Isekai Juno

Synopsis: Juno was a Neet before dying and reincarnating in this new world. A neet with a gigantic cock and a limitless libido. Or at least that's what she thinks.
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Juno Hirano
Somewhere along the omniverse, Juno was bored today, after the 13th universal domination of the day and the trillionth fuck, she was quite in the mood for something a bit slower, so she promptly began crafting a new version of herself to send out. Juno promptly stripped this new version of it's memories and knowledge overall, a unique powers, and bam, this new version of Juno was ready to be sent to conquer a new universe like those isekai anime she watches sometimes.

When she came to herself Juno was naked on the middle of a forest, around her vision she could see what seemed like information about herself in these floating information panels… "Juno Hirano" she reads on the top right corner… "So… that's my name huh?" She thinks to herself before reading more… her name is followed by "LvL 1"… "Level huh? Did I die and go into a game or something?" She thought to herself reading more along the "HUD" that was giving her information about herself. Juno had a false memory set planted in her, in her mind she remembers a previous life where she was mostly a disgusting neet that stayed home all day jerking off, her cock was massive in her previous life, and looking down she can see… it's either the same size or bigger. She examines her own naked body, though she was 16 in her "previous (fake)" life it always seemed like that cock absorbed all her growing, she had never grown beyond 4'8" and her breasts never formed much, even though she was born as a dickgirl, she was very boyish overall with that honking cannon between her legs and completely smooth flatboard for her breasts.

On the bottom of the UI, it says "Level Up to choose your first class", Juno did remember games from before she "died" and that seemed interesting… "So I need to defeat an enemy to even get a class? But I don't have any weapon- like voice activation as soon as Juno said Weapons the UI popped up showing her inventory, and truly just like she just said her inventory was absolutely empty, but she had a blinking notification dot on the bottom "Skills" tab. She moved her hand and clicked the hologram in mid air, and she switched to her skills tab where two "Unique Skills" were being listed. A small tutorial popped up, explaining that: "Unique Skills are skills bound directly to your entity or soul, they can evolve but they are always there." She understood it and then went to read her skills…

Understanding Eyes:
The user of Understanding Eyes gains a profound understanding of anything they wish to focus on, information is acquired instantly and the ability to reproduce something is quickly understood, this also expands the user's knowledge of how to improve the target of this ability.

Inate Dominant Presence:
Through a mixture of apparent, pheromones, scent and other various aspects, the wielder of this unique skill causes intelligent beings to have to resist her aura, and causes beings of low intelligence like animals to instinctively fear them.

Juno read both of them, she didn't know if she understood the first one very well, but it seemed useful, she read the second and all she could think is… "Does… my smell make people have to respect me?" was what she thought before she was finally suddenly attacked by something…

That One Blonde
That One Blonde As some bushes rustled and something moved behind them, her first encounter in this world began. A slime girl sprung out of the bushes, malicious grin on her face as she extended her arms towards Juno… but then stopped. Halfway through her attack she froze up and stared back at the supposedly easy prey, like if struggling to understand what she was seeing. A mix of confusion and fear could be seen on her face as she looked at the dickgirl before her, down at her absurdly large cock, and then back up at her. By all means, she should've been a monster, but she was moments away from trying to escape.

Juno Hirano
For Juno, it was like the world slowed down a bit, information about effects showed up in her vision…
Enemy is under the efffect of "Inate Dominant Presence"
Enemy failed to resist and is currently startled and vulnerable.
Juno was indeed caught by surprise but she could only see the shock of the effects on the enemy's face… she looked the slimegirl up and down, and she just felt horny for a moment, the slime was level 3, but Understanding Eyes quickly showed that even though the slime was level 3, their stats were weaker than Juno at Level 1 by a good margin, the slime's strongest stat was still less than a third of Juno's at level 1. "So… I don't even have a class, and yet I am this much stronger?" Understanding Eyes had given Juno a good understanding of the enemy, even though Slimes are mostly resistant to physical attacks, the difference in stats between them meant that the slime was practically harmless in comparison to Juno, as such Juno could easily overpower the slime. And that's what she did, the horny neet jumped on the slime, slamming that thick flaccid cock against the slime's face like a strong club.

That One Blonde
That One Blonde Given her nature, the slime didn't take much damage from her sudden attack with her third leg, but she was still rather vulnerable from the skills Juno already had. Likewise, even if she wasn't hurt from it, she was unable to resist the force she was hit with, as she ended up being pushed against the ground and pinned between it and the newcomer's massive cock. She just stared in shock at the monstrous breeding tool that this supposed human was carrying and swinging around so easily, and she just couldn't think of anything to do. On the other hand, her body proved to be refreshing to the touch and easily maleable, as it even shifted about just a bit to accommodate the stranger's cock between her breasts. Overall, she seemed harmless but nice to play with. On top of that, with her being a monster, there probably wouldn't be any problems if Juno slayed her in an unconventional manner.

Juno Hirano
Juno analysed the situation in her brain for a few seconds, just thinking exactly what she planned to do as she rubbed that thick throbbing hot weapon up and down the slime's breasts, testing the surface of that cock again and again. She thought about how this world seemed to work… was this slime weak for level 3? Or was Juno unreasonably strong for Level 1? She didn't know exactly but she went with assuming she was unreasonably strong for a level 1, before long she grabbed the head of the slime, malleable and easy to manipulate she promptly thrust her cock into the slime's mouth, and kept pushing more and ore of that turgid thick meat, the cocksweat from Juno slowly infecting the slime with more of that inate dominance of Juno's body. In her previous life, Juno was a neet that stayed at home everyday using onaholes and masturbating every day, they had to be special for her size and this slime felt just like one of those as she pumped more and more cock meat inside the Slime's malleable body structure.

That One Blonde
That One Blonde The slime's expression didn't change with the first few inches, but as she took more and more cock, her gaze became glassier as her body stretched and reshaped. Sure enough, after some effort, the slime pretty much became a condom that wrapped itself around her cock perfectly, while still having enough thickness to provide Juno with a snug fit and enough tightness to get herself off to. Now, while the world wouldn't consider the slime defeated just yet, it should become immediately apparent that she wasn't as threat anymore; to Juno nor anyone else. In fact, Understanding Eyes revealed a new status on the monster: Cocksleeve. With how wet, tight and plainly nice it felt to have a slimegirl tied around her cock like that, and how little weight it added, Juno was pretty much free to go wherever with her new add-on.

Juno Hirano
Juno sincerely… didn't care right now. She groaned and her neet masturbation insticts took over as she pumped her hips back and forward against the "condom" again and again. She didn't care if the slime was "defeated" or tamed… she wanted to get off. As she kept pumping her hips back and forward on that tight cocksleeve, she groaned and moaned in pleasure, pummelling what is still there of the weak slime. And slowly bit by bit that thick heavy weapon between her legs began to get harder and harder, pumping with blood, being filled with heat, dominating more and more of the slime's body as it grows harder and harder. When that thick club was finally completely hard, Juno held the slime by the sides, moving it up and down on that cock. The ex-neet was enjoying it all, feeling the tight embrace as her cock grew more and more ridiculous, as her nuts churned loudly and powerfully. Juno didn't even notice she levelled up, too focused on the cocksleeve being stretched to it's limits. She wondered… does popping the slime give more XP? SHe didn't know but she was pretty sure that was close to happening as her nuts churned loudly.

That One Blonde
That One Blonde The slime had long grown silent, and it was hard to tell whether she was still "alive" by then, or whatever the default state for slimes was. Regardless, the "Class" notification popped up again, now having some options for Juno to pick, and flashing in the edge of her sight because of it. Still, it would go ignored for a little longer, as the slime was used and abused like the cocksleeve she had been turned into, which to her merit was several times better than any toy Juno had had in her previous life, even with her currently engorged size. It was such a shame that a single, full-power load would probably take her out, but there should be plenty more around either way.

Juno Hirano
Juno's hips and arms moved in unison, she couldn't be stopped right now, she didn't care about anything but cumming, and she could feel it coming more and more, her balls churned more and more, and before long… they rumbled with power beyond what happened before, they shook like they never did before, and suddenly that thick cannon, practically the size of one her legs, throbbed shooting thick virile nut through the long path up that cock, and suddenly the slime began to be filled, and filled and filled… till it simply … popped. The elasticity was good but when Juno released the second gallon out of those thick churning nuts the slime promptly went away in that pop. For a few moments Juno was in that after bliss of pleasure, the best in her life up to now, the neet finally looked around her once again, and saw the notifications that she ignored… She looked at the ground and her understanding eyes showed her that the slime wasn't dead at all, but it would take a while for the slime to rejoin itself. "It seems stronger slimes would be quite dangerous, if she can be popped like that and still live, I wonder how a stronger slime would fight." She thought to herself.

Juno was right, making the slime a cocksleeve gave her some XP, it counted as a "taming" but popping the slime, even though it didn't kill counted as a "defeat" and as such she received a bit more XP than before. She looked through her current stats, after leveling up…

Level 2:
INT: 17
WIS: 9
STR: 19
CON: 18
DEX: 17
CHA: 23

She truly wondered how strong she was in comparison to normal people, the slime didn't have a single stat above 6 and at level 2 Juno was already reaching the 20s on Charisma. "Damn, if I wasn't so horny I think I would have preferred the slime as a cocksleeve, but what's done is done, it will take a good few days for her to reform, no time to waste." She looked at her classes again and choose the mage class, already having her "staff" either way.

That One Blonde
That One Blonde Among other things, the mage class would allow her to learn some magic and similar skills. However, by the looks of it, having the class on its own didn't do much - yet. After all, in her short stay here so far, she hadn't yet seen how this world's magic worked, even if her Understanding Eye would let her figure it out once she actually came across magic. Other than that, though, her first "fight" was now over, even if it meant the forest now had a massive puddle of cum right in the middle of nowhere, with a slime slowly trying to reform within said puddle. Then, just as she glanced in that direction again, she could see another notification briefly pop up:
Slime Slayer: 1/???
Slime Lover: 1/???