (Although if she's getting a single sperm from every catgirl in the tribe, won't she end up with a litter with one brat from each of the girls for her first pregnancy?)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (I'm not seeing a problem there. They all get to feel included~)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Indeed!)

The Madam President: (Georgia most of all.)

The Madam President: (Okay if I ignore retcon your post and pretend Rizwa just shoved her sperm down Georgia's throat?)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (Only because you're a cutie. :3c)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (Aw. :3c)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (and asked nicely, of course c:)

The Madam President
The Madam President would not have been able to swallow the wriggling, head-sized swimmer on her own. It was simply too big to fit down her throat! That is, it should have been… but when Rizwa used the tip of one claw to forcefully push her sperm down the president's throat, it was enough to make it fit, somehow. A very loud gulp that would have been heard even by the giggling giantesses assembled around the democratically elected representetive of humanity. Georgia coughed and bent over, clutching her stomach. The sperm was dancing around inside her, like an animal, causing the skin of her stomach to distort here and there like an oversized bowling ball being tossed around inside.

"Ugh… guh!" She wanted to throw up, but couldn't — certainly, the sperm would not have been able to get back up her throat, anyway. "Gugh gack… stop!" It was like an alien racing around inside her. But as if listening to her command, the wriggling began to slow down, though it would take a full minute to remain still entirely, during which Georgia kept clutching her own belly, now with a spherical bulge inside. The bulge, however, was beginning to soften… a visible indicator that Georgia's body was breaking down the sperm. <At least the worst is over…> Georgia thought to herself.

Then, she looked up at Rizwa's face. The catgirl was grinning down devilishly at her, as if she knew something the president didn't. It was enough to jog Georgia's memory. She gasped out loud. <No… don't tell me…!>

As part of the genetic experiments performed on the catgirl DNA, Georgia had insisted that her scientists add a few little 'tweaks' to make the kitties, well, better at their job. First, catgirl cum would contain all hormes and other molecules necessary to stimulate fertility in the imbiber. Second, due to the catgirl's shafts being unnaturally large as per Georgia's specifications, the same genetic load carried a chemical trigger that would encourage the imbiber's orifices to become slightly more elastic over time.

Normally, this would have been nothing for Georgia to be concerned about. A single dose of catgirl jizz would only have minor effects. That was true only, however, back when the sperm inside those catgirl sacks was microspocially small. Now, the dread of imagining what the effects on her body the animal-sized swimmer she had just consumed was sending another chill down the president's spine. "You… you knew?" Georgia asked accusingly towards Rizwa. "Ohh… ohhh… no…"

She could feel it. It had not been a feeling she'd ever had before, but she knew what it was. On the sides of her waist, two points of heat were growing inside her, along with a kind of aching and pressure. It was her ovaries, she knew, going into overdrive from the hormone spike her body had just received. Her egg factories were pushing out one fresh ovum after another… and from the warming, throbbing feeling in her throat, her anus, her pussy, she knew that her body was making other changes to handle the catgirls more efficiently as well.

Suddenly, Georgia felt herself being pulled upward by her own arms. One of the catgirls had grabbed her… and with a single, careful claw swipe, tore off what little remained of Georgia's tailored suit, exposing the volutuous body of the president in full. Wasting little time, the catgirl was lowering Georgia towards the glans of her throbbing cock. "Sorry, I think it might be more than one single spermie!" "Hey, that's cheating!" complained another.

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock: (Wew, that's a big one! A good one~)

The Madam President
The Madam President: (:3)

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock rolled her eyes, but didn't try to stop the crowd of giggling catgirls as they closed in again. Georgia hadn't even had a chance to try and run after Rizwa shoved the sperm down her throat. Still, even if the game wasn't proceeding according to her plan, it was proceeding. The catgirl who'd grabbed Georgia pushed her cocktip up against the president's pussy, the massive tip splitting her thighs past what ought to have been the breaking point… but Georgia barely even felt stretched. The feeling of tiny legs on her cock, though, triggered the first massive rope of precum to spurt from that catgirl's shaft, and with it came a dozen head-sized swimmers, racing into Georgia's stretched out cunt. She could feel them bulging out her walls as they dove inside, digging towards her ovaries, intent on knocking her up with a full litter-

Someone pulled Georgia off of that cock, and onto another. "My turn!" "I wasn't finished!" "Too bad!" And this cock swallowed her right up, easily taking her to the waist without hardly even noticing. Warm, fleshy walls surrounded her as the thick, potent sludge came bubbling up around her, the oversized sperm cells swimming up and ramming into her cunt one after another.

"No eating her!" "I'm not eating her! I'm just holding her! I'll let her go, see?" "You'd better let her go! I haven't had a chance yet!"

The Madam President
The Madam President kept being passed around from giantess to giantess. Each time the catgirl in question would rub Georgia's pussy up against her drooling, giant glans in one way or another, until the catgirl was certain that she'd given the human woman at least as many 'spermies' as the one before her had.

Georgia, meanwhile, kept getting bigger and bigger. Her pussy was a gaped, stretchy mess, wiggling tails of macro-sized sperm dancing outside it, the way forward clogged by the ones that came before. But with enough glans-rubbing against the president's pussy, the sheer pressure forced in more and more of the head-sized faceless animals into Georgia's body. Not one catgirl wanted to occupy herself with the human woman's mouth or asshole… all of them were focused on getting the chance to breed.

The president was looking more like a golf ball by the moment. Each catgirl was adding her own sperm to the mix in her overstuffed womb, and Georgia both knew that she was sitll ovulating and that as soon as her egg left its nest it was getting immediately fertilized by one catgil or another's little helper. The spermatozoa were wriggling inside her, making the skin of her stretched belly writhe even though space was at a premium inside.

Georgia was beyond words. Instead, she groaned, she moaned, she panted for breath. She had become a bloated, bulging balloon of flesh… and she knew that this was only the prelude of whaat was to come in the upcoming months. Finally, it looked like the last of the catgirls was about to get her turn with Georgia. "Nya… don't give her to me… I'm… I'm going to break the rules of the game! You know I can't help it!" The catgirl said. Georgia turned to look at her through half-lidded eyes. This catgirl looked to be the runt of the litter, shorther and possibly younger than the others. "No, Mitzy, you too!" "Yeah, you too! Quickshot Mitzy!" The other catgirls teased, and circled in around their fellow catgirl. "No… no! Rizwa's gonna be mad at me again!" "Ah, you scaredy cat! You'll be fine!" Two catgirls suddenly grabbed the arms of the catgirl apparently called Mitzy, and held them behind her back. "Nyaaa! Help, Rizwa! I'm being bullied again!" "Quickshot Mitzy!" "Quickshot Mitzy!" A chant started. The catgirl that was currently holding up Georgia was lowering her towards Mitzy's drooling shaft, which twitched and throbbed so angrily that Georgia thought it might be about to burst. "Mommy President, just give Mitzy's wiener a litte… kiss!" The one holding Georgia said, and with that final word pushed Georgia down pussy-first on Mitzy's glans.

"Nyaaaaaaaah~" The catgirl, still being held by her fellow kitties, mewled, and as soon as the president's gaped lips closed around her glans she began to cum. "Quickshot Mitzy~" the choir sang as Mitzy popped off into the human woman. The catgirl who had positioned Georgia on top of Mitzy's shaft was still holding her down on top of it…

Big Brown Cat Cock
Big Brown Cat Cock giggled softly, strolling over to Mitzy and giving the the girl a gentle back rub. "It's okay, Mitzy. You just go off so fast because you're the most virile of us all." "What?" the rest of the catgirls chorused, obviously disbelieving, while the moaning little Mitzy herself just stared, eyes wide. (At least as much as she could while cumming hard.) Rizwa rolled her eyes at the crowd. "She certainly breeds the fastest, doesn't she?" "Oh, that's true." "Well, hmph! She has no saying power!" "Still Quickshot Mitzy to me!" "No, Rizwa has a point!"

As the tribe devolved into a shouting match again, Rizwa turned her attention to the littlest and cutest catgirl, who still seemed overwhelmed by the praise and orgasm combined, to the point that her eyes were practically little dizzy anime swirls. Rizwa smirked, clearing her throat and cupping her hands to her mouth.

"And it looks like Mitzy's the winner!"

"What?! No way! Nuh uh!" "Lieees!" The catgirls broke out in yowling disappointment, only for Rizwa to shout over them. "She's the last one, isn't she? And Georgia isn't moving anywhere! You can't prove she didn't win!"

"I….. I won?" Mitzy mumbled, eyes wide as they could go. "…I WON! Nnn! I'm gonna k-knock up Georgia so much! Y-you can have the rest of her, but M-mommy's pussy is miIIIIIINE~" And with that, she came AGAIN, bloating the already abused and briefly ignored Georgia's womb even more. The rest of the cats grumbled, but were quick to take up on Mitzy's offer, sliding in to jam their cocks against or into the swollen President's belly, her face, her ass, her hands, anywhere they could get their cocks at!

The Madam President
The Madam President looked like nothing more but a cum balloon by the time they had finished. Giant cocks were poking her from all sides. All of the girls wanted to feel the president's tiny tongue and lips against their smelly cock-heads once.

It took quite some time for the novelty to wear off and the girls of the tribe to disperse, presumably to hunt for food. Mitzy kept Georgia pinned on her her cock for the rest of the day, a bloated flesh condom. Mitzy would talk to Georgia, tell her how excited she was to have her own breeder, or she'd chat with some of the other girls, who every now and would playfully tease Mitzy by touching some erogenous part of her, upon which the president's waistline would swell a few feet further.