Stress relief

Synopsis: Lauriel is called upon Fènghuang's realm for an unknown reason, little did she know her night was about to become much more painful than she could've possibly imagined.
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Lauriel enters the realm as requested by @Fènghuáng 🍆, the girl wore a simple white summer dress and white shoes. She looked a little worried, remembering what happened the last time here, only God knew why Fèng wanted Lauriel there again. She made her way past the forests, the gate, finally entering the Goddesses home.

"Umm- Good afternoon Miss Fènghuang, I've come here, as you requested me, is anything wrong?"

The elf girl bowed, she did not know exactly why she was there, hopefully she hadn't done anything wrong


Fèng looked at the girl with a long pause, her eyes scanning up and down the elf with curious thought, before standing up, and walking up to her, looking down. She hummed as she stretched her arms out, setting them on her shoulders, before squeezing lightly, with pressuring increasing with passing seconds. She giggled darkly as her hand burned into her shoulders.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong...just that...I haven't had relief in for a while. And not the plain "have sex" type of relief...I just want to do something to someone...and you happened to be that someone who heard my call!~"


Lauriel blinked twice before staring wide-eyed at Fèng, not knowing what to say in response to her. She knew what her words meant, the increasingly stronger pressure on her fragile shoulders assuring, in a subtle way, that she had no means of escaping. Her legs were already shaking a little, enough for Fèng to notice.



Fèng snapped her fingers and transported the both of them to a new location- under her home, and inside her dark basement. A second later, it was lit up, revealing a wide assortment of devices, sexual and torture alike, before pushing Lauriels chest up against the wall, and brining her rump out, and removing whatever clothes she had. Fèng gave it a small little massage as she nibbled on the Elf's ear, spawning a whip in her hands, and rubbing it up against her bare ass.

"Something indeed~. To hear the cries of someone as they get hurt- its something so beautiful. To hear someone beg for it to end is to orgasmic to my ears!~"

Fèng yelled out, giving her ass a hard slap.


Lauriel barely had any time to process her new surroundings, only having a few seconds to glance at some terrifying looking toys, before she was shoved on the wall, causing her to let out a brief yelp, already feeling humiliated from being naked and in such compromising position. It all got worse when Fèng nibbled the poor girl's ears, forcing a soft moan out of her mouth, she couldn't keep herself from making those noises, her ears were just too sensitive.

"Pl-Please... F-Fèng... I b-beg y--"

Her words were cut short by a strong slap against her ass, leaving a bright, pink bruise on her pale skin


"Oh, my dear little Elf, there is no begging from me for a while, not until I have had my relief~. Now...lets make you cry, shall we!?~"

Back up a little, Fèng snapped her fingers, snapping chains on the Elfs wrists and ankles, forcing her to stay in the position she was in. They began to heat up to a blistering heat, wrapping even more around her appendages, while Fèng brought her hand with whip in hand, giving out a hard cackle, her eyes glowing madly as she brought her hand down, giving off a loud crack as the whip smashed against her bright ass, sometimes even cutting into her skin.


The chains wrapped themselves around her limbs, her struggles became futile as they began heating up, burning her soft skin. Lauriel, already whimpering in her pain could barely keep herself up

"OWWW- Pl-Please! I-I'll do an--"

And again, her words were cut short, a sharp whip against her fragile skin shut her up quickly, now replacing her pleas to stop with an agonizing scream. Blood ran down her thighs from her bruised ass, her body being too weak to deal with the harsh punishment.


Fèng roughly turned the elf around in place, the shackles cutting deeply into their respective limbs, Fèng pushing the elf against the wall as she she began to slammed her hand up to the girls mouth, plugging it up entirely, before she began to force feed Lauriel a strange concoction of already processed and grounded food and liquids. At the same time, her free hand came down to her stomach, rubbing around her navel, before giggling as she had filled the Elf up to the brim. Stepping back, she reeled back her fist, then proceeded to throw a flurry of punches into the girls stomach and stepping to the side at the same time with a large grin.


Lauriel was already crying from the great deal of pain of that was being dealt to her. Her eyes filled with terror, the food that was slammed down her throat tasted awful, almost as if it was just nutrients that were made to taste like mud. The taste quickly came all the way back from her stomach to her mouth, as Fèng relentlessly began punching her bloated stomach, causing all the food to be puked out on the floor, filling her mouth with the same awful taste from before. Now her cries only got louder, her watery blue eyes looked hopeless, being killed right there would be considered mercy compared to what was being done to the poor girl.


Seeing the display of vomit fly out of the Elf flipped on another switch deep within Fèng, who only hugged herself, shivering with a delighted giggle, feeling herself tingle in pleasure. She grabbed at her own mouth, breathing in and out hotly, her mind going to more wicked places, her smile turned evil and wide, the entire basement starting to heat up due to her own rising levels of excitement. Using her powers, she levitated the girl up into the air, facing her chest towards Fèng, before walking up to her. Fèng trailed a finger up her thigh, up her stomach and chest, before cupping her cheek. She shushed quietly despite the Elf crying out loudly, grinning, before her other hand clicked its fingers, a single metal clamp with a cable finding itself biting down on the Elf's perky nipples, its cables leading to a large battery found below Fèng. The second clamp levitated just mere inches from the untouched nipple, Fèng looking at the Elf with mad eyes.

"Your cries bring me genuine pleasure...but...its just not enough for me. Who knows...maybe I'll try a branding iron after this if you don't die on me, ahahaha!~"

Fèng cackled loudly as the second clamp came down, finishing the loop, and sending thousands of watts of power through the girl, enough to make an audible crackle in the air.


The girl desperately shook her head, barely being able to say anything as her limp body was lifted in the air, she cried her blue little eyes out when she felt the clamps harshly press against her nipples, she didn't even know that would not be the end of it. Suddenly Fèngs words rang true as a loud crack followed by a strong current of electricity shocking her body, her screeches became even louder, now shaky from the strong shocks that took control of her frame. Her body stood in the air, limp. The only way to know that she wasn't dead, were the agonizing screams that filled the rooms, only widening Fèngs sadistic grin.


For a couple moments, Fèng basked in the screams of the girl in front of her, her mouth hanging open in a dumb wide grin, taking in shaky breathes in and out shakily, her legs wobbling, juices trialing down her thighs freely as her muscles twitched with every passing second. For a moment, there was true bliss for her, glad that the girl had no died immediately from the shocking experience. Though, that thrill slowly went away, her eyes slowly locking onto the Elfs body, and wiping any existence of the electrifying equipment, before suddenly letting go off the hold on the Elf, her body slamming back down onto the floor. Quickly, Fèng advanced on the girl without pause, in her hand an already prepared branding rod with a white-hot eggplant stamp on the end. She roughly grabbed the Elfs and forced her up on all fours, making her ass present itself into the air. She looked at the Elf and her ruined expression, watching as tears fell down freely without any restriction, Fèng grinning even more widely as she pressed the iron against the girls ass, an audible high-pitched hiss sounding in the air as metal melted skin.


Lauriel watched in utter terror as Fèng laughed out loud at the girl's misery. She could still taste that awful mud that could never leave her mouth entirely, her body still spasming from the grueling shock torture that somehow didn't kill Lauriel, but she wished that it had. Out of nowhere, the chains dissapeared, letting the girl's limp body to hit the dirty floor, face first. The girl weakly got up, only to be forcefully yanked by Fèng and put on all fours, she couldn't notice the branding rod that was about to be pressed on her ass.

"Pl- ACK- AGH- Please F-Fèng-"

Her words were cut short, again, followed by a loud "TSSSSSS". Her screams filled the room again, struggling and desperately trying to get away from the brand that was pressed against her soft, now ruined butt, leaving an eggplant mark melted into her skin.


Fèng sighed out as she felt another delectable shiver course through her body, throwing the rod to the side, before standing up to her full height. For a couple minutes, that's all she did visibly, her eyes pointed at the Elf below her, smiling darkly. Her mind began to clear up, her needs sated for the time being, though only for the time being, but seeing as how the girl had still kept living up until this point, Fèng had thought of a proposition, however one-sided it would turn out. She walked around Lauriel, crouching down in front of her face, using her hand to lift the girls head up to lock eyes with her. She knew how badly the girl wanted to die at this very moment, but Fèng would not allow it, and even if she did die, she would only bring her back to keep her going until Fèng was satisfied. However, Fèng ran a hand against her cheek, wiping away the tears as she smiled much more naturally- more motherly now as she petted the Elf.

"Such a good little plaything, able to stand this much- a Human by now would've begged for death verbally. There is so many things I can do to you...but that also means you caught more of my interest, little Elf. Now...with that mark on your rump...everyone will see the torture you had undergone and will undergo in the future. But for now-"

A portal back to #ic-general-the-realm-between spawned mere feet away from Lauriel, Fèng looking at her.

"You either leave now and suffer these wounds for god knows how long- or, alternatively, you can stay here for a little longer so I can heal them~. Oh, but the risks, you may think...with me, you never know the risks, darling~. So...what do you say?~"


The girl looked up to Fèng, visibly shaking, too weak to move any limb, she felt like she wouldn't be able to walk for days.Lauriel desperately needed time to rest and heal, she could not fend for herself, nor survive in those conditions.

"C-Could I-I st-stay...? I-I don't think I c-can survive out th-there..."

Lauriel's weak words were followed by a short sigh, letting her head fall back down, she knew that no matter what she chose, it would not end well for her.


Fèng closed the fake portal, the entire basement dimming down to a low red hue as a caccoon-like shape surronded the small Elf, beginning to very slowly heal her wounds. All that could be seen and heard was the distant giggle and her eyes which pierced through the hue. Who knows how long they would remain like this, but Fèng only had one thing say,

"Good choice~."